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Season 2 hc: Everyone grows attached to Yuuri in Russia and Victor has some Regrets ™

Or: my excuse to draw domestic Russian family + Yuuri


@cobaltmoony needed some fluffy Bucky and cat.

Well… there’s Bucky and cat..

He’d had so many names over the years (many years, far too many years). The Fist of Hydra. James. The American. The Asset. Jerk. The Winter Soldier.

Once, he had even been Bucky.

He still is, according to Steve. Steve who has lived too long, and has his own string of names trailing in his wake. Captain America. Steven Grant Rogers. Stevie. Star Spangled Man with a Plan. Punk.

Steve is still Steve, he may even be Stevie. He’s not Captain America anymore, not since the Winter Soldier appeared at his window, metals fingers pressed to the bullet wound in his stomach, scratching at the glass to be let in, like some kind of stray animal.

Steve, Stevie, still had no sense of preservation. He should have closed the blinds and left the thing that had tried to kill him months ago bleed out on the fire escape. But no, he wrenched open the window and dragged the assassin into his home (for fuck’s sake Stevie).

The Winter Soldier had bled all over the bedsheets, and as far as anyone was concerned died there, leaving a ghost.

The ghost of James Buchanan Barnes.

Steven Grant Rogers, Stevie, Dumb Punk, gave up his shield. He had picked it up to save Bucky once, and put it down to the same ends.

They didn’t so much live as warily co-exist in the apartment, on the corner of a street both familiar and strange. They had lived there before, Steve told him, but the building got torn down and they built a new one. Best thing for it, Bucky had said. The old one was a death trap. His mouth did that sometimes, opened up and words spilled out, unexpected and sweet and bitter. Like a head full of firecrackers, memories popping and snapping and if too many went off at once it made him flinch. Made him shiver and tuck himself into the smallest. darkest corner of the apartment, like a stray animal.

So Steve filled the refridgerator with the kind of things the ghost used to eat. Filled the shelves with books that the ghost used to read. The apartment was never silent, a radio in the kitchen, the volume turned low, played big band and swing and jazz, things the ghost used to dance to.

Steve was always so damn stubborn.

Baby steps, the therapist said. Small victories.

He’s killed presidents, and now he’s supposed to feel pride when he walks downstairs to get the mail. He’s brought down governments in a single night but barely manages three stops on the subway.

But it’s worth it, worth all of it and more to see the way Steve lights up when he comes back upstairs with the mail and announces the mission suffered zero casualties. When Steve’s hand wraps around his on the crowded subway and squeezes.

So he walks down to the corner store for milk when they run out, and eats at least once a day, and all the other little things that keep the furrow in Steve’s brow from running too deep.

And he doesn’t punch through the metal side of the dumpster when it starts rustling.

He had managed to pick up orange juice from the store. Not the nearest one just across the street from the apartment, but a bodega two blocks away. When he walked past the dumpster down the nearby alley (old habits die hard and he’s more likely to enter Steve’s apartment by the roof than the doors on the ground floor) it rustled at him and let out a pathetic whine.

Bucky had lifted the lid and found the cat.

The thing was not much more than a scrap of fur and fleas. He had no idea what colour it was, its coat dingy grey and matted. It still had a mouth on it, giving him a half-hearted hiss as he pulled it out of the garbage by the scruff.

The Ghost stared at the cat, and the cat stared back. Then bit his finger.

He offered it a metal fingertip and it bit that too, not even slightly dissuaded by the way it’s teeth skidded over the metal plates.

For the first time in seventy years, Bucky smiled.

The bodega stocked catfood, though Bucky had no idea if the cat preferred the wet stuff in cans or the dried kibble in boxes, so he bought both, the cat safely zipped up in his jacket, it’s flat little head poking out. It’s oversized ears swivelled back and forth as Bucky held out a can of chicken chunks in gravy in one hand and salmon pieces in aspic in the other and told the cat to make up it’s damn mind.

“Mrrr,” the cat said finally, which Bucky chose to interpret as ‘both’.

He pays for the items and walks back out onto the street. The cat makes itself comfortable, borrowing down into his jacket and going to sleep. It’s needle-like claws prick at his thin shirt, digging in whenever he turns too sharply or moves any faster than a walking pace. Since Bucky doesn’t want to be completely perforated he walks slowly down the street rather than take to the rooftops, and anyway he has a bag of catfood.

