So @xxtorchxx attacked me with this gorgeousness. Casually asked if I might have a little story to go with it. And I do. But go look at it again. Another moment. Beautiful, right?

Now, if we’re all sitting comfortably, there’s the story to go along with:

“Kara, look at me.”

“I should have been faster, I could have gone back one more time if I’d really pushed-”

“Hey, hey…” Cat tilts her chin, touch as gentle as though Kara were made of porcelain and not the Girl of Steel. “Listen to me. You did everything you could. More than anyone else could ever have done, and that includes your cousin.”

“He would have risked it,” Kara insists. “He’s always putting himself in danger.”

Cat strokes her thumb along Kara’s jaw. She’s never touched the girl like this before - with the exception of that lingering hug that Cat still dreams about - but Kara hasn’t even flinched. If anything, she’s leaning into the touch, seeking it out. With her other hand, Cat squeezes Kara’s strong forearm, the muscles beneath it still flexing intermittently, little jumps beneath Cat’s fingers.

“Him being here has undermined your confidence,” Cat deduces. “You know I can’t allow that.”

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