Beef Industry Business Contact List

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If you are looking to reach out to the global beef industry then this list will save you hundres of hours of data entry and management time to get it created.

This data was collected in December 2014 and January 2015. I gets updated weekly with new contacts.

The list, mostly USA based business, also contains beef related businesses from:

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There is a grazing area in Strandparken, where a herd of approximately 50 Highland cattle have been since 1981. They are part of a conservation grazing project, similar to the ones run by the Wildlife Trust in the UK (ie. Surrey, Hampshire & Isle of Wight).

There are also Walliser and Danish landrace goats, and a local kind of sheep (Marskfår). They care for 120 hectares of greenspace, providing grazing and browsing services that contribute to the diversity of habitats in the park. They also control the dangerous giant hogweed plants. The animals are cared for by three municipal staff. 

I biked by today, and saw that they calves were looking hale and happy! Even though I grew up around Angus cattle, and they will always have a special place in my heart, I have an unsurpassed love for the Highland breed. I find them excessively charming; especially the young’uns.

Information on Ishøj Animal Park in Strandparken (in Danish)

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