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Kız ff verebilirmisin?

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fake dating and enemies to lovers

oooooh, both tropes are so much fun *O*

hmm, if this was to be combined as both then….  you know what, I’m in a zarcray mood lol

so it’d be zarcray and both are heavy competitors against the other - their duels always enthrall the crowd and they are so… catty toward one another lol it’s sort of a show but also  not really cuz they do kinda lunge at each other’s throats from time to time but it’s not as bad as it is on the stadium.

But Zarc, being kinda… enraptured by her (as in has a hopeless crush) one day blurts out that he loves her and FUCK FUCK FUCK, HE JUST SAID THAT OUTLOUD.

Even Ray is all ?????

The audience and media all GASP!!

sO after the duel, Zarc takes Ray backstage and tries to save his ass by saying it was a clever ploy to get the crowd even more in love with them cuz people are dumb and like rivals in love and shit…

so basically it’d be them faking a relationship to the media to get their duels even more hyped up till they both fall super ass hard for each other ahahaha

Here’s a fun excerpt from Terry’s 2001 interview with Daniel Handler, AKA Lemony Snicket, the author of the Series of Unfortunate Events books: 

TERRY GROSS: Have you run into any parents, teachers or librarians who object to either the tone or the content of your books?

DANIEL HANDLER: Not nearly as many as I thought I would. I really thought that there would just be an overwhelming wave of outrage. And instead, there’ve just been a few isolated complaints that I’ve heard. We were banned in one school district in Decatur, Ga. I’ll always have that. They can’t take that away from me.

GROSS: On what grounds were you banned?

HANDLER: Well, I hate to get too catty about Decatur, Ga., but they were very concerned in The Bad Beginning that Count Olaf wants to marry Violet, who is a distant relative. And this strikes me as something that, without being too stereotypical about the South – that perhaps Decatur, Ga., has heard of before, let’s just say.

And, also, I’m at a loss for how to construct a villain who isn’t doing villainous things. If Count Olaf were only doing things that no one would object to, then he really wouldn’t be much of a villain. So I’m somewhat nonplussed by that kind of criticism, that, ‘Boy, Count Olaf is sure a terrible person.’ And so I always have to write back and say, ‘Well, yes. Yes, he is. He sure is. Let’s catch him.’ 

And a woman once in in Oregon came up to me at a bookstore and said, ‘You know, in one of your books, you teach that it is sometimes necessary to lie. And that seems like a very disturbing lesson to me. Can you name one time when it would be absolutely necessary to lie?’ And I was so happy that the answer came to me right away, instead of, you know, as it usually does when people say something to you. And then you think three days later, that’s what I should’ve said. Instead, it came right away. And I was able just to turn to her and say, ‘Nice sweater.’ 

The TV series based on Snicket’s books is now streaming on Netflix. It stars Neil Patrick Harris as Count Olaf. Here’s what our TV critic David Bianculli had to say about it. 


Undertale x Soul Eater

Where you must collect 7 human souls to become a death scythe (or something).

There is also now a part 2 here.

Frisk= Maka










Bratty and Catty=Liz and Patty

I’d do Muffet as Arachne…buuuuuut I’m lazy. I mean come on, this literally took me days to finish.

Bonus Void Gaster as Shinigami-sama.