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Kristanna + 6 pleaaaase c:

Anna’s dress isn’t even closed up in the back and he still can’t get it all the way up his torso…..I’ll be this was Anna’s idea in the first place…

Following suit of my Elsa and Anna sketches, I drew a bunch of Kristoffs today!

This one got sort of silly.

UH. The one with Sven can be explained. My husband and I have this joke that whenever Kristoff’s using his Sven voice, that it’s actually Sven mind-controlling Kristoff to do his bidding. Um. That didn’t really explain anything, but it was fun anyway!

Sketch page of Anna! I had a lot of fun with this one! Anna’s my favorite, she reminds me a lot of myself, aah. (Both Anna and Elsa do, actually. I think I’m a mix of both) I had some dramatic music going when I did the one on the bottom-right so that’s why it’s…way more dramatic than the others haha…..

Kristoff’s next!

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Kristanna 17

Sorry I took a while to do this! Husband and I had to run some errands and make dinner, but here it is! Judging by their size difference, one would think Kristoff to be the big spoon (which he is sometimes, absolutely), but I wanted to draw Anna being the big spoon, plus her destructive sleep habits :’D (she totally kicked the covers off, so she had to leech onto Kristoff for warmth. It’s a good thing he’s a heavy sleeper…)


How could I resist Bara Nice Hair Ghost Man? He’s so AWESOME LOOKING, GOSH

I drew this with the lyric, “Fuck, it’s you I hated the most” in my mind AND I KNOW IT’S ACTUALLY OPPOSITE OF THAT WITH THEM BUT….eh I wanted to try a darker dynamic??? SHRUGS Also I mostly wanted to play with the fire/energy. It’s cool.