etsyfindoftheday | 3.26.17

moon creations by nascensluna

moon swoon. i’d love to get my mitts on ALL these lunar-inspired watercolor-y items … they’re beauties. love ‘em all. nascensluna is based in ukraine – you should spend some of your sunday checking out all their lovely wares :)


Hey guys!! So, since I did seem to get a bit of a response to just a text post with no pictures, I figured I would now present to you my bookish canvas paintings!! They’re acrylic paint on a cloth 8x10 canvas and they’ll be $10 each!

These are currently the only examples I have, but stay in touch as I make more!! I am also willing to do custom paintings as well with any quote or picture.

Also, keep an eye out because there may be a new etsy store on the horizon!!

Floral Intoxication // Freya Flavell at Doodoodloo

She goes woozy from the jasmine on spring walks through the streets, wild for the banksia and bottle brush beside the creek, kooky for the crysanthemums beside her mothers californian bungalow and faint from the freesias that grow out bush. Her hair smells definitely smells like daphne. Delicious!


Hey everyone! My beautiful guinea pig Chainsaw needs to get surgery. (Poor thing has to have an eye removed). In order to help pay for the surgery, I’m refilling my Etsy shop. 

                                      ~CHECK IT OUT HERE~

Currently offering:

  • fuse bead art (including keychains)
  • custom fuse bead art
  • crochet pokeballs

More stuff will be added in the coming days, possibly including tarot readings. The jury’s still out on that. 

Please consider helping my darling piggie out if you are able!

Thank you!
Feather Stitched with Love! by FeatherStitchedCraft
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So long!

Closing my shop on April 5th! After that I will not be selling physical items on Etsy anymore.

Please enjoy 15% off everything in the shop with the code 


Digital items will still be available for a time while I make arrangements.

Please share round so I can move the last of my stocks! I’ll be putting the money towards replacing my failing laptop!