Linguistics Merch 2016 

For more linguistics-related gift ideas, see last year’s list of linguistics merch, and this extensive list of linguistics-related pop science books and lingfic.

“Through It All”

Okay. This piece I drew years ago. I had this big plan for it but for one reason or another I just dropped it for ages. Finally, when I was getting ready for my last Artist’s Alley, I tackled this beast. I’m so glad I did! These piece has a lot of different meanings for me and I’m so happy with out it turned out!

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etsyfindoftheday | gifts for: the plant mama | 12.3.16

jungle leaf wallpaper by jumanjii

i am OBSESSED with this tropical wallpaper. i am nowhere close to a plant lady with my two black thumbs, but if the husbo is reading this … thoughts for the bathroom? :) gift me this meow.
Russian Grammar Tables Bookmark Set Free Shipping
This set of grammar tables includes: - Noun Declension - Adjective declension -Personal pronouns - Russian alphabet - type and handwriting. I designed these tables to help my students to understand Russian grammar and memorize Russian declensions. The grammar tables received very good feedback from my students. Having a reference as a bookmark while reading a book will help you to memorize Russian grammar. These bookmarks are printed on high quality photo paper with gel inks, and then laminated. Size is 2.5 x 8.5 inches.

Are you going to add “learn Russian” to your new year resolutions? You’ll probably need these bookmarks!
Russian grammar tables on bookmarks is a convenient and easy way to memorize all those endings. If you order the bookmarks now, there are good chances you’ll receive them before the holidays. As usual, shipping is free for all countries and continents.