Came across this website called Loved the premise behind it so I created an account. Basically if your feeling nice you can contribute funds to buy me a coffee or two. ;)

I understand funds for some may be tight and you may still want to offer some kind of support for me besides buying one of my prints, art books, or commissions. This I feel is a nice way to do so. Ever since I went freelance money can be tight. So my coffee habit has significantly reduced. But if you want to contribute to my much missed coffee addiction it would definitely make my day. :D

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Ohohoh. I had an arrival today. :D Just a few select shots. All precious babies from Seed Arts, @armeleia.


etsyfindoftheday 2 | 9.29.16

theme thursday: silver shine

party clutch in silver-grey vegan suede by martenlab

this silvery-grey clutch is more than it seems … not only can it be strung cross-body with its detachable metallic chain, it’s made from VEGAN SUEDE. win-win and so ready to party!