Officially July 23rd in the US as of 42 minutes ago! (:

I am actually in a very emotional state right now. The state where you’re so emotional, but you’re tired, so you show no feelings like this

But I just want to say that I love the boys so much and that I am so proud of them. They have accomplished above and beyond, and have made so many people proud and so many people join the Directioner family and realize that any dreams can come true and you just have to have fun while doing so. They’re great role models, people, musicians, great looking, just perfect, and they will definitely be great husbands to whoever gets lucky (; I just hope today is the best day ever, I know it will be! Lets show the boys a hugeeee amount of love and remind them that we remember how they started, and that we know how far they will go and how much more they will achieve! Our boys will go reallll far (: xx