relentlesslygayy  asked:

Just wanted to ask how trash bag is doing? Also does he have a new name now or na?

Trash Bag is sort of called Pancake now (short for Murder Pancake), but only when he’s good. When he is a bit naughty it’s straight back to Trash Bag. Trash Bag and Wonka mostly spend their day like this:

Wonka’s Diary: Another day of being relentlessly stalked by the miniature black demon. I know not from which layer of hell it spawned, only that it is a miniature version of myself composed entirely of shadows, with five times my speed and unnatural agility. It can even jump onto tables! The humans do nothing to restrain the demon despite my wailing.

I am as yet unable to discern its motives. It mimics my every action, it is always behind or around me. It steals my food and toys and it is too fast for me to stop. I cannot keep track of it, yet when my focus lapses and I fall into the sweet surrender of sleep, I awake to find the demon curled around me, cleaning my head or sniffing my butt.

This mystery may forever remain unsolved.

Trash Bag’s Diary: Got onto tall thing today! Discovered what beds are for today! Learned that small screams in kitchen equal food today!

Followed Big Cat. Big Cat knows best places, best food, has best toys. Even shares!

His tail is so fun! I wuv him and will follow him everywhere.