Here’s your regularly scheduled reminder that cats are awesome. A couple weeks ago we shared photos of cats throughout Thailand who’ve made homes out of Spirit Houses. Today we travel to Japan to pay a visit to some sage and serene kitties who’ve claimed a variety of Shinto shrines as their personal domain. People have been known to speculate that cats can see ghosts and other supernatural phenomena. All of these photos are beginning to make us wonder if there might be something to that idea after all.

Head over to RocketNews24 for even more photos of cats keeping the spirits company.

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These miniature temples are called Spirit Houses and they’re found throughout the Southeast Asian countries of Burma, Cambodia, Laos and Thailand. They’re placed in auspicious locations, often on the corner of a property, to provide shelter for protective spirits that might cause trouble for local people if they aren’t properly appeased. However RocketNews24 recently assembled this collection of photos because they reveal more than the beautiful variety of spirit house designs. Each of these houses has a furry feline occupant, clearly part of the material world, who either see these small shrines as cozy kitty condos or they’re in cahoots with the unseen spirits that inhabit them. Either way we think these photos provide further proof that cats are awesome.

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Fireman rescuing a little kitten

cause everyone needs this in their life


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