After 5 ½ hours, climbing under my house repeatedly, pulling open vents and the heater and all sorts of fun, got this little guy out of my insulation and heat ducts. I’d guess he’s about 2 months old, very scrawny under that fluff, very nervous ( most likely a stray ) but very happy so long as he’s on me.  Hoping my roomies let me keep him.  If anyone can help me with sudden vet check for him, please tumblr msg me!

Also can people help spread the word? @mostlycatsmostly @catscatscatss @catsncats


Another compilation of short videos I took of Jake. 

Honestly, I never know how many videos I’ve taken until I make a compilation. Always makes me feel a bit obsessed lol!

catscatscatss  asked:

the other day my mom's super conservative friend (who i hate) took a look at my blog and saw your url on post i've reblogged and called my mom and complained that "the f word is on your daughters blog!!!!" lol i thought it was so funny. thanks for having your url i guess! (:

Ahh oh no!  This is the first time I’ve heard of someone getting “in trouble” because of the blog name lol.  Sounds like your mom didn’t mind too much, though.