DC To Issue New 52 Tribute Covers; A look at Now and Then

The new 52 is long gone but before DC Comics begins its rebirth it is going to celebrate the 52nd issue of the first issues of the new 52. Well the books that are still around with the same titles, anyway.

There are only three female focused titles left - Batgirl, Catwoman and Wonder Woman - of the original that launched. And it is interesting to compare the covers of the original and the “tribute” in whether the treatment of the characters has changed.

Let’s start with Batgirl. The original cover had art by Adam Hughes (as did the first 5 or so covers - you can see some of those and some of the rejected covers here ). Adam’s wife artist Alison Sohn told me that the editors at DC told Adam that the cover to issue one looked too old (which is why she made to look very young on the second cover).

The tribute cover is by the current artist Babs Tarr who help transform the character in 2014 to appear much lighter and younger.

The Batgirl “yellow-boot” was criticized for some for making the character seem young. But the character was always supposed to about 20-21. The second seems closer to that age. The biggest controversy of the new 52 was the eradication of Oracle by “fixing” Batgirl. I wonder why they just didn’t take approach they later settled on of saying the original versions existed on other earths - it would have solved one of the biggest PR issues early on in the new 52. 

The new 52 version of Catwoman was another PR problem for DC. The writer hired for the gig couldn’t stop using the word SEXY to describe her. And DC brought on one of its most gazy artists Guiliam March to draw her. That first cover of her laying unzipped on a rooftop (along with some other rooftop shananigans inside) put the new 52 and its treatment of women into even more hot water (oh those days!)

The “tribute cover” is by the current artist Inaki Miranda.  I think there’s a pretty clear difference here. The poses are similar but the zipper is zipped up! Score! I’ve had a love hate relationship with the Catwoman book since the new 52 launch. The only creator that made the character work was Genevieve Valentine who has now left the book. Pity.

I didn’t read the first issue of Batgirl until years later (and when I did found it underwhelming) and the first issue of Catwoman was a trainwreck. The first issue of Wonder Woman was, well, wonderful. As was the cover by Cliff Chiang. 

I can still remember the excitement I had when I realized that DC had finally given me a Wonder Woman book that was well written, incredibly drawn - it was heaven. And then it went bust. And that tribute cover by David Finch is pretty much emblematic of that. 

Who knows what is coming in the rebirth but my hope is that Wonder Woman gets better treatment and new creative team.


“What’s the matter, handsome?” You purred as you passed Caitlin and Ronnie’s Earth-2 counterparts. Sauntering toward Barry, you let your bullwhip drag leisurely behind you; your boot-heels clacking through Jitterbug’s until you were standing right in front of him. You reached forward and wrapped a clawed gauntlet around his chin before pulling his face forward. “Cat got your tongue?”

Barry remained silent and shook his head. He figured at some point or another he might bump into your doppelgänger but he never imagined you’d be running with Killerfrost and Deathstorm, dressed in tight black leather-spandex no less.

“Please, don’t do this…” He finally said. “This isn’t you.”

“And who am I?” Your lips were just inches away from his.

“Not this, Y/N…” He answered. “I don’t know what happened to you but… You’re good. You’re so good.”

“Sorry, sweetheart… Sometimes good girls don’t stick around.” You hummed a bit and pushed back, readying to snap your whip. “I’m Catwoman now.”

(X) (X) (~♫♪~)


Black Cat & Black Widow; Part 13}
— Smoke Bomb!—

[ Felicias cat scratch left the detective staggered with severe bleeding damage , and It gives the cat time to think on her feet:
She whips out a handy GADGET thatll flash-bang the entire scene. Itll allow her to get out of combat fast and STEALTH exit. It’s her signature cat burglar trick to escape bad situations Just disappear a.k.a smoke the place out with a smoke bomb to enable a quick GETAWAY
Felicia throws the smoke bomb right under the detective’s feet ]
Hell never know whats hit him, the smoke will send him into complete confusion and once his vision has been limited I can escape! Meow! 
[ [Bang!] The smoke rose and Felicia slipped under detective Alvarez’s arm and in a flash she was gone leaving the detective DAZED ]

Peak at an illustration I’m currently working on. Hopefully a new print? 😁
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