cats' village

🦌Beau and Fuchsia gijinka concept designs🦌


Yet another adorable custom villager, this time designed by @idol-crossing - this is their adorable kitty cat based on Shiina Noriko (take a look at the original design here if you haven’t already seen). I couldn’t quite get the center of the bow to look as donut-like as I had hoped, and it’s hard to capture all the little details in screenshots, but she is still cute as a button. Thanks again to @aiirmail for bringing her to my attention! ^.^


Sainte-Agnès by Rafael Wagner
Via Flickr:


A while ago, I drew some of my friends’ pets as animal crossing villagers.

Top down: Pan, Fritz, Steven, and The Child. 
Respective pets/best friends of: me(!), @maluck1557, @senorita–ugly, and @sodakick & @krudman :3

I learned after drawing these that Steven actually doesn’t like carrots much, so pretend that’s an apple slice.