B.A.P as Cats

Yongguk - Maine Coon (Gukcat)

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Hes a very chill cat who loves to cuddle next to you. Sometimes he isn’t even there. He also hates killing due to his soft nature, so he always ends up bringing you his “gifts” alive but if does end up killing his “gift” he will get really sad about it.

Youngjae - Munchkin Cat (Jaecat)

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Youngjae is cat who has a really problematic character (seriously how do you deal with him?). When you give him the, “I’m disappointed in you” look he will give you the, “I’m disappointed too.. so who wins?” look. He only eats a fancy fest because he is fancy af!

Leaves the house all the time and will only come back to eat and sleep. What is he even up to?

Will watch you buy and build him a fancy bed but when it comes time to sleep he will decide for the bathtub instead.

Makes a lot of noise. He will wail for attention but ONLY when he wants it. Otherwise death bellow knees! And all of this happens at 4am.

“You’re sleeping? Jaecat wants to be petted”

Daehyun - Bengal (Daecat)

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Daehyun is also an interesting cat, he will follow you to the bathroom and will meow like hes in pain if you close the bathroom door on him till you walk out again. So you always have to leave the bathroom doors open even when the guests are around otherwise he will annoy the fuck out of you. There is a  large chance of him falling in to the bathtub when you are having a bath. 

He likes to beg to go out for walks but once you finish suffering with putting the leash and harness on him as well as taking him outside he just changes his mind and will go “fuck this, lets go home” to which you will just groan heavily.

He is also a little dumb he will jump in to the window when he sees a bird that he wants to hunt down,

Himchan - Turkish Angora (Himcat)

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Himchan is a cat who knows that you pee in the shower and will judge you for it. He also has a huge catwork and knows every cat in town that he still judges. He will just anything and everything. 

He always purrs no matter what which may or may not annoy every cat around him. 

Sticks to Jongcat and has a fancy cat walk which makes other mistake him for a her.

Jongup - Russian Blue (Jongcat)

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He is a cat that will meow once when hungry and twice when in pain. He is always hungry so hes always meowing. 

Will sleep on your laptop when you try and do important work and will probably delete it as well.

Will knock the shit off from the counters jusy because he can.

Junhong - Savannah Cat (Juncat)

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Junhong is a cat who goofy most of time but will be serious when he needs to be. Will and by I will I mean it, he will cling to the shirt on your back.

He will get locked outside even though the door is actually open.

Disclaimer: Non of the pics belong to me. All of them go to the rightful owners.

Small note! I wanna thank the people at Young, Wild and Meme chat on Discord for helping me with the descriptions and the cats. Thank you all! ^^

Cats on Fire

MariChat May 3rd: Homework


Marinette sighed.

She hadn’t realized how much she liked Sunday game night. She had always thought hanging out with Chat was a load of fun, but as she stared down at her uncompleted homework it was made all the more apparent that she had gotten used to spending Sunday having fun with him. Unfortunately instead of playing games with Chat she had been relocated to her room where she had been forced into completing her stupid English reading assignment.

She glared at her English textbook and hoped the frustrating thing would just burst into flames already.

“I’m pretty sure you can’t set that on fire with just your mind.” Chat’s head was the only thing visible as he popped up from the hatch that led to the rest of her home.

She sighed. “I can’t play with you now Chat.”

“I know.” He sent her a lopsided smirk as he pulled himself up into her room.

“I just thought you might like some help with your catwork.”

He chuckled at the look she gave him.

“If I’m already trying to set a cat on fire why don’t I just start with you?” She said as she pointed the erasure side of her pencil at him.

Chat’s eyes crossed as he stared at the offending object in front of his face. He put the tip of his finger on her pencil and pushed it away from him.

“I assure you, little lady, that setting cats on fire is not going to get your homework done any faster.” The look he gave her was as dry as her look was hot.

The two teenagers stared each other down for a couple more seconds before Marinette broke off the staring contest with a groan and smacked her face right down into her book.

Chat cackled at her melodramatics before leaning up against the desk next to her. When she lifted her head off her textbook he decided to take a closer look at what was causing her so many problems. Marinette froze when he leaned over her shoulder to look at her textbook. She found herself looking at his determined face, a much better place to look than her stupid homework.

Meanwhile Chat frowned when he realized why Marinette was having so many problems. When he turned his head towards her he wasn’t expecting the big blue eyes of his friend and classmate to be staring into his. He didn’t blink and instead took the chance presented to him to embarrass his friend further, now that she had been caught staring.

“See something you li-” He was cut off by Marinette turning red and falling out of her chair with a loud thump.

Marinette stared up at him and wondered if this day was just going to continue to worsen. She frowned at the thought of how long it would take for Chat to let this go. Never probably. She was expecting more teasing, but instead Chat merely smiled at her and held his hand out to help her up. She gripped his hand with hers her blush not fading. In fact it only got fiercer when he then held onto her hand for a second longer than necessary. She couldn’t help but wish he had kept holding it. Which of course only worsened her condition.

Chat’s smile dimmed for a moment. “I figured out why you’re having so much trouble. With your homework I mean.”

Marinette grimaced. That stupid, was going to get her into trouble, cute serious face was back.

“What exactly do you mean ‘why’? Isn’t just because I’m bad at this?” Marinette frowned at the ground.

Chat tsked. “Not at all… you happened to be reading from the wrong page is all.”

Marinette turned to stare at him before releasing a groan and allowing herself to fall back onto her chaise dramatically. She flipped over and yelled into it.

“I’m still going to help y'know.” Chat gave her a thumbs up, though she didn’t see it due to her face still being plunged into the chaise.

Fast forward an hour and Marinette had completed the assignment and even had Chat help edit it with her.

“Too bad it too late to play Mecha Strike Two.” Chat said a sly smirk on his face.

Marinette pushed him out of her room as she realized what he had done. She pushed him by her parents whom were sitting on the couch watching TV. “See you later Chat Noir!/Stay for dinner sometime!” Chat waved goodbye at them just as they passed through the door.

Chat blinked when he realized they had stopped. Marinette shut the door behind them and seemed to be quietly muttering to herself and occasionally shaking her head. Feeling his concern for her increase he reached out his hands and placed them on her shoulders.

Their eyes met again and just as Chat was about to ask her what was wrong she closed the distance between them and kissed him on his left cheek. He stood stock still as Marinette darted inside at stammering out a ‘Thanks for helping today!’.

This had been an interesting day. Nodding in agreement with himself he decided to go home where he could be confused in peace.

Marinette slid down the opposite side of the door and wondered when she had decided her life needed to be more complicated.  

“His cheek was warm.” She muttered. Her cheeks flushed deeper red.

At least her homework was done. They could play games next time. Or other stuff.

Face burning she darted past her giggling parents and headed to her room.

Oh God dinner was going to be a nightmare.