The playlist tag!
I was tagged by amazingphannah to do the Playlist Tag!
 All you do is hit shuffle on one of your music players and then list the first 20 songs that play because you can tell a lot about a person by what music they listen to and then you tag 10 people to do it too.

1. Tubby the Tuba (Danny Kaye) (this is a masterpiece.)
2. a track from the Hitchhikers Guide radio series
3. Another track from said radio series
4. The second movement of Vivaldis autumn
5. Elgars pomp and circumstance march number 3
6. A track from this weird relaxing water sounds CD
7. The third movement of Sammartini’s recorder concerto in F (I can nearly play that :) )
8. Yet another track from the Hitchhikers guide
9. And a 4th Hitchhikers guide track…
10. A 5th (this is on shuffle I promise)
11. A 6th (this is giving you such a twisted view of me)
12. Easy Winner (a Scott Joplin piano rag)
13. Hitchhikers guide…
14. The Wild Boar (Flanders and Swann: highly recommended :) )
15. Hitchhikers guide…
16. Too many cookers (Flanders and Swann)
17. Poor Wandering One (a song from a Gilbert and Sullivan operetta)
18. Hitchhikers guide…
19. 7th movement of Vivaldis Christmas Concerto
20. Some random Christmas carol called A Hymn to the Virgin

That is not a very accurate representation of what I listen to, but ah well…

I am tagging: mayorofnightvale, flyingwithpaperplanes, catsingigantichats, emvisc, taco-overlord, youslayme-youfool, gallifreyansunite, acemomentace, the-travelling-lemon, and awkwardbacon-universe.