The SM Character’s First Pets

James: Dog

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Erik: Cat

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Sam: Dog

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Matthew: Simon Tabby Hamster

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Damien: Hedgehog

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Diana: Cat

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Naomi: Bird

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Suzu: Ferret

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Andrew: Dog

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Gadreel Headcanons -

  • Gad reads a lot whenever he visits the bunker; he has a habit of borrowing Sam’s books and forgetting to replace them, for which he feels guilty about later despite Sam not minding
  • Gad and Cas like to go on walks where they don’t really talk but just enjoy sunshine and what their father created; Gad missed earth a lot
  • Gad never closes doors and rarely strays from open places with escape routes
  • Whenever Cas, Sam and Dean share a joke, Gad is usually just super confused; Dean often assures him if Cas can have learned punchlines and witty banter, Gad’ll definitely get it eventually
  • Gad has a habit of letting people verbally tear him down; Sam, Cas and Dean all defend him
  • Gad and Cas trying to work out the friggin’ toaster and Dean using that to scare the hecky out of them both
  • Gad absolutely hates elevators - he always takes the stairs or escalators
  • Dean takes Gad food shopping and explains the importance of pie
  • When Sam goes shopping with Gad, they accidently end up with two pies; Dean couldn’t be happier
  • Gad has thrown himself in front of a bus/train/car to save a human; once he saved a baby in a pram from rolling into the road
  • Gad is as fascinated with humanity as Cas is, they often frequent parks and cafes to people watch
  • Sometimes Sam picks up a crossword puzzle or a sudoku he’s already started only to see it’s already done. He just smiles to himself and murmurs, “thanks, Gad” sarcastically (but always good-naturedly)
  • Gadreel remembers The Mission, always
  • He always calls Cas brother and eventually Cas does the same for him
  • Gadreel loves to garden; when he sees the kinds of things Sam eats, he digs a little patch of earth behind the bunker; the vegetables and herbs are amazing - Dean actually eats the homegrown strawberries
  • On spring days there is always a vase of fresh wildflowers on the table in the bunker library and nobody - not even Dean - comments on it
  • Gadreel doesn’t like being alone, so he slinks around the bunker like a cat who wants your company (but doesn’t want you to know just how much); if the Bunker is empty, he frequents libraries, parks and quiet cafes
  • Gadreel’s bitchface is the only one that actually shuts Dean up
  • After it figures out the times of day Gad is tending the vege patch, a stray kitten turns up; they become friends
  • A waiter in one of the cafe’s Gad frequents flirts with him and gives him free coffees - it all goes totally over his head
  • Cas and Gad training shirtless with carved angel blades; getting a bit too feisty one time and just healing themselves after
  • Sam and Gad jogging together on free evenings
  • Dean and Gad practicing hand-to-hand combat, both learning new moves from each other
  • Cas also getting friendly with Gad’s garden cat
  • Sam and Dean referring to him as “Gad” which for the first time makes Gadreel happy because it’s the equivalent of the boys calling Castiel “Cas”
  • Gad and Sam working out the Bunker’s telescope
  • Gad having a list of books he wants to read and using it religiously as a bookmark; Sam finding said list and sneaking a few into his collection so Gad will find them
  • Him having conversations with Cas about what’s changed in Heaven 
  • Gad always thoughtful enough to leave a glass of warm milk in the kitchen for Sam before the hunter goes to bed each night
  • Gad having his own guest room in the bunker but preferring to spend nights stargazing with his garden kitten
  • Gad realizing it wasn’t truly Heaven he missed - but having a family