catton park

New Beginnings - Fourteen

The rest of the team left, Hotch giving you strict instructions not to leave the building under any circumstances. You stood up to move to Penelope’s office, or her bat cave as you referred to it, grabbing your laptop bag and phones. 

“Y/N?” Penelope seemed hesitant. 


“Can I hug you….. It’s more for me than you. I just really need a hug right now.”

You looked at her and she’d never looked so lost and small in all the time you’d known her. 

You pulled her into a quick hug feeling her grasp you tightly, hearing her sniffing. “I’m so sorry,” she whispered quietly, pulling back after a moment or two. When she did you smiled at her and she gave you a watery grin back.

“To the bat cave, Pen?“ 

She nodded. “To the bat cave.”

By the time the team regrouped again at 10pm that evening, the bat cave and meeting room had been transformed. 

The boards were covered in photos of the four crime scenes, your own included. You were working hard to emotionally detach yourself as much as you could but seeing the photos of your old room, blood and glass splattered everywhere on the floor, had caused you to vomit again. That was earlier though, and you were holding it together now. 

Joshua Cane’s photo had been circulated amongst the team, as well as photos that Garcia had put together of him with different hair colors and various facial accessories as you all had to assume that he would have tried to alter his appearance. It had shocked you seeing the picture of him taken on his release day from prison, nine years had barely aged him at all. 

The boards contained any new information that the team had managed to garner, calling in to you and Garcia every so often. 

Victim number three Kelly Casey had been stabbed 14 times as you’d thought, but she hadn’t been sexually assaulted. Her boyfriend Paul Matthews also hadn’t been stabbed at all, but had been shot point blank in the head execution style, meaning Cane had a firearm. 

The ME hadn’t been able to tell who had been killed first but given that Paul’s clothing was covered in cast off that matched Kelly’s blood type, the assumption was that he’d been made to watch and then killed after. 

Both Rossi and Hotch had commented that Cane seemed to be making a point that if he couldn’t have you, then no one else could, and that thought chilled you to your bones. 

The couple had last been seen around 11pm leaving a party with their friends and had chosen to walk home, not living far. None of the routes that they would logically have taken home would have taken them via Catton Park, so it was thought that they’d been abducted along the way, which meant Cane had to have some form of transportation. 

The second victim Kennedy Marshall had been last seen at 10pm leaving her local gym, which also turned out to be the same gym that you and Spencer had been using. Her car had been located in a side street not far away, as she’d been using a day pass rather than a members pass so didn’t have on site parking privileges. 

Her body had been discovered the following morning at 5am by a garbage disposal truck that was collecting from the restaurant. The garbage men had both had alibi’s that checked out so hadn’t been considered suspects originally. 

Derek had spoken to the owners of the restaurant and had shown them yours and Reid’s pictures along with the various pictures of Cane that Penelope had provided. He recognised you and Reid but hadn’t recognised Cane. He did recall another English guy coming in around the last time you and Reid had visited but he didn’t stay, only asking for a menu and then leaving. The owner couldn’t provide a description though, only remembering the accent. 

Charlotte Days, the first victim had been discovered by her roommate who’d gone out drinking at a local bar. Although they did live in campus housing, it was actually off site dorms so wasn’t part of the main college complex. The dorms were more like small apartments shared between two or three people. Her boyfriend had been suspected as he’d been the last person to be seen with her, studying at a local library together earlier that evening, again one which you and Spencer had visited previously. Windows had been smashed in the room and some non expensive jewelry had been taken to indicate a robbery.  

Her scene mirrored yours almost exactly, she was the only one to be sexually assaulted although a condom had been used. She’d also suffered a massive headwound like you had which the ME had said would have rendered her unconscious and unable to fight back. This matched up with the fact that there were no defensive wounds on her. Due to the amount of people in and out of her room, the was a mass of fingerprints and DNA evidence for the CSI’s to be searching through. 

So far the team had no leads, no idea how Cane had gotten into the country or where he was.

The only thing that everyone agreed on was that it was him. It was too much of a coincidence for it not to be. 

Agents in the UK were going back out to reinterview Cane’s family and old associates to see if anything new had turned up. They weren’t hopeful though. His parents had disowned him when he’d been sent down, and they’d refused to make contact with him when he’d been released. You’d remembered how his mum had asked for a visit with you, sobbing her apologies when you’d agreed to see her. 

