how embarrassing was YOUR warrior cats phase

add up ur points at the end and lets see how embarrassing ur wc phase was

creating a warrior cats oc: 1 point

creating an entire warrior cats oc clan, down to the clan name and filling up every position: 2 points

drawing ur warriors oc w/ bangs: 2 points

drawing a canon warriors character with bangs: 2 points (BONUS: add 2 points if u drew any canon character with bloodshot eyes/red marks under their eyes)

buying the warriors books and creating a collection: 2 points

stealing warriors books from the library or ur school: 3 points

roleplaying warrior cats online: 2 points

roleplaying warrior cats irl: 4 points (BONUS: add 3 points if irl warrior cats roleplay got so intense/violent that it resulted in the injury of urself or anyone else playing)

roleplaying warrior cats irl so much it got warriors banned at ur school: 10 points

making a youtube playlist entirely out of 2008 warrior cat amvs: 4 points

creating those couple amv slideshows to every time we touch, hot & cold, or bad boy: 3 points (BONUS: add 2 points if you created more than one, add 4 points if u made one of these slideshows and didnt credit any artists u put in them)

gave your cat an actual warrior name: 3 points

gave your cat a whole, entire, real warrior ceremony: 6 points

having an actual, true otp for warriors: 2 points

instead of having ur wc otp be actual cats, u drew them as anthros: 6 points

writing warrior cats fanfiction: 2 points

writing warriors smut: 20 points

actually shipping ashfur/scourge: 5 points

stanning for ashfur: 3 points

getting into warriors discourse either online or irl, including but not limited to: discourse about what clan is better, discourse about what pairings are the best, discourse about whether squirrelflight or ashfur was right, discourse about coat colors/eye colors: 7 points

if u ever announced ur love for a warrior cat, anywhere, either online or irl: 10 points (BONUS: add another 3 points just bc ur a fucking furry)


1-7 POINTS: ur wc phase was boring, u probably are scared to admit u have done more of these

8-14 POINTS: u probably grew out of wc/dont talk about it as much, but when u were into it u know u were kinda embarrassing and prefer to just ignore it

15-20 POINTS: ur still into wc and ur honestly hardly embarrassed about it anymore u’ve accepted this

21+: holy shit.

quintessential 2009 neoboards roleplay warrior cats ocs
  • larkpelt the lore-abiding. brown tabby she-cat of average size with white tufts on her chest and paws. a competent but not-too-competent warrior, loyal to her clan, suspicious of outsiders. incredibly average, almost to the point of blandness, except her intro blurb is like 8 posts long and incredibly detailed 
  • at least 4 (four) absurdly precocious kits, psychic powers optional
  • worlds sexiest and most melodramatic medicine cat. having deeply forbidden, totally clandestine, yet universally known-of affairs with everyone, including starclan
  • hawkfrost
  • not a character, but in fact a random interloper with a size 1 verdana neofont popping onto the thread to angrily remind everyone that violet eyed cats unrealistic, toms cant be tortoiseshell, and warrior cats dont know what the word ‘soul’ means in OOC
  • gruff older cat who’s really taking full advantage of the fact that “foxdung” is basically the warrior cats equivalent of “fuck” 
  • Serpentstar, the Clan Leader With Regrets™
  • bored teenager trying to see if they can roleplay a transparently gay warrior cat without a) getting banned by theneopetsteam or b) attracting the attention of the aforementioned interloper, who will proceed to start a very circuitously worded argument about whether or not warrior cats can be gay. warriorswish will be cited angrily, ravenpaw will become the main point of evidence, official warnings will be handed out 
  • sasuke, but a cat 
  • enigmatic, uber-violent rogue with a silly name and probably at least one portentous blood-red markings somewhere on his body. over the course of the thread it will be revealed that he used to be a warrior in the clan but he betrayed everyone for mysterious but tragic reasons. hes literally reaper, from overwatch (2016, blizzard entertainment) except its 2009, and we’re on, and he is a cat
  • cat who was once abducted by twolegs and cruelly experimented on/biologically augmented to have a cybernetic skeleton, venomous teeth, and ninja abilities, instead of just, i dont know, neutered and released. its universally understood that if there are humans interested in spending hours of their time pretending to be feral cats who have an established religion and form of government, there would probably be humans interested in creating dubiously ethical cyborg cats
  • a dragon/wolf/fox, but a cat
  • frustrated 11 year old girl venting her feelings of alienation and social helplessness through a character who’s very dainty, very eccentric, and very much a river tam/ophelia/etc. pastiche in warrior cat form. almost certainly psychic. one day the roleplayer will look back on this stage of her life with a mix of embarrassment and fond understanding 
  • sephiroth, but a cat

