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Jyou for the character ask meme please

Why I like them: Jyou’s a lot like wine in that he gets better with age - the older I get the more I love him, to the point where now he’s one of my favorite characters! As a college student a lot of his behavior is #relatable for me. I’m trying to figure out how to articulate why I love him so much beyond just loud garbled noises. Like, he’s anxious and smart and thoughtful and high-strung and hard-working and awkward and reliable all at once? IDK exactly how to explain why he’s one of my favorites but trust me, he is. And honestly his partnership with Gomamon is my favorite because both of them are hilarious individually and together they’re even better, plus they’re like Hikari and Tailmon and contrast each other well.

Why I don’t: He doesn’t show up enough in 02 and the movies. :/ Like, that’s basically it. I do get kind of frustrated with him in Ketsui, though - as much as I understand his behavior, I think I’d rather his conflict have been with like over-committing and having a nervous break than him focusing so hard in on school he throws his other responsibilities out the window. As much as I get the realism factor of “yeah occasionally people do rehash things they’ve been over already” and as much as his depression in Ketsui hurt my heart it doesn’t quite click with his character at the end of Adventure. (This is an issue that kind of varies in intensity depending on the day, though.)

Favorite episode (scene if movie): I’m going to talk about episode 51 a lot later, but also episode 7, the Ikkakumon episode! Early season Jyou is a mess but I love him so much. 

Favorite season/movie: Adventure! What we saw of him in 02 was good, but Adventure is where Jyou actually has the screentime to show off all aspects of himself. 

Favorite line: From episode 51 - “It’s true that we may be helpless against what’s in store for us… but it must be because we can do something about it that we’re here!” Do you ever cry because you are so proud and emotional because I do. (On a funnier note, “WHAT DO HOPE AND SEASICKNESS HAVE TO DO WITH EACH OTHER?!?!” or basically any time he yells because god bless masami kikuchi for making it hilarous tbh)

Favorite outfit: I love his Adventure outfit, but I think my favorite is his winter 02 outfit?

OTP: Jyoumi! Jyou/Bike Girl is a close second, though (lbr his mystery girlfriend is bike girl it is Known).

BroTP: Jyou/Yamato and Jyou/Sora! The Bakemon episode early on was Jyoura comedy gold, plus there’s the episode with the dark caves; also, Jyou and Yamato had the diner episode and the other half of the dark cave episode, you can’t convince me they’re not really good friends.

Headcanon: Carries pads/tampons in his emergency bag because he’s a Good Friend. Also was terrified of drowning after Adventure and wasn’t a strong swimmer anyway, but Gomamon teaching him to swim sort of fixed both those problems, plus Gomamon had the time of his life.

Unpopular opinion: Jyou was the real MVP of the dark caves when it came to Sora, not Yamato. I can’t look at the episode right now to double-check, but I remember thinking at one point that Sora seemed to respond more to Jyou’s words, and Yamato’s advice didn’t seem as effective. (i know a lot of sorato fans use this as early ship evidence and i’m by no means shitting on the ship, i just personally don’t think this counts as a sorato moment) 


An oh-god-please-don’t-ever-happen: Don’t let the absences he’s going to rack up in Soshitsu and so on affect his school to the point where he can’t graduate. That’d just be mean. #free him

5 words to best describe them: high-strung, reliable, thoughtful, awkward, brave

My nickname for them: jooooooooooo