You also remembered hearing how Cane’s half brother Dean who had been a few years older, had been killed 18 months ago in a car wreck and that you’d actually felt sorry for his mum, essentially having lost both of her children. 

“Let’s call it a day for now guys. We’re not going to get anywhere at this time of night. Everyone rest and be back here at 9am tomorrow.“ 

Hotch turned to you and Spencer. “I’ve made arrangements for you to stay at alternative accommodation. Derek has demanded that he be given a room on the same floor and given the circumstances I think that would be a good idea. There will also be a patrol unit outside the entrances. Try and get some rest and I’ll see you both in the morning.”

Derek drove you all to the hotel Hotch had checked you into, stopping by a drive thru on the way so you could all grab something to eat. You ate in the car in silence, just wanting to get to your destination and check in. 

You arrived and checked in, Hotch had used fake names for the three of you which was standard practice. 

Derek had raised his eyebrows when he’d seen there were only two room keys. “I guess I’ll room with Y/N then Spencer. Give you chance to rest that pretty little brain of yours,” he teased.

“Not a chance Derek,” he replied, grabbing one of the keys and opening the door, taking your bags inside. 

Morgan placed a hand on your arm before you followed. “Hey, I know you guys haven’t actually said anything official to the rest of the team yet, but I’m pleased for you both.” You smiled at him as continued. “Reid’s a great guy and you two suit each other. I’m just……sorry for everything else that’s happening.”

“Thanks Derek.” You gave him a quick peck on the cheek before closing the door and locking it behind you. 

Spencer walked over to you pulling you into his warm embrace. “How you doing?“ 

"I’m……I’m okay,” you said into his shoulder. “I just wanna solve this case like any other so we can get on with our lives.”

“Me too.” He kissed your forehead sweetly, his lips warm and gentle before releasing you. 

You both showered and changed for bed, climbing under the covers and settling down, turning off the lights. You rolled on to your side feeling Spencer curve himself around you. 

You weren’t sure how long you’d been lying there for or if you’d actually drifted off, when you’d felt him pull away from you and climb out of bed. He padded across the floor to the bathroom and a few moments later you heard the shower switch on again. 

Strange you thought to yourself, he’d already showered before bed.

He emerged about twenty minutes later, hair damp again and climbed back into bed lying on his back. You rolled over, resting your head on his chest. “Everything okay?”  you whispered. 

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you up. I couldn’t sleep. ”

“It’s okay. I’m not sure I was asleep anyway. What were you doing?”

He tensed slightly, not answering you.

“Spencer,” you prompted. 

“I’m not sure it’s appropriate to tell you, given our current predicament.”



You caught on. You laughed softly. “I do that sometimes to help me sleep as well. You could have done it here.” You stated tracing shapes with your hand over his tee shirt. 

“Could I have? Don’t girls find that weird?“ 

"Did you find it weird last night when I did it?" 

"Well no, that was like the sexiest thing I’ve seen ever.”

You blushed at his words wondering if he could feel how warm you cheeks had gone. You tilted your head up to look at him. “Exactly Spence.”

He raised his eyebrows at you his mouth opening with a quiet, “Oh”. 

“What were you thinking about?” You asked him, feeling his tummy tense at the shapes you were drawing. To be honest you’d expected him to have moved your hand by now. 

He coughed before answering, “You, last night. The look on your your face when you were touching yourself…..Oh and you today, trying to tease me with that god damn banana you were eating.”


“You’re so beautiful and sexy Y/N. I don’t think you realise what you do to me.”

Just his words then we’re enough to make you groan. “Spencer?" 


“Can you go again?” You searched his face hoping he’d get what you were implying. 

Something flashed in his eyes. “Now? You want me to…..Um……" 

"Yeah. I wanna watch.”

He thought about it for a second before responding. “One condition.”

You nodded, you’d literally have done anything. 

“Strip. I need a visual and why close my eyes and imagine when I could have the most beautiful girl in the world next to me naked.”

You hesitated for a movement. Although he’d seen your breasts last night, you hadn’t actually taken your underwear off. Still, you’d thought, he was gonna have to take his off. 

You nodded, lifting your hips and shimmying out of your pajama shorts and underwear. You changed position, kneeling next to him on the bed, watching as he pushed his bottoms and boxers down as well.  

