My take on ‘Maneki Neko’ - Japanese lucky cats. (Available as stickers here!)

I’ve loved these funny little cat statues since I was little and own about a dozen of them. Their different colors represent different kinds of fortune - for example, pink lucky cats bring love and good relationships, while gold lucky cats are all about the cash money. The symbols on their coins say “ten million ryo” aka “a ridiculous amount of money”.


eu nao sei se vcs gostam de pack assim mas eu to morreno de amo e se quiserem mais desse tipo eh so clicar aqui :*

Ho  Fosho (AKA make some extra cash)
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Even the brokest among us have a dollar. There are endless possibilities when it comes to using that dollar for fun, for fuel, or just to be f***ing stupid! Personally, I would make it rain 100 pennies on Mittens! ^See Mittens being a ho above

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