Steve didn’t look up from his spot on the couch when Bucky slipped through the apartment door and kicks off his shoes, though Bucky would bet good money that he’d spent the whole of Bucky’s absence at the window, quietly worrying.

“Hey Buck,” Steve muttered with a forced nonchalance that fools no one. “You get lost?”

“Mowr,” the cat answered.

Steve’s head snaps up, “What-”

“I founds it in the trash,” Bucky blurted out. “It’s greasy and cranky and smells like crap but…” he falters at the complicated run of expressions that passed over Steve’s features. “You seem okay with taking in strays,” Bucky finished weakly.

Steve frowned silently, and Bucky tensed up, one hand curled protectively around the lump of fur under his jacket. Something in Bucky’s expression seemed to settle him though, and he dropped the book he was reading on the coffee table.

“We’re gonna need more stuff,” Steve announced and pulled out his phone.

He wasn’t Captain America anymore, but that didn’t mean Steve couldn’t get things done when he put his mind to it. Twenty minutes later a harassed looking SHIELD agent dropped off several boxes of random crap that were supposedly essential for cat ownership.

Bucky couldn’t understand the need for a litter tray and unscented, clump-forming, biodegradable whatever-the-fuck to go in the tray (cat’s went outside, right?), or the twine-wrapped wooden kitty adventure playground thing. The collar, okay, fair enough. The shampoo and the flea drops, fuck yeah.

Steve read the instructions on the bottle carefully and gave the cat a wary look. “You’ve got the vibranium arm, you can hold it.”

They covered the bathroom floor with towels, and Bucky placed the cat carefully in the bath, where it gave him an unimpressed look and sat down to wash itself.

The disdain might have been more effective if the cat didn’t stop every time it licked itself to twitch and flap it’s tongue.

Bucky poured a little shampoo into his hands and coated his fingers before rubbing them into the cats matted fur. It gave him a curious ‘Prrrp’, but didn’t freak out until Steve turned on the showerhead, checking the water temperature on the inside of his elbow.

The cat hissed and yowled and bit Bucky’s metal thumb, sending half the tub water onto the floor in its thrashing. Bucky pressed his hand between the cats shoulders and it flattened itself on the bottom of the tub while Bucky rinsed off the soap. Underneath all the grime was silky black fur with white paws and chest and a splodge of white on his nose.

Bucky wrapped the cat up in one of the towels until it was a damp and squirming burrito, it’s nose poking out of one end. Bucky cradled it in his arms, murmuring softly as he carries the cat out to the living room and sits down on the couch. The cat bites his wrist half-heartedly, teeth skidding over metal plates. Steve watched silently from the doorway as Bucky carefully dried the cats fur, working through the tangles with his fingers until it curled up in his lap and falls asleep.

Bucky glanced up when Steve sat carefully on the couch beside him, silently waiting for permission before reaching over to stroke the cats still-damp fur.

Bucky thinks of his first night back, when the Winter Soldier bled to death on Steve’s white linens. It had taken days to heal, the bastardised version of superserum that crawled through his veins forcing out the bullets and knitting flesh and skin back together.

Steve had carried him, bridal style, to the bathroom and placed him in the tub. It hadn’t mattered, ghosts couldn’t feel the washcloth passing over bruises and scar tissue. Ghosts didn’t lean into the touch of hands in their hair, carefully rinsing away shampoo. Ghosts didn’t sigh at conditioner being massaged into their scalps, large, gentle fingers teasing out the knots and tangles.

Ghosts didn’t fall asleep on the couch, wrapped in towels and blankets, half listening as their failed mission made endless phone calls in a hushed voice, pulling apart the pieces of his life and putting them back together again with a ghost shaped hole in the middle. In the heart.

The cat purred in it’s sleep, it’s claws flexing rhythmically, leaving pinholes in Buckys jeans.

Piece by piece, everything falls into place

“He needs a name,” Steve murmured.

The cats head was pillowed in the palm of Bucky’s metal hand, fingers curled loosely around it’s fragile skull. It had one paw wrapped around Bucky’s wrist, holding him in place. As if he could even consider leaving.

Such a fragile little thing, and yet it trusted him. Trusted him to keep it safe and warm and alive.

Bucky glanced at Steve. “He?”

It’s not the thing he wants to say. There aren’t words in any language for that. There isn’t time enough in their artificially extended lives to explain it all.