Your eyes went straight to his groin, you couldn’t help it. He was already hard again the conversation you’d been having obviously sparking the same feelings it had in you. He wasn’t huge, but he definitely wasn’t small either. It was for want of a better word, perfect. 

You bit your lips, licking them and hearing his breath hitch in his throat. “Please don’t sit there licking your lips at me like that,” he whispered. “It gives me such ideas." 

"I could….?” you offered. 

“Oh you will, but not tonight.” Your eyebrows shot up. He was smirking again. 

He lifted his palm to your mouth. “Spit please….Oh and take your shirt off.”

You obeyed spitting into his palm, you knew what he wanted it for but it still didn’t stop the small moan escaping your lips when he moved his hand down, coating himself in your saliva. 

Your eyes widened watching as his hand slowly worked itself up and down his length, his other hand reaching out and trailing up from your knee to the bottom of your shirt. He pushed it up. “Off, now please.”

You grabbed the bottom of your shirt, slowly lifting it and pulling it over your head, tossing it to one side. Kneeling there, naked at the side of him you felt exposed, but seeing the look in his eyes and hearing the low groan from his throat as he took you in, you realised you’d never felt more desired. 

His hand pumped faster, his thumb swiping over his glistening tip every so often. His other hand remained on you trailing up and down over your body, his feather like touch sending shivers through you.  

The noises he was eliciting were delicious and you loved the look on his face, his eyes roaming from you face all over your body and then back up to you eyes. His hand paused over your breasts and your moaned as his finger swiped over your nipple. 

“Fuck,” he groaned seeing your head tilt back in pleasure. You were starting to feel warm and wet between your legs. He started to move his hand over but you grabbed it, holding it to you chest. His fingers started pulling and teasing at you just the way you wanted. You shifted, parting your legs slightly. 

“One sec.” he said, stopping his exploration of your chest and slowing his strokes on himself. He took your hand dragging it down to between your legs. “Do you like watching this? Is it making you wet Y/N?” His voice was low. 

You nodded as he pushed your hand so that your fingers were just below your opening, not actually touching you himself. You locked eyes with him seeing him smirk as he pushed you inside yourself, you gasping as he did, feeling how moist and slick you actually were. 

He pulled your hand away tugging it to his mouth and flicking his tongue out tasting you. You both groaned at the same time and you reached down with your other hand starting to rub yourself. 

He spied your hand and his own strokes quickened again, his grip tightening and his moans coming faster now. He released your hand from his mouth and you moved it to your breast, stroking and tugging one nipple. He moved his free hand to you other breast, copying you. 

You pace quickened and your eyes widened as your saw him lift his hips of the bed slightly his legs tensing up. He must be close you thought, just as he voiced your thoughts. 

“I’m nearly there Y/N. Can you cum with me?”

You nodded, feeling him pinch your nipple harder and you pushed harder with your fingers, rubbing your throbbing bundle of nerves faster. You started to shake seeing him do the same as you let out a loud moan, you head tilting back and your eyes closing as you came. You opened them just in time to see Spencer releasing himself, hot sticky fluid pooling on his stomach.

You shifted positions, lying down next to him, the room filled with the sounds of your breathing, both of you still panting softly. 

A few moments later Spencer spoke quietly. “I’ve never actually done that in front of anyone before.”

“Up until yesterday, I hadn’t either,” you responded, smiling. 

“You’re amazing Y/N.”

“You’re not so bad yourself Dr Reid,” you giggled. 

You climbed of the bed, grabbing your pajamas and chucking a packet of baby wipes on the bed whilst you headed into the bathroom to clean up. 

When you emerged five minutes later, Spencer was back in his bottoms lying on his side. 

You climbed back into bed with him, feeling him wrap himself around you. “Spence.”


“I’m so glad we met. I know it’s a bit of a cliché to say this, but I’ve never felt this way about anyone.”

His embrace on you tightened. “Neither have I, Y/N. When I’m with you I feel like I could do anything. Like anything is possible. I love you.”

“Love you too. Night Spencer. Sweet dreams.”

“Night Y/N. You are my sweet dream.”

Leap Of Faith

Spencer Reid

A/N I guess I should plaster a trigger warning on this one. Deals with suicidal thoughts and depression.

Oh and I know that a lot of people are put off by OC’s. Please don’t let the fact that this isn’t a reader based story stop you from reading this.