The Typical Warrior Cat Kit, ready to kill you one hit, no miss.

The Typical Kit is usually seen parading around Fluorite Plains, following a clan, leading them unknowingly straight into hours upon hours of focusing solely on it. It acts as a parasite, feeding on whoever it is assigned to, and anyone who happens to accidentally interact with it. Stopping interaction with it will cause a sudden very loud pity party, because it is now being ignored (for five seconds). If the spotlight leaves them for a moment, they will seek out ways to bring it back– Usually by drowning itself, getting lost, getting suddenly attacked by some unseen force, or even better– Finding another clan to drag over to attack yours, as it’s been “suddenly kidnapped”. Typical Kits usually have very telling names, making them rather easy to identify. I’m looking at you, “Deadkit”.

Hopefully the depiction of said parasite above will help you avoid falling into the Typical Warrior Kit’s trap!

Introducing the Wheel of Events! Except it’s not a wheel, it’s a form. This will give members the chance to plan and run their own events!

For the past couple of weeks we have been working towards this new system in choosing events so that it is more fair. Instead of having to speak directly to a mod, you will fill out a form. We will talk to members to perfect their events and then when it’s time to spice things up in rp we’ll choose one and let that member go nuts. 

Your event can be pretty much anything! A small prophecy surrounding your cat, a wildfire, or even just a bunch of fireflies lighting up camp. Note that giant events will probably be few and far between so you may have to wait a bit for yours to be chosen if you submit a big one. They will also need the most tweaking. We can’t have three apocalypses back to back after all. You can submit as many as you want but we’ll try to spread things out so nobody monopolizes things. 

This is still a new system so we can’t be sure how well it will work out but we are extremely hopeful. The link will be shared in the Skype chats and put in the charts as this is for members only and we cannot allow the form to become public. Have fun planning!

My favourite story of the week:

Started a new Pathfinder campaign with my friends. In this game, there’s a custom race of lion-people who are magical and pretty cool. So of course I had to be one. I chose for my character to have melanism, which is of course pretty rare, and she’s also much smaller than most others of her race, making her look to be around ten or so years old (DM wouldn’t let me pleay a five year old, soooo)

As we’re playing, we manage to skip along much of our introductions. About halfway through the game, another player’s character asks mine what her name is.

“I’m Soapy!” She proudly declares.

The other player put his head in his hands, and stayed like that for about five minutes.

“…you’re roleplaying YOUR CAT?!”

and that’s the story of how I’m a huge disappointment to everyone in the tabletop gaming community.

anonymous asked:

So you say that finding the galra hot makes you a furry but MAKING A WHOLE FUCKING AU ABOUT CATS AND SPENDIND THEN GOD DAMN DOLLARS IN MATCHING FURRY ICONS DOESNT ?? Kajdkdjdkfjf

It’s 12:05am and I’m about to seriously make a case as for why I’m not a furry. I… hate my life.

The furry fandom, as defined by Wikipedia, is a subculture phenomenon where people are interested in anthropomorphic animals and identify with them to some extent. For the purpose of my argument, I’m going to simplify the many definitions of a furry to three basic checkpoints: furries create original content, construct fursuits, and self-roleplay as their chosen species.