“I got a, uh, eyeful when he was thrashing around in the tub,” Steve mumbles. “Definitely he.”

Ghosts don’t have names. They have identities - The Weeping Woman, The Headless Horseman, The Winter Soldier. Not names.

Bucky isn’t a ghost’s name.

Bucky shrugs, feigning nonchalance. Steve knows him too well to fall for it. “You pick.”

Steve takes a long moment to consider the cat. Bucky watches him from the corner of his eye. The lines of Steve’s face, the curve of his jaw. Things that ice and time and mind-wipes couldn’t erase.”

“He’s your cat, you choose,” Steve says finally.

Bucky huffs. “I’m bad at names. You’re the one who came up with Bucky. You pick.”

Steve lights up, and for a moment Bucky can’t look at him. It’s like staring into the sun.

“You remember that?”

Bucky bristles under Steve’s look of surprise. “Yeah. ‘Course I remember.”

Steve turns his face to Bucky’s neck and has to take a deep, shuddering breath.

Bucky waits for Steve to pull himself together, Steve’s breath, hot and damp against his skin raising goosebumps.

Really, it’s frankly embarrassing. A former spy and a decorated military tactician, and neither of them had figured it out yet.

You don’t go against your commanding officer and damn well walk into enemy territory in a stage costume for a friend. Seeing an old friend doesn’t break seventy years of Hydra programming.

You don’t hand over your shield to a guy dressed like a bird for a friend.

“Tom?” Bucky asks.

Steve snorts, still hiding in the collar of Bucky’s shirt. “That’s not very creative,” he mumbles.

Bucky shifts and turns to Steve, pressing his lips to the top of Steve’s head.

“Orange Juice.”

Steve’s head snaps up, and he meets Bucky’s eyes. “What?”

The corner of Bucky’s mouth ticks up. “I went out to get orange juice.”

Steve coughs out a laugh. “Seriously?”

Bucky gives him a mock glare. “You gotta problem with that?”

Steve shakes his head, his eyes bright.

“You want to keep him?” Bucky asks softly.

“Yeah,” Steve nods.

“You want to keep me?” Bucky murmurs.

Steve frowns. “You’re not a thing, Buck. How many times do I gotta explain-”

Bucky leans forward and kisses him, soft and brief. Steve falls into a shocked silence.

“I mean…” Bucky whispers against Steve’s soft, warm lips. “Do you want to keep me?”

For a second, a heartbeat, Bucky thinks that he’s made a terrible mistake. Steve lets out a soft breath and kisses him back.

“Yes,” he chants between sweet presses of lips. “Yes. Yes.”

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Hi! Could you please do a no. 10 for SuperCat? Thanks and happy new year!

(The happy new year just showcases that it’s been 84 years since I last posted anything but I thought I’d try seeing if I could still make the words do the Thing I am sorry this took so long).

10. “I just want this.”

& bonus 19. “Come home with me.”

It starts with a messy kiss on Cat’s balcony, as Supergirl tells her goodbye and wishes her luck on her latest adventure.

They’re stood close together, arms pressed against one another as they both gaze out at the city, and Cat can’t help but revel in being so close to the woman that has come to mean so much to her over the past few months.

Kara might think that Cat is only interested in the Supergirl side of her, but that is far from the truth – and Cat would tell her so, if only Kara would tell her the truth. But her final fishing attempt had been brushed off with a soft smile and an amused laugh, and Cat isn’t going to push it any further.

If Kara wants to keep up the charade, then so be it.

Keep reading

Hi. I’m not sure if you write SuperCat, but I sure need Cat Grant to get herself back to National City, or at least be involved from afar. Could you please write something where it’s Cat who comforts Kara after Homecoming? Many thanks.

^^ prompt above from @statuepuppie. Refers to this fic:

Maggie called Cat Grant when Livewire was on the loose, because her girlfriend’s kid sister needed her then. And she’s calling Cat Grant again now, because Kara needs her now.

She hadn’t expected the Queen of All Media to save her number, but Cat picks up on the first ring and addresses Maggie by name.

“Detective Sawyer, tell me she’s fine and that you’re simply wasting my very precious time for the sake of a social call.”

Her voice is clipped and just on this side of professional, but Maggie easily detects the concern underneath it.

“She’s fine, Ms. Grant, she’s fine.”

