|| You’d be hanging out with TFW for a while. Hell, you were on a nick-name basis. You looked up to them all in their own way. But it was Dean that you looked to the most. He’s a fighter. A /Soldier/. Just like you.

You could relate to one another, share experiences. He understood you better than anyone. Family really doesn’t end in blood.

‘’I’m just heading out to get supplies for tomorrow’’ You call to Sam, as you knew he was still awake on his laptop. ‘’Just be careful Y/N’’ He calls out as you leave the door.

 It was dark out, the stars filled the sky in beautiful patterns. But the silence is what catches you the most, just crickets chirping in a nearby field. You /Hated/ lying to them, but you just needed the chance to do this alone.

After a long hike that felt like it went on for hours, You finally stop outside the old cabin. Yep. This was it. Who-ever was in there. What-ever was in there was what killed your parents. All that flashed through your mind was the disappointed look upon each of TFW’s faces.

‘’How could you be so Irresponsible Y/N’’ -Cas would say in his calm voice.

‘’How many times do we have to tell you, Y/N. At least take one of us with you’’ - Sam would say with guilt in his tone that he couldn’t figure out where you were going.

‘’I’m disappointed’’ - Dean would say with sadness upon his features.

You cast your thoughts aside and draw in a deep breath. Letting your soldier mode take forth.

Barging in the door all guns blazing probably wasn’t the best move. The Demon cloaked your head with a brown bag. You felt every inch of air escape you. Panic set in until all went black.

Your eyes slowly yet steadily begin to open as you survey the room. You manage to make out that you’ve been dragged down to the cellar. Most would panic in this situation. I mean, come on. You were restrained to a chair in some Demon’s playroom. But you knew better than to panic. You’d learned from the best. The Winchesters.

You manage to pull out a hair pin from your back pocket after a lot of awkward fidgeting and begin to saw away at the rope. However all hope comes crashing down as you are startled by the door opening which causes you to drop the pin on the ground. ‘’Shit’’

The demon waltzes in, male and not too bad looking. Poor meat-suit. You sigh and decide to taunt the demon from boredom. ‘’So, what is this? Some pathetic playroom? You must be some pretty dead-beat demon to have to work down here. I hear that the classier Demon’s work down in hell.’’

You can see that your little comment bothered it. As it swipes a long blade from the table beside you both, pressing it firmly against your wind-pipe. 

‘’Well look who came back? Is Y/N junior seeking revenge because I killed your parents. I can still hear there melodic screams.’’ It cackles demonically. It’s laughter causing deep rage to bubble up from the pits of your stomach.

‘’Damn you’’ You kick the demon straight in the balls. Feeling pleased with yourself. It just made things /even/ worse.

The Demon spends hours and hours using different tools to carve into every inch of your body. Each time the metal punctures into your flesh, a part of you begins to shut down, the soldier in you slowly dying. As you start to loose more and more blood, the room spins and you start to wish you’d never gone alone. TFW was all you needed. 

 You must have passed out, because the next thing you hear is Dean’s voice whisper delicately into your ear. ‘’We’re here now Y/N’’ He cradles you into his arms as your limp body falls lifeless into his embrace, noticing Sam and Castiel following close behind.

You were never the same after that night. You think a part of your bravery was etched away. There is only so much even a /soldier/ can take. During other hunts, You’d get jumpy. You’d snap and get into arguments with all of TFW. You wanted them to understand, but they never would. They also wanted to understand you. What hurt the most is how Dissapointed Dean was after that night. You two would never be the same. And that hurt like hell.

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Please, please watch this. Seriously. AVPM is the best thing you will ever see. Even if you don’t like the first part, I didn’t to start with but now it is quite possibly my favouritest thing like ever, and I am totally obbsessed. Be careful you don’t turn out like me :3Starkid <3REBLOG - 1 YEAR AGO

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Looking At The Stars

A/N: Hello :) It’s a kinda soulmate au where you can’t see the color that your soulmate eyes have until you met them. Meg can be a little OOC but that’s how imagine her soft side :P It’s my first Megstiel fic so be gentle :)


“Here” says Meg and puts bottle full of red liquid in Catsiel’s hands.

“And what I should do with this?” Castiel asks as he looks at what he’s holding. Meg stole this with three others bottles of red vine from the store few hours earlier.

“Drink” Meg commands and rolls her eyes on him while she climed on mask of his car to get on roof and sit there.

Castiel takes sip. It tastes like…  liquid. Red liquid. Nothing special. But how knows, maybe demons like… this. Or it could be only Meg. Castiel shrugs and moves to place where Meg sits. He takes place next to her, trying to understand why their are doing it. Why are they sitting here with vine looking at the sky? What for? 

Meg takes a big gulp from her bottle. She doesn’t say a word. She just sits there, in the dark next to this confused angel sand looking at the stars on the sky so far away from them. Meg places vine next to her to lay down on her back. To have better postion when she is looking at the sky. This beautiful sky.

Castiel observes her all this time. His dark blue eyes notice every her move. Her hands resting on her stomach, her brown curls falling on her shoulders or her bitting her bottom lip. His eyes travel from one her movements to another. And when she points her finger at him, he knows exactly what to do. She makes some room for him that Castiel could lay next to her. Arm next to arm. Hand next to hand. Eyes fixed on each other.

“You know what, Clarence?” Meg breaks the silence and takes her eyes from his to look up. Angel is still looking at her trying to figure out what she’s gonna say next, which won’t be an easy task because he can’t see her deep eyes.

“What?” Castiel asks in low voice.

“When I was a little girl, before all this” she points at her body ”and my parents were arguing with each other at night, I was going out to the wood and lie on the wet grass to look in the nights sky. I don’t know why but I liked to see this black linen full of grey points far, far away from me.” She smiles with this sad smile, Castiel could tell. “I think it calmed me a little.”

But then, she turns her head to his side and looks at his curious face “For years I thought that” Meg points at the sky “that’s how sky looks like. That it’s always black or grey with white clouds or stars on it” She takes heavy breath and smiles again at him.

Castiel can’t takes his eyes from her. It’s one of this rare moments when he can see her, her behind her facade, her true self, her sad and hurted soul hidden behind her shield. In this moments he feels deeper conection between them. And this makes letting her go more impossible with every moment.

“But then I met you and everything changed. All my world changed” She has tears in her eyes and big sad and in the same time happy smile. She takes his hand in her and says “After you left, I went out on night and I knew that I will see black night sky, then I saw this” she points up with her other hand “ and I couldn’t believe in what I saw. All these colors… black, blue, purple… stars shinning blue with a little pink in it”

Castiel knew what she felt there. He knew because he experienced the same. But he hasn’t had time then. He had mission to complete. And no time to understand what had happend. 

“It was magic, Clarence” Meg says and squeeze his hand.


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Please, please watch this. Seriously. AVPM is the best thing you will ever see. Even if you don’t like the first part, I didn’t to start with but now it is quite possibly my favouritest thing like ever, and I am totally obbsessed. Be careful you don’t turn out like me :3Starkid







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