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Today was the day Tina was going to venture farther then she had been before. Since she’d moved here, she wanted to go to Times Square. She just never had the time. So when her boss called and said she didn’t need her to come in today, she knew just what to do. The sky was a beautiful shade of blue, and the air was warm, you could tell summer was drawing nearer. She went to the kitchen and made herself a cup of coffee and slipped an extra few dollars in her wallet. Tina overheard Mikayla on the phone and could help but roll her eyes because ‘Oh my god, I know! Hilary SO doesn’t belong with Brad' Okay, so maybe that’s not exactly what she was saying, but that’s what she heard whenever Mikayla talked to her friends. Tina quickly got dressed and did her hair. She was out the door within the next half an hour. 

She strolled slowly down the streets sipping her coffee. She made her way to the bus stop. She knew she didn’t want to walk all the way there AND back. Maybe she’d walk back in the afternoon if she wasn’t too tired. She boarded the bus and slid in her earphones as soon as she took her spot. She enjoyed the ride there as much as she could. She was happy to get off the stuffy bus though. She was thrilled. So thrilled she didn’t notice she was standing in front of a door way, blocking someones way. “Oh! Sorry!” Tina said as she spun around to see who she was in the way off. 

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My answers -

1. Favorite TV show? I don’t watch TV :)

2. Favorite ship? Huh, I thiiink.. Christina Aguilera & Jordan Bratman. They were so cool!

3. Top 5 tumblrs? It is:

- infatuatedwithxtina

- yeeeap 

- lolatrachael

- chemicalsolx

- casperxtina (it’s very funny)

4. Hot or cold? Hot

5. USA or England? England

6. Hugs or kisses? Kisses

7. Boys or girls? Both

8. Favorite food? Pizza, ya, I love pizza.

9. Top 5 songs? Madam X -Fighter, Madam X - Still Dirrty, Madam X - Lovind Me 4 Me, Madam X - I Love You Porgy (Ya I love like she sings it), Madam X - Welcome

10. Top 5 countries? Too hard!

11. Love or friendship? Friendship

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03:00 AM.
Extrañaré tus besos
Extrañaré el calor de tus abrazos
Extrañaré dormir junto a tu lado
Extrañaré dormir con tus poleras
Extrañaré las veces en las que decías que me amabas
Extrañaré como cocinabas para mi
Extrañaré tu risa, tus ojos, tu boca
Extrañaré tu presencia aunque este intentando olvidar esta ausencia
—  Cattina S