She hears Cat sigh and she bites her lip. “Then what, pray tell, are you calling me for?”

“She’s fine, Ms. Grant, but she… she needs you.”

She doesn’t specify who: Kara or Supergirl. She knows she doesn’t need to.

There’s a long pause, and Maggie is about to ask if she’s still there.

“What happened?” Cat asks before she can, and her voice is thick.

“Best for her to tell you details, but the short of it, Alex’s father came back from the dead only to sort of… well, betray everyone. And she’s in this new relationship that she thinks is going to make her feel at least something, and – “

“I’m getting the next flight out. Thank you, Detective Sawyer.”

Maggie expects that to be it, but Cat’s still on the line. A brief pause. Then:

“Alex. Kara’s sister. Your girlfriend, correct? Is she alright? She… from my experiences with her, she’s a brave woman. And Kara idolizes her. You’re taking good care of her, too, I trust?”

Maggie smiles softly. “I’m doing my best with both Danvers girls, ma’am, but I think Kara could use a more familiar face than mine.”

“Well, as I said, I’ll arrange for a sitter for Carter and be on the next flight out. Thank you, Detective. For taking care of those girls. Don’t forget to be good to yourself, too.”

This time, the line does disconnect before Maggie can say any more.

But she smiles, because Cat Grant is on her way to Kara.

She makes sure Alex knows to keep Mon-El away from Kara’s apartment that night. J’onn invents work for him, gladly.

They don’t need a body to be dropped in Kara’s apartment by one Cat Grant.

The paperwork alone would be more trouble than it’d be worth.

The sharp rap on the door makes Kara think of Maggie, so she doesn’t bother checking with her x-ray vision, doesn’t even bother untangling from her blankets or putting down her pint of mint chocolate chip.

“It’s open,” she calls heartlessly, wondering if Maggie is looking for Alex or if she’s looking for another round of speed stacking to take Kara’s mind off things.

“Well, Keira, I have to say, I expected your apartment to be an explosion of millennial mess and absurd color, but I have to admit, it has a certain charm to it.”

The ice cream scatters and Kara falls ungracefully off the couch in a tangled mess of blankets with a series of loud shrieks.

If Cat is at all surprised, she hides it well, but the sparkle in her eyes and the smile tugging at her lips give her away the moment before she springs into action.

“Are you alright?” she rushes forward, just in time for Kara to unravel herself from the blanket and spring to her feet.

She has to remind herself strongly of earth physics as, pretenses and professionalism be damned, she wraps Cat it a full-bodied hug.

“Ms. Grant,” she breathes over her shoulder, and Cat freezes for only a moment before fully returning the embrace, fingers grasping for dear life onto the back of Kara’s shirt.

Cat is the first to pull back, and she wonders if her own tears are reflected in Kara’s blue eyes. She wonders how she ever forgot quite how crystalline they are.

“I hear you’re having a rough time, Kiera, and if the pint of – is that mint chocolate chip? – is any indication, my source is quite correct – “

“Snapper’s been calling you about me? But he’s been liking my work, he – “

Cat is tsking, now, and moving around the living room, collecting the ice cream and spoon and blanket, rearranging everything into its former semi-order.

“Not Snapper, dear. Your sister’s girlfriend. Seems to think you would benefit from my presence.”

Kara stiffens and her eyes widen and Cat remembers how much she’s missed watching Kara adjust her glasses like this. “Ms. Grant, you didn’t need to come all this way, I – “

“Oh nonsense, Keira. What have I told you? You need to learn, competent and efficient and brilliant as you are, when to ask for help. You’re entitled to do so, you know. And you’re entitled to receive it.”

Tears swim in Kara’s steady eyes, and she’s forgotten how to form words.

Ms. Grant, back in National City. Ms. Grant, in her apartment. Ms. Grant, seeing her be a complete and utter wreck.

“Ms. Grant, really, I – “ She tries to object, just once more, but she can’t even get that far. Because her voice cracks and her knees give out and she collapses back onto the couch, hugging herself because she’s completely lost sense of what is real.

“Oh, Kara,” Cat breathes, and the sound of her name on Cat’s lips works its way into her skin, through her muscles, into her bones, into her bloodstream. Into her heart.

“I’m here, Kara. I’m here.”

