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Cute 💦💦💦💦 my kitties 🐈🐾(1)
Do you like cats? I have three cat friends, should I introduce them? (2)
His name is Morae! The first cat! He’s very kind and jealous! But if he eats he only gains weight on his belly! (3)
Hello🐾 (4)
The second’s name is Dooli! He has a manly personality. This trouble maker is very very handsome!!!! (5)
Youngest, Bleenie! He looks like a goblin, thus Bleen! 🌀 Since he’s a still baby he only sleeps everyday. It’s hard to see him with his eyes open ㅠ Bleenie alone✨✨✨✨ (6)

Helloooooo again! ;)

Hello again! This is my…..3rd Ad? Yup 3rd! I actually have several lovely penpals! But like Hello Kitty says, “You can never have too many friends!”

Okay intro time!

My name is Dee. I will be turning 22 soon.

I live in Colorado, USA

What I like~ Stationary,  stickers, Hello Kitty, Youtube, Lets Plays, Handheld video games. I like glitter and cute crafts, I like the smell of tea and coffee. I love dogs and cat. I like plants! I like glow in the dark stickers and stuff. I like walks at night’s and looking at the starts. I love fireworks and campfires. I like to talk about nothing and everything. I want to see everything. Learning about things. Random facts. Fashion. Pictures.

What I dislike~ Work. Crickets. Hateful people. 

My dream~ To travel the world and experience it. To learn all types of languages.

I’m looking for penpals from all over the world around my age. If I can’t see the world with my own two eyes, yet? I want to at lease hear about it. And there is only so much info you can get from books. i want to know the people as much as I want to see the place.

I’m looking for someone who will write back. Who will write long letters about what ever is on their mind. It can be a long rant about their cat or how they are doing in school. It can be simple things that are troubling them and they need to get out of their system. 

Or it can be about a cute dog they saw, or a new plant they bought. It doesn’t have to be formal, I want conversations like if we are stuck in a library and we cannot speak and our only way of communication is notebook paper that we pass around.  And the topic changes, and we doodle about. 

Wow this ended up being long.

If interested contact me:
Destin.hp @


I thoroughly enjoyed my birthday on Saturday! Some really good friends of mine and I all went to the beach for a few hours and then after we went to the lovely cafe called Songbird Cafe. It was so sweet and had some really great food. The breakfast plates that some of my friends got looked amazing! I had the pasta and it had shrimp and broccoli in it! YUM! My friends were so sweet they surprised me with some gifts too! I wasn’t expecting that actually as I just wanted them to all come and celebrate with me and that was gift enough.

Some of what I received was: A hello Kitty tote bag with rope handles featured above (which I can’t wait to use for my upcoming bible study class), Hello Kitty stickers, and My Melody SARASA gel pens. Another gift included A lovely monthly planner for 2016, gold glittery washi tape, cat clips for stationary, a book binder bow (it kinda of looks like a bow tie to hold the place of a book like an elastic band) and a lovely hand made map of Okinawa with a wooden board, nails as the outline and purple string (my favorite color). And the other was filled with rose smelling things such as a scent diffuser, a pack of 30 rose scented face masks, and some cute hair clips and bobby pins. ^_^ The last thing was a friend made home made shiquasa (Okinawa lime) and cheesecake cupcakes to share with everyone! 

I am so blessed to have such lovely friends! It was a great way to turn 26! I have already started using many of the items already and that includes the washi tape and the stickers in my filofax! Gosh I sure do love stationary and office supplies. 

Other than that life has been going well! The husband and I are going this Labor Day weekend on a vacation to climb Mt. Fuji. We can’t wait! It’s been a life goal of mine and family tradition as my grandparents (fathers parents), aunt (fathers sister), and my parents have all climbed it before. That’s kind of the only other exciting thing to report about this week/weekend. I have been working on getting some friends birthday presents together to send out to them. I love shopping for gifts for other people, I’m good at it. :] I reached lvl 29 on my Lancer in Final Fantasy XIV! I have my chocobo now and it has made a difference in how long it takes to get to places. If you want to play with me or add me please do! I love meeting new people in game that way! I play on the Cactuar server and my name is Calinue Garden. ^_^ 

Well I hope you all are having a LOVELY weekend and week! Bye for now! 

There are scene freshmen in my school, the kind that go all out and dress in like lolita fashion and wear hello kitty hair bows and cat stockings (the stockings are p cute) and the all have black or purple hair and I’m like pls
You do you but youre most likely gonna look back on this and you’ll be embarrassed
If I knew what I know now, my scene phase would have never happened and I hope you don’t look back on this period of your life with shame and embarrassment