just sat in the living room having a nice normal casual conversation with my mum and my step dad about eastenders, people i haven’t seen in a while and my second cousins birthday party in a few and then he suddenly turns around and goes 

“cat do you remember that time that you asked me how you make a petrol bomb because you and vanessa were gonna go and kill some girl?”

nephrotoxicity the people you fucking forget about ahahahah

also i think we all had serious anger issues when we were 15/16 because erm what the fuck was wrong with us? still would like to trip that girl up thought i’m not even gonna lie

i think what people forget about mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety is that; although you carry them around with you 24/7 you might not particularly feel them all the time. but when you do it hits you hard and people don’t understand that i don’t love myself and therefore i find it hard loving other people.