“Thank you,” Kara chokes, and Cat just nods, sitting softly and putting a hesitant hand on Kara’s knee. Kara takes it immediately, and a soft smile flits over Cat’s face.

They don’t talk about Jeremiah, and they don’t talk about Mon-El.

They talk about CatCo and they talk about Carter and Cat’s mother and Alex and Maggie and Kara cries without words and Cat comforts without words and Kara sits up straighter and cries less and less throughout the night.

Cat even shares a spoonful of her ice cream, and it’s this, more than anything, that makes Kara smile. That makes Kara feel so, so loved.

To make Kara remember what it was like when her life was like this.

To make her realize what she has to do to get back to that.

She makes a note to thank Maggie in the morning, but for now, sitting on her couch with Cat Grant and laughing about Snapper, she doesn’t want the morning to come. Not just yet.

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rfa (or maybe a mini fic with jumin/zen?) when their s/o comes home looking really down and troubled, and when they ask, she just starts self-deprecating, insulting herself, particularly her appearance, because earlier that day someone told her that, "she isn't a girl lol look at her front, it's flat lolol" or something...? i just want to be comforted aah, someone was very rude today and my insecurities just...bursted out;;;;

I saw these as having pretty similar reactions so I decided to put them in one post ^^ also, I’ve kept MC genderless for all except Jaehee and Seven. and anon, I know the feeling of people saying rude things and bringing out insecurities, but most of those people are just assholes who can’t deal with their own lame lives and make fun of people to mask that, so just remember that you are 100x better than them and I’m here for you <3

-Admin Ace in Space


  • this poor little bean is so confused when you come home talking about how much you dislike yourself
  • you are perfect??? and he loves you??? and he could never imagine someone like you being insecure??
  • he gets surprisingly serious and wraps his arms around you
  • “MC… I never believed anyone would love me. I mean, I’m short, I have a horrible work ethic, all I do is game… but you love me. And I love you, no matter what you think about yourself.”
  • for the rest of the day, you can expect surprise kisses and hugs at any moment
  • he holds you really close to him at night and murmurs how much he loves you until you fall asleep
  • he may be new to romance and stuff, but he never wants to see you upset and does whatever he can to make you smile


  • dating him, you’re bound to have some insecurities
  • I mean, the guy is a God
  • but he soon manages to pick up on the tell-tale signs that you’re wallowing in insecurities
  • and he hugs you from behind and kisses your cheek
  • and tells you how much he loves you
  • when you come home one day self-deprecating because of what some stranger said, he’s really pissed
  • how dare anyone say something bad about his angel???
  • he’s EXTRA romantic for the rest of the day, constantly doing little things for you
  • if you’re okay with it, he has you lay down and kisses every part of your body that you’re insecure about


  • she’s been there, she’s had her fair share of guys tell her she doesn’t look feminine enough and that no guy would want her
  • joke’s on them, she’s dating the best woman in the world
  • and she makes sure you know it
  • she curls up on the couch with you, a movie running in the background, and whispers sweet nothings in your ear
  • Baehee is the sweetest
  • you two share stories about bullshit guys have said to you and end up laughing about it
  • and you make fun of them instead of yourself
  • she leaves cute notes on the mirror reminding you how perfect you are so that you can start every day feeling a little better about yourself


  • he won’t let you be insecure for even a few moments
  • immediately puts Elizabeth 3rd on your lap because we all know cats are perfect distractions
  • wraps his arm around your waist and holds you close
  • when you tell him that you’re feeling even more insecure than usual because of what a stranger said to you, he’s livid and ready to sue the bastard
  • pulls you in his lap and buries his face in your neck
  • when you ask him what he’s doing, he says, “This is now your insecurity-free zone. As long as I’m holding you, you’re surrounded by my love and can’t feel bad about yourself”
  • what a dork he’s perfect
  • it surprises you that he’s going for the “distract you by being funny” routine, but honestly? it works
  • the great Jumin Han making jokes to cheer up the love of his life
  • he’s still ready to sue whoever said anything bad about you


  • MC is insecure???
  • no no no no
  • sure, he’s insecure as fuck, but YOU’RE not allowed to be insecure
  • he sits you down and cups your cheeks
  • “MC, being insecure is my thing. You’re so wonderful and perfect and I love you, and if you think you’re ugly, then what am I?”
  • tickles you to make you laugh and tells you how much he loves you
  • when he hears someone said you’re too flat-chested he gets pissed
  • “I love your boobs!”
  • vouches to find that asshole and hack his bank account
  • whenever you feel down or bad about yourself, he distracts you with jokes or just hugs you really tight
  • “I’m hugging the bad feelings away! None of them can escape God 707!”
  • honestly who can focus on disliking themselves when you have this wonderful mess of a human being wrapped around you


