I dipped on Catskill Chill. I was supposed to go down on Friday to flip a lil’ grammer to my girl’s friend. My girl is broke but she went there on a free ride from her festy celebrity father who delegates chores all festival long while getting fucked up. I would’ve had to drive 3 hours by myself riding so fucking dirty, then spend the day flipping Tina and Molly to anyone that would subscribe. All while dodging her father who knows I get it sometimes but doesn’t know the extent. Meanwhile, everyone would just perk up upon my arrival and start bouncing off the walls like it wasn’t obvious. So yea 6 hours alone in a car, so I can do chores at a festival and pay a hundred bones to see PFunk & Mike Gordon…then sleep in a tent while everyone else is in a cabin…all while my girl is being a jerk face to me and guilt tripping me for the past few weeks…um no thanks. I’ll stay home and flip and kill it and then go to Lotus & Tycho for half the price and sleep in my bed. Maybe I’ll even get some strange, I’m sure she is. Continuing to give no fucks because there are no fucks to give anymore. I’m over going out of my way for people, so starts the selfish semester of my life.