Fandom Halloween

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So, one of my friends is a part of a pagan community on tumblr in which you send “Trick or Treat!” to people’s askboxes and the blog can choose to give a trick or a treat!  I was thinking that this could be great for fandoms to do until November 2nd.


Gifs of cats

Gifs of skeletons

Rick Rolling

a silly drawing

a silly writing piece



Quickie fan art

Head canons

Short drabbles or writing snippets

Graphic edits (if you feel like it)

Whatever fandom goodness you want!


Don’t spam blogs trying to get stuff - that’s rude.

For the gifs, don’t do any jumpscares or anything sexual, that could trigger some people and not everyone has xkit.

Don’t be a jerk.

Don’t specifically request something, that will be up to the blog on what they want to do (unless you are stating you implicitly don’t want NSFW or something)

Reblog this to let your followers know you are participating!

Seriously, don’t be a jerk.

Tag your stuff with #fandom halloween!  So others can check out what you’ve done~~


This Woman Is The Ultimate Cat Lady

Lynea Lattanzio isn’t cramming a bunch of cats under her care into your average home. She runs The Cat House on the Kings, a sprawling sanctuary in Parlier, California. She’s currently in charge of 1,000 plus furry friends, including over 300 kittens.

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