  • the SECOND you have even the SLIGHTEST insecure thought, this boy is there
  • it’s like he has a built-in radar or something
  • and he takes your hand and kisses it softly and asks you to tell him what made you feel bad
  • when you explain that a stranger made a rude comment about you, be prepared for the shock of your life
  • Kim Jihyun, the world’s softest man, is angry
  • he may be an absolute pacifist, but he is so mad at whoever made you feel bad about yourself
  • because you deserve so much better
  • and he isn’t afraid to tell you that
  • he has a grumpy lil pout as he hugs you tightly and you can’t help but smile
  • because how is this man even cute when he’s mad
  • if you still feel bad after that, he talks about his own insecurities and how he also has to try every day not to let them get the best of him
  • and you two manage to have a good talk and let everything out
  • which is followed by you trying to out-pamper each other

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10 for supercat, please?

@crooked-tongue here you go. 


“Well, that’s the closest I’ve ever come to a heart attack. Let’s not ever do that again.”

Kara looked at where Cat was standing; shaking, breathless, leaning on the balcony for support. She blushed when Cat caught her eye.

“I’m serious, Kara.”

“It was your idea.”

“Yes, well.”

Cat stared out at the view again as she gathered herself. When she realised she was being watched, that Kara hadn’t changed out of her suit, she shot her an acerbic look. 


“It’s just…. You were pretty good at it.”

“Don’t mock me.”

“You were.”

“I’m too old for mid-air acrobatics, as you very well know.”

“Not what it looked like to me.”

“God.” Cat cleared her throat, crossing her arms as Kara came closer. “Don’t.”

“Nobody saw.” 

“I saw.”

“You were…” Kara let out a breath. “I mean…I don’t even have words.”

“Try a few.”


“Are you asking me or telling me?”

“Breathtaking,” Kara said, her voice wobbling a little. “Intoxicating. Astonishing.” 

Cat let out a small noise, and swallowed.


“And I’m so sorry.”

“Don’t. I’m the one who had a panic attack with a side of orgasm. It’s…humiliating.”

“I’m sorry.”

“You say that one more time, Kara. I swear to God, I—”

“I’ll never drop you.” Kara hesitated then. “I’m apologizing because it’s my fault. All of it. I’ll never forgive myself for—”

“Stop it,” Cat said, somewhat softer than before. “I refuse to let that…simpering pig…get a toehold in our relationship. I was never afraid of heights before.”

“We don’t have to fly again,” Kara said. “We don’t have to do….that…” she cleared her throat.

“Oh for godssake. You can have your way with me mid-air, but you can’t say sex?” 

“Cat,” Kara said. “It’s only been…”

“I’m well aware of how long it’s been since that incident. As far as I’m concerned, Maxwell Lord is the one who threw me. How many times do I need to tell you? I don’t blame you, Kara.”

“I know, I just… I should have known….should have realized.” 

“I’m fine.”

“Yeah, you’re really good at saying that when you’re not.”

Cat let out a huff, but she didn’t correct her. They were quiet for a little while, listening to the sounds of the city below Cat’s penthouse apartment. She seemed to relax after a few minutes had passed, and Kara took it as a sign that she could wrap Cat up in her arms. She was relieved by the sigh Cat breathed out as she to melt into her.

“I’m not afraid of flying,” Cat said, but her voice came out sounding uncertain. She cleared her throat. “Not exactly.”

“Then we’ll start small.”

“Perhaps…I wouldn’t be adverse to…just over the bed?”

Kara smiled. 

“I think I can manage that.”

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ok word promp: cat

(Okay, so I had to play around with a bunch of ideas for this one before I finally decided on one xD like legit i wrote a list of things i could write for this. xD Also, I will be continuing to take prompt requests :3)

Letting himself into Vlad’s mansion without permission was something he rarely did. The only reasons he would be there was if he was dragged there by his family, if the fruitloop hadn’t done anything particularly evil involving him and his family in a while and raised his suspicions, or if he just wanted to bug or prank