Opening Eyes - Castiel/Misha Imagine

Summary: Sam Dean and the reader are transported back to the world where they are all actors. There are a few surprises along the way.

Requested By: @jayde0602

Coughing you turned over as water spluttered from your lungs. ‘Alright Y/n, you’re alright’ You felt someone pat your back. You groaned and sat up slowly. Sam was before you holding his head groaning. Dean was on his hands and knees coughing and spluttering. You bolted over to him. ‘Woah there bud’ You smacked his back. He grunted. You heard Sam curse behind you. ‘Jensen, you okay?’ You looked up at the man kneeling at Dean’s head who was patting his back.

He had a headset on him. You glanced around. Men and women stood around the three of you. There was cameras and computers and cars behind them. A tent stood on the far side of the clearing you had been in before you had passed out. You all were on the edge of the bank of the lake you had jumped in to avoid the stupid Angel battle. Angel battle, Cas. where was Cas. He had disappeared into the crowd after shouting at you and Winchesters to jump. Your head snapped around looking for him. 'Crap’ Dean grunted. 'Not again’ You felt hands on you and you jumped. Sam dragged you to your feet and then you both reached down to help Dean up. 'Not again?’ You muttered as someone wrapped a large grey blanket around you.

Dean grunted shrugging away from the one being draped around his. You shot him a glare and he sighed allowing the smaller man to do the same to him. 'The weird universe where we’re actors’ He grumbled hugging the blanket tighter to him. 'Are you three okay?’ A short plump man rushed forwards checking you and the boys over. 'We’ve radioed the paramedics, they’re on their way’ You wondered why you would need them, but then remembered that you were probably just actors and things like this were a big deal.

You allowed a smile to grace your face. 'We are fine’ You assured him. 'Although I think in need of a lie down, or a tea break’ The man waved you off. 'Of course, take the rest of the day off and however long you guys need to recover’ He gestured a boy over to you. 'Bob, get them to the tent and some tea and chocolate, chocolates good for shock’ The kid nodded and stuttered out for you three to follow him.

You did. Dean wrapped his arm around your shoulder and pulled you under his blanket with him when he noticed you shivering. 'You alright doll?’ He whispered as you leaned into him. You nodded. 'How will we get back?’ You looked up at him as you made your way out of the group of people. 'What about Cas? What if he needs us and we can’t help?’ Your hands gripped your blanket tighter.

Dean let out a laugh and Sam smirked. 'Course you worry about the Angel’ You felt your cheeks heat up. Typical Dean. His best friend was back home possible dead and he decided to tease you. It was no secret, to anyone, that you were head over heels for the angel. But Cas had always failed to notice. At first you had taken him as shy and oblivious when he ignore your advances. Now you had just stopped, given up on them. It was true he was oblivious but he was also an Angel. He had no interest in you, he had no interest in humans like that. He saw them as fascinating creations, no more. That didn’t stop you crushing on him though.

Everytime you seen Cas you fell for him that little more. It was the eyes. The eyes that just shone goodness. The bright blue that would settle on you and send shivers down your spine. The full lips that just begged to be kissed, that he would part when he was confused. The lost look he would get when he didn’t understand something, oh you just wanted to take him in your arms and run your hands through those dark brown locks.

But what really made you fall for him was just him. How he was always there, how much he cared about humanity. How he had willingly gone against Heaven to help Sam and Dean. He was kind and selfless and good. He was pure and one of the best people you had ever met.

You glared up at Dean and he just smirked. 'Y/n’ You heard your name being shouted and you looked away from Dean. Your breath caught in your throat when your eyes fell on him.


He was running towards you. The trench coat flapping behind him. His hair was messed up. His eyes wide and a panicked look on his face as he sped towards you. 'Cas’ You breathed out. You slipped from under Dean he was saying something but you ignored him as you began to walk forwards faster than the others. Dean tried to grab you saying something but you were only focused on the Angel who looked pale and worried.

As soon as you were in reaching distance Cas reached out and took you in his arms. Your eyebrows furrowed as he pulled you into his chest. Tensing as he buried his face in your wet hair. 'I heard what happened. Are you okay? You’re not hurt? Oh I’m so glad you’re okay baby’ You slowly reached around and wrapped you arms around him too. Since when did Castiel hug you? And call you baby? And be this open about affection.

He pulled away slightly. His hands came up wiping your hair from your face. 'You are right? I don’t need to bring you to hospital? The medics have given you the okay?’ He leaned down his eyes searching yous. His hand on your cheek his thumb rubbing against your cold skin. You instinctively leaned into it likig the warmth of his skin against yours. 'You’re freezing’ He commented. 'But I’m okay, I’m not hurt. I’m just a little cold’ You reassured him.

You seen the tension leave his shoulder and the worry disappeared from his face replaced by relief. 'Thank God’ He breathed. 'I don’t know what I’d do if anything happened to you’ He smiled and then leaned down. Your eyes widened as he pressed his lips against yours. You tensed in his arms before sighing and leaning into him. He pulled away from the long peck and leaned his forehead against yours. His lips were as soft as they look. And set your body alive before. You gulped as he hugged you tighter. 'Cas’ You breathed.

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One Anon here thats asks for the Catsiel NSFW headcanons. Just give it a try. :3 You can do this ♥

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I’m just overwhelmed ?? I know I can do this, I’ve done this times before, but this time it’s different. I’m always by myself man and I’m kinda tearing up writing this, I just wanna rest and do this all and get back on track.

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