Save the blind steer, Oatmeal, from slaughter | Laura Oatman's Fundraiser
It's a real long shot, time is short and this is CRITICALLY URGENT. He may have only a day or two, but his rescue is still a possibility. My friend who owns Rowdy Girl Sanctuary in Angleton, Texas has tracked him down from a feed lot to a meat packing plant in Fort Worth, but HE IS STILL ALIVE!!!

You may have seen the headline A tearful goodbye to a blind steer at the Fort Worth Stock Show. A young girl who is part of the Future Farmers of America said goodbye to a steer she had grown to love. 

“I don’t know what she says to him, but he responds to her like no other steer I’ve seen,” Mazoch said. “When he hears her voice, or even just smells her, you can see his whole body just relax.”

Lyle Williams said Oatmeal has “an unbelievably keen sense of smell and hearing. He’ll follow his nose to food, and to his pen in the barn.”

Though especially close to Oatmeal, Kendyll knew the steer would eventually be sold and trucked away as 964 pounds of prime beef.

And he was sold for beef. HOWEVER he is still alive, and waiting at the slaughterhouse. Rowdy Girl Sanctuary has started a fundraiser to get him out. If they are unable to save Oatmeal, the funds will be put aside to help another FFA child save their beloved animal. After all, these kids are compassionate…but are forced to push that aside by their parents and the animal agriculture industry. 

Please donate and share to help save Oatmeal. Click the link above.


5R… a pussy cat in disguise! by jeannie debs
Via Flickr:
5R… a pussy cat in disguise….honest! This chap spent his time wandering up and down the lane (New Forest, Hampshire) teasing all the girls in the field, grazing behind the fence. Every day we cycled past him, he even posed for a photo… and every day the girls came running as soon as they caught sight of him, I’m sure he must have been some sort of Super Star in the bovine world and signed autographs when no one was looking…what a character! He slept on the grass verge every night :) For our little Benjamin, who loves to play with his toy farm. :))

Model of men herding cattle

Middle Kingdom, late Dynasty 11 – early Dynasty 12 (2010–1961 B.C.)

Found in the tomb of Djehutynakht at Deir el-Bersha, Egypt, May 1915; excavated by the Harvard University – Boston Museum of Fine Arts Expedition

The recently restored model shown here depicts plump steers being driven - reluctantly it seems - to a cattle count or perhaps to slaughter. The artist has taken pains to include lifelike details so that the robust animals contrast dramatically with their slouched, weary, and balding keepers.

Source: Museum of Fine Arts Boston (click the link to read more about these models)