Really??? (BTS Reaction)

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“Babe, babe, babe” Jin kept calling out to you as you ignored him. You were playing with your adorable kitty that he got you for your birthday. “(Y/n)??? Hello?” He repeated himself. “Im busy” is all you told him. He looked away offended and went back to making dinner which you had no input in what you were having since you were ignoring him for your kitty.


“Really?” Suga muttered. He had come home after a day of hard work expecting you to be in bed on your phone ready for cuddles like you usually would be. Instead he came home to his see you, his girlfriend snuggled up in bed asleep with your cat. He walked around to his side of the bed to see if there was any room for him but saw your cat spread out comfortably on his side.”Hell no” He quietly said picking the cat up and placing it down to the end so he could cuddle his special girl.


Today was a day off for J-Hope and he had no intentions but to spend it with you. You loved him dearly but the kitty he got you for Christmas was to adorable to ignore which gave you the bad habit to ignore everything but the cat. You were watching a movie in bed while cuddling with him until you heard your kitty at the foot of the bed trying to get to you. You picked it up and started playing with it. J-Hope heard you giggling and looked at you with your kitty. “Babe?” he whined. You ignored him and he just gave the kitty little glares.

Namjoon/Rap Monster:

It was that time of the month. You were in a bad mood and you just didn’t wanna talk or do anything with anyone. “(Y/N) why are you still in bed?” Namjoon asked as he walked into your bedroom. “Why are you even here?” You remarked. “Period?” He asked. “Shut up” You snorted back. Just then your cat climbed on to your bed and your attention that Namjoon wanted was given freely to the cat. “Oh I see how it is” He dropped his jaw. “Bring me comfort food and a movie and I’ll acknowledge you” You said giving full eye contact to you cat that you were playing with.


“Jiminniiiiieeeee” You whined playfully as you both snuggled and cuddled. His fore arms were wrapped around your waist underneath your over sized jumper and his hands resting on your tummy. He dug his face in you neck and the feeling of his nose brushing along your neck tickled. You saw a little bump shuffle its way under the blankets to the top of the bed. It was your adorable kitty and you started to give your attention to it. Jimin noticed your whining quietened and saw you giving your kitty love and giggles that he wanted to cause. “Babbbbyyyyyy” he pouted and started to whine for your attention.


“(Y/N)!!!!” V called out through your apartment. “In the living room” you called back. He made his way to the living room to see you watching both your favorite show. “Ooh what’s happened so far?” He asked referring to what he missed. He plopped down next to you after giving you a quick peck. His arm was rested behind you and he expected you to lean into him like you usually do. You explained what he missed while picking your cat up from the floor and placing it in your lap. You started to play with it loosing track of what you were saying until you stopped talking and placed your attention to the cat. “Oh gosh, not again” (gif above)


You had been playing with your kitty for a good hour and you didn’t think about stopping. Jungkook had gone to your house to see you and hang out after his practice. “Hey babe” he greeted. “Hey” you said still playing with your cat. “I’m just gonna have a shower” He said trying to get you to acknowledge him. “Okay” was all you said and then he left to have one. After his shower he saw you still playing with the little animal and sighed. He sat down looking at you and bit his lip keeping his thoughts to him self. “I regret giving her that cat” He thought.

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wiserosespirit asked:

Hey Aixilia!^^ I am like searching for those translations of the Tokuten drama cd where all 12 characters (I don't count Kino 'cause I still don't trust him xD) are in together. (I think it was... the Dark Fate Tokuten) Do you know where to find them? And also don't you think they should make an OVA from that alice in wonderland-design? I bet it would be hilairious! ALSO KEEP UP THAT AWSOME OF YOURS! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE AUDIOS AND TRANSLATIONS!!!

hello there~ I’ll check for it once I can, hun~ And YES! you just read my mind~ ^w^ I wish to see a funny OVA like that one with the DL boys~ Actually, I’m preparing Kanato’s Cheshire cat version for cosplay~ I have the cat ears done already (they look great more than I thought it would look~) Now I need the tail and Teddy’s kitty ears hat~ ^^ I hope to finish soon to show it to all of you~

Aaaww~~~!! thank you very much~~!! :D I will~ ^^ And your very welcome, hun~ enjoy~ ;)

hello darkness my old friend this is so long what am i doing with my life

kitty kuroo is an asshole that always puts his toe beans in your face. most of the time it’s on your forehead like he’s blessing you and when you look at him, you swear he has a smug kitty grin on his face

kitty kenma sleeps all day, drinks too much milk, and only pays attention to you when you’re messing on your electronics. you bet your sweet ass that he’s the cat that steps all over your keyboard, paws at your phone while you’re using it, and swats at the tv when you’re playing video games

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hello, @notyourexrotic! here is what your reading looks like.

freedom, romance, greed, and adventure sit together in their kitty version of a castle- the cat metropolis. together, they represent everything people see in youth, everything that contributes to what people consider ‘hopeless optimism’. i know the feeling you have- an entire lack of optimism. and i know how hard it is to be optimistic in the face of rejection. in this case- it’s going to pay to be optimistic, however much you can manage, even if it’s just a little.

in this light, wealth rests happily in the background, waiting for their chance to step into your life. like pentacles in a tarot deck, wealth doesn’t necessarily mean material wealth or anything amazing by monetary standards, though it can. you’ll get a reward because you worked so hard, though it might be further down the line than you want it to be.

i hope this is helpful!

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A snorting laugh escapes her, looking at the sight before her. “Hey there, girlie. Seems you got yourself a friend following ya’.” Sunny moves forward, scooping the cat up in her arms. It doesn’t protest, even seems content. The kitty’s eyes, however, don’t look away from the smaller girl it had been trailing. “He yours perhaps? Or are you just carrying catnip.