i was SUPER BORED so i made a cape but realized that some people might not know how to make the bestest cape ever! Your basic cape is just ‘tie a blanket around your neck’ but that never really ends up right, does it? Heck, you could even mark out where you put your fasteners and sew in buttons and buttonholes for a more resilient blanket cape!

So today is the first anniversary of the first episode of Blackrock, excluding the prequel. It also pretty much coincides with the first anniversary of my becoming a Yognau(gh)t.

Much has happened in this year. The community has grown from the small scattered groups of fans into a large intense fanbase. I make no claims about being here from the beginning, but I’m proud of how we as fans, not just of this show but all of them, all of these wonderful silly youtubers, have created and donated to bees and stuck together and provided the support for these people to keep making videos and continue to inspire us.

It’s been a hell of a year. Here’s to many more, and ever better.


I got SUPER NOSTALGIC last night, but then I couldn’t decide on sunrise or sunset so you get both! Also the transparents, because this looks good on every BG color I tested it on.