Summer and I have created a Warrior Cats au, which depicts the Voltron characters as cats. The characters still retain their original personalities, they’re just… now in cat form. Before you can say that’s anthropomorphism- it’s not. Summer and I didn’t take regular cats and human them up. We did the opposite. By taking human characters and redesigning them as cats, we created an au that’s an example of zoomorphism.

Second, we don’t have fursuits. A case can be made for our icons, but ultimately it doesn’t bear that much weight. My icon is a cat. It’s my favorite breed of cat (Siberian!), but it doesn’t really look anything like me. You can check my selfie tag for that. This cat is not anthropomorphized. In the end, it’s just a cat, albeit a very cute one thanks to Summer’s art style. It’s not assigned any human traits. It doesn’t have human hair, or glasses, or facial structure like a human, or anything else. It’s… a cat. And yeah I paid for it, because I’m not going to ask my friend to make me art for free.

Third, Summer and I don’t identify as cats. We don’t roleplay as cats. This au is separate from our lives. We created it for and within the established Voltron universe, barring the joke inclusion of Kevin Kogun. There was no ulterior motive in the creation of this au other than we both read Warriors and wanted to ruin someone’s day. There have been no self-inserts, nor am I planning on including any. Once again, our personal lives are separate from the au. We do of course make ‘owo what’s this?’ jokes in our tags (not necessarily in posts about the au), but that’s literally a widespread meme so it’s inconclusive proof. We don’t have catsonas. We do have Galrasonas, but those are literally just memes shaped into characters and entirely a joke, so the evidence again doesn’t hold weight.

TLDR: We’re not furries, can you guys please stop spamming my inbox.

The Hidden Societies

Now in a new home, will they be able to prevent history from repeating itself? Or will the clans be doomed to fall from the very start?

Many generations have passed since Firestar was leader of Thunderclan; a long time since the great journey, and long after the great battle between the living and the dead. Those times have been long forgotten, and times have changed; and history has not been kind.

Thunderclan was destroyed; the clan self-destructed after a plague of disease and infighting tore it apart. Next Riverclan disbanded; no longer able to sustain themselves on poisoned fish; they were forced to disband and join either two of the remain clans. Prey fled as twolegs hunted deer, their camping and boating leading them to leave trash; plastic and poisonous oils being dumped and left behind.

Starclan couldn’t offer any help; no prophecy, no heroes, no one to save the day. Even the warrior code couldn’t offer much stability. The remaining clans had no choice; in order to prevent disbanding, they had to follow in the pawsteps of their long forgotten ancestors and make a journey to a new territory once again.

THS is a warrior cats roleplay, where the plot is driven by the roleplayers.

What does this mean? It means that, in short, this roleplay takes the model of the butterfly effect; where a small action will have huge consequences. Your actions will ultimately affect the plot, and the destiny of this roleplay. Your actions can change the outcome of plots, change the world around the characters, and ultimately even change the clans themselves. So with that in mind; what will you do? Will your actions save the clans? Or destroy them?

Tribe of Rolling Stones is now open!!

You read right, the Tribe of Rolling Stones is open for applicants! However this means that the Tribe of Bright Skies is CLOSED.
Fore those of you who do not wish to scroll down our blog for Rolling Stone’s info, I will give you a brief run-down about the Tribe.
-DARK PELTED CATS ONLY can’t stress this enough, many of the applicants we have gotten have ignored this. If your Stones cat is lightly colored, you will not get in.
Thick pelted cats as well, please! Stones live in a chilly cave where it gets very cold and sometimes windy, thin pelted cats will not do well.
-Just a note, Stones cats have a large build. Please don’t make your cat small and scrawny. Please.
-Also please check the Allegiances Post  before applying, we get many repeat names and it’s getting slightly annoying.
With all that read and kept in mind, please consider applying!