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Why is it so hard for dc to put batman and catwoman together now I hated when the they do put them together they rip them apart and even in arkham city they just teased us but nothing apparently they thought people loved him with Talia

You are preaching to the choir anon. 

DC is very dedicated to what I think is the legacy of Millerism. The idea that superheroes are internally tortured outcasts and must sacrifice their personal lives in favor of isolated, obessive crimefighting, which is why almost every New 52 title is so moody and depressing. This especially pertains to the batfamily as the editors literally have a rule saying the batfamily can’t have happy personal lives, which includes being married (because marriage equals happy by default in the world of lazy writing). Scott Snyder, the current Batman head writer, said something to the effect of he can’t see Batman having a real relationship or some bullshit like that.

I think it’s terrible that they think a man who has suffered so much tragedy and dedicates his life to the greater good deserves to be miserable and alone. This is why I prefer Earth 2 Batman to Prime Earth Batman. I like to see Batman happy and with a family and I think he deserves as much. 

They will of course never actually say outloud that Batman and Catwoman will never be together because they have such a huge fanbase. This, of course, is completely ironic because bat + cat = $$. I’m telling you a digital series about the two would fare very well. It could exist outside of the regular continuity, it would make the fans happy, DC Comics would make a big pile of money and everyone wins, but if we’ve learned anything it’s that DC is just as bad at math as they are with marketing. 

I don’t think this is something that can be accomplished forever. I do genuinely believe that eventually we will get to see a world where one day Batman and Catwoman will be together for the long haul, and so anon I leave you with the hope instilled by Jeph Loeb in the end of Hush: “Someday.”