and i do believe it’s true

the nanny au continues! 
– Skye. Is. Thirsty.  Grant is the most perfect person in the whole world, and she’s really trying to work out the qualms she has with bedding and wedding the nanny.  There’s only one clear situation: she has to get a dog.

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Chrysoberyl aka Catseye

I finally drew my second gemsona. Catseye is one of Yellow Diamond’s technicians. Obviously is a Homeworld gem. Her gem is located where her left eye would be. 

The gem itself is used to help intellect and wisdom and its connotation with a cat, meaning crafty and sly. She’s smart and serious.

She hardly ever fights, her skills are in the control room. But if need be, her weapon is similiar to a katana. It has additional blades near the hilt that can detatch to really fuck shit up.

Also, she is a tech and a nerd. I hate that catseye is mostly earthy tones. She looks like a mage Dx

Anyway, hope you guys like her. Again, like all gems, she is genderless. I only use she because the show does.

I also tried again to copy Steven Universe art style.

She’s open to rps! 

anonymous asked:

I happened to come across the anon asking about Ward about being Hellfire, I have to say that I like the idea of it! In fact I really want it to happen! I think it would be an intresting think to explore in season three, like how Ward would actually become Hellfire ect plus I think it would led to more depth into the character and maybe this leads to us seeing him more on screen, as lets face it season two was good but it was such a shame that as one of the original characters we hardly saw him.

Dear nonnie,

You sent me this a really long time ago and I am super sorry that I’ve been so tardy about answering. Life kind of got in the way.

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