How to Make GIFs from YouTube Videos. I made these GIFs when I first started this blog from the YouTube video “Cats with Thumbs”. The easiest free program I found for making GIFs from YouTube videos is (only drawback the watermark). I’ve mentioned that I also use and (which I prefer) for making GIFs from photos. For 3 pages of generators of all kinds that I’ve posted go here:

Shy humans can go on the Internet… but what do shy kitties do? Cubby was betrayed by her former humans, and is mourning and hiding… so she doesn’t show well when adopters meet her. Her foster dad says she’s a loving cat, though… when she gets to know you and trust you!

Can you help Cubby regain her faith in the human race? She’s in Minnesota, and she’s counting on you!

If you can help her get a happy ending, just call 651-982-0240 to set up a meeting. Operators with opposable thumbs are standing by!