Sometimes I just sit down and remember the time I made catsforwalsh on my grandparent’s computer. I was asking iamdarkandtwisty for advice on the url and asked j0wilson if I could use one of her icons. I was just so excited about it all and I could only hope that one day Kate was actually gonna follow it. And after endless teasing of ramirezsara (who was helping me out with the queueing) it actually happened. And she liked our posts and reblogged them. And wished us a Happy Meow Monday and said she love love loooooved the blog. And after a while I just got used to her reblogging posts from catsforwalsh until I sit down at times like these and remember the joy I had from creating the blog and hoping that one day my idol would follow. It just seems unreal that Kate Walsh, the actress who plays my favorite character on TV, who is super famous and who I love so very much I occasionally cry over it, would follow that cat blog that I created for her in that little room on my grandparent’s computer. I am forever grateful.