Spencer didn’t know what taken him to this particular spot on this particular night. But if he actually believed in fate, he would have said it was that. The sort of fate which you can’t work out if you’re pleased for or that you’d curse the universe for sending your way.

He’d finished up at the library deciding to work home through Catton Park instead of his usual route through Main Street and down Second. He’d stop by the old bridge he thought, he liked it there. It was peaceful and looking at the stars sometimes helped clear his head and he needed that tonight.
Bundled up against the cool air he made his way through the park, the fallen leaves crunching under his converse clad feet, enjoying the sound they made. It was 10pm so aside from the odd dog walker and late night jogger, the park was deserted.
Thinking back to the case that had taken up the past two weeks, he shuddered. The image of the two young girls that had been shot to death in front of him still so fresh in his brain. The two girls he’d tried to save but hadn’t been able to talk their captor down from his manic high, convince him that everything was going to be okay.
Shots had been fired, his own aiming straight for the unsub once Spencer had seen him squeeze the trigger. But he’d been too late. And the unfortunate positioning of the girls had meant that the bullet had ripped right through the first girl and into the second, an unpleasant and unwanted reminder of an incident not too long in his own past.

Once he was certain the unsub was dead, Reid had rushed over to the second girl seeing that she was still breathing, blood gurgling from between her lips as she tried and failed to gasp in air, her eyes frightened and starting to glaze over as she’d grasped for Spencer’s hand, needing to feel human touch in her last few moments of life.
She’d died two minute later, Spencer’s hands covered in her warm scarlet blood as he begged for her to hold on for the ambulance. His supervisor SSA Aaron Hotchner had more or less needed to drag him away, realising afterwards that this had triggered the memory of that horrific incident. The paperwork finished, Hotch had insisted that Reid take a few personal days, perhaps contact his therapist.

Spencer had agreed to take the personal days, but had no intention of contacting his therapist. He’d get over it…. Well, he’d file it away to the back of his extensive mind along with the other cases that made him constantly question why he’d chosen the career path he had.

Chosen wasn’t exactly the correct word to use, he’d been groomed for the FBI from a young age, a visiting Agent had lectured during his time at cal-tech and had seen a certain quality to him. Once Spencer had accepted that the FBI was where he was going to end up, he’d been offered a choice of entry positions. However profiling had been the only thing he knew he’d be physically capable of. He could ace any psychological exam or test within an hour, but still struggled to this day to qualify for the physical tests required. Due to his skills though, he was often given a free pass through, something he was grateful for but at times also resented. If he was pushed that bit harder and forced to actually have to qualify for the physical exams then maybe he’d actually push himself harder and eventually end up on the same fitness levels as Morgan or Hotch. He doubted it though, sports and physical activity just wasn’t his thing, it never had been. Numbers and letters, linguistics and patterns; they were his thing, and they along with his true talent of being able to psychologically disarm someone rather than physically needing to take them down, were among the things that made him indispensable to the team.

Continuing his walk home he could see the old bridge approaching, but it didn’t look like he’d be alone in his stargazing tonight.

‘Damn it’ he thought to himself as he wriggled his hands inside his pockets trying to keep warm. Perhaps he’d just carry on home instead.

As he got closer he could see that the figure was a girl, her long auburn hair blowing in the cool breeze. He could hear sniffing, a light sobbing and it sounded like she was talking to herself.

It was only then that he realised she was on the other side of the bridge, her back to the railings, arms looped around the iron poles.


Reid stopped, assessing the situation and not wanting to move any closer until he was sure on his course of action. Every few seconds she’d lean forward slightly, her grip loosening, and then she’d seem to lose her nerve and pressing herself back against the stone and metal barrier.

The water below wasn’t that deep, but it was freezing and the river was fairly deserted at this time of night. Due to the structure of the bridge, depending on the angle she fell at, she’d likely hit her head on the way down as well. There’s no doubt that if she went in she’d end up dead one way or another.

Spencer could see a suitcase and a bag leaning up against the side of the barrier along with a pair of high heeled shoes, presuming they were hers. She looked too well dressed and too neat to be homeless so he assumed she was travelling. But what had bought her here, what was so bad that it had her hanging off the side of a bridge in a deserted park at 10pm at night.

There was only one way for him to find out.