Comic: Friendly reminder that under the power of Doctor Destiny (John Dee), Batman and Superman shared a dream where Deathstroke was combined with Doomsday who is not only a fearsome power that even makes Superman scared, but apparently he can build androids such as Terranado (Terra/Red Tornado) who has the same traitor status as the original Terra (Superman/Batman #60-61 2009)


“Let’s just forget it all, okay?
Let’s forget all the problems we’ve had, all the reasons we can’t be together..
Let’s take off the masks and just be Bruce and Selina for one night..
And let’s go out on the town and pretend to be normal for once, just like everyone else.
I think I’d really like that.”

- Catwoman Vol 3 #32(2004)

downwithpeople  asked:

hey i saw a post about it the other day so i wanted to know your opinion, what do you think of the more like martial arts-fighty depiction of the penguin in The Batman animated series?

hes cute i like him. im generally a fan of th designs in The Batmaaaaan bc u can tell they wer trying 2 do something different than usual with each character just 4 th sake of it, also everyone, does martial arts now bc its Brought To Us By The Creators Of Jackie Chan Adventures. my fave episode w him is “team penguin” which also contains rly adorable versions of killer croc and killer moth, killers croc and moth, but th 1 where him n catwoman simultaneously femme fatale fake-seduce and betray each other is good also. th most notable things about him r his burtman-returns-esque fangs n flipper hands, n rockhopper silhouette, also his incredible one-off themegirls the kabuki twins who i cannot believe never caught on/seeped in2 other batmedia and have absolutely nothing to do with his theme and i love them. heres a picture of them i found where they r next 2 slenderman

also notable is that in the movie batman vs dracula the penguin fucked dracula

anonymous asked:

Um... Okay so I have a, rather embarrassing question: What is an anti hero exactly? I can kind of infer from some questions you recieve but I get mixed up often. I haven't watched Deadpool or any of those, except for SS, either, so I don't completely understand what they do. I see that people piece anti heros to CP sometimes and I get confused. Love you, honey!

Not embarrassing dont worry! It’s just a character that goes between the line of good and bad, theyre not the standard morally good hero. Usually their intentions are good when their actions can be bad. Like Han Solo is considered a famous anti-hero or Jason Todd or Catwoman. Theyre not all bad and want to cause harm just for the sake of hurting or destroying like Joker and Harley