*Super High School Level Successor* 


This is Lion for the Seacats Ronpa AU we’re making here at tumblr :3 basically, some characters from Umineko put in DR’s universe (not that is really different, tbh)

About the art itself: it’s the first fucking time I finish something!! I feel like Da Vinci and the Mona Lisa.




Anyways hope you enjoy it! 

You better go watch the newest episode of Free!

It has shota!Rin being a total cutie, supershota!Nagisa being adorable, and well, the four of them as kids and everything that happened when they met Rin

Also Rei saying “Rin-chan-san” in the most serious tone ever. And Rin correcting Rei’s English pronunciation in the previews >o< and calling him “Speedo Glasses”

I wish Tumblr could be like over a year ago, when social justice hadn’t flooded everyone’s dashboard and it was all fandoms and hipsters and cute things.

Don’t get me wrong, I love discussing about rights and such AND I think it’s great that this generation is so passionate and dedicated to this topic, but I came here to blog about cute clothing and anime, and suddenly I can’t scroll past a post without any mention of Anita’s new video, feminism, “OPPRESHUN” (I swear if I see that word again I’m gonna bury a grenade in their throats, it’s so misused).

I’m guilty of following some blogs that call out SJW’s bullshit, but even if I didn’t, it’s something that it’s impossible to escape of.

I just want Tumblr to be a place where I come to relax, not get stressed out.

Yesterday I finally finished 999. I definitely recommend it if you guys like Ace Attorney, Professor Layton, Dangan Ronpa and all that crap. The plot is really thrilling!

I was tired of getting the bad endings, so I looked up for a non-spoiler guide and got the safe ending and the true ending. The first one was pretty cool… but the true ending really upset me at first. It’s like the plot exploded and I didn’t understand what was going on with Akane and Junpei during the last puzzle a fucking sudoku and I was hoping to get a less crazy ending with a darker mood… but I’m not upset anymore.