cattle treatment

Saw this on Facebook. I love their names. Hope this makes you smile! :)

That is extremely unusual, and I love the names they chose.

Dairy cattle often undergo treatment with various hormones to induce ovulation at the correct time for AI, so it’s possible she was accidentally overstimulated. She did well carrying four calves to term.

Unfortunately three of these calves are male, which means the heifer is likely to be a freemartin and consequently infertile, so they will probably not have long and productive lives on a dairy farm.

CSBB: I Thee Wed (6/16)

Once upon a time, Princess Emma and Lieutenant Killian Jones stole away into the dark of the night to elope. In the morning light, however, they must face the repercussions of their actions before they can live their “happily ever after.” This is where their story begins…

Rating: M (Mild smut)

Content Warning: Eventual Mild Smut

Other Pairings: Snowing

Author’s Note: Thank you to all who have read my contribution to the @captainswanbigbang This story wouldn’t be half as readable without the lovely beta work of @wexyuk. Special shoutout to my artists who also served as secondary readers, @piratesrumforswan , and @just-be-magnificent

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Chapter 6

Years ago, as their mother lay on her deathbed, Liam Jones promised her that he would take care of Killian. He had been ten then, Killian barely two years of age. As such, being the child that he was, Liam had no clue or context as to what it meant to protect his brother. At that age, he was still in need of protecting himself. But Mother had died of sickness, and Father was in and out of the picture – a scoundrel and layabout if there ever was one – forcing Liam to learn what it truly meant to protect one’s brother. Of course, once Father sold them both into slavery – such children they had been – the weight had completely fallen onto Liam’s shoulders.

At that point, they were all each other had left in the world. Certainly Captain Silver didn’t care about them, or at the very least, he didn’t care for them as boys. As property, sure, but he and the rest of the free crew treated Liam and Killian as nothing more than cattle. It was that treatment that inspired Liam to push harder to free him and Killian, especially once he realized Killian had turned to darker vices – gambling and alcohol – to soothe the pain. Often, Liam wondered if he had failed Killian and broken his promise to their mother by allowing his younger brother to find himself in such a state. He soothed himself by believing it would all be worth it if he could free both himself and Killian from the chains that bound them. Only then could he ensure that Killian would be on the straight and narrow.

And free themselves he did!

Liam might have used questionable methods, but he kept his promise to Mother. He did everything within his power to protect Killian, and it paid off. They joined the Royal Navy of Misthaven. Both he and Killian received proper educations. They learned languages! They sailed to different realms together on the flagship vessel of Misthaven, The Jewel of the Realm. Most important, they were both safe and secure, or rather, as safe and secure as Navy men could be. Everything was perfect.

Or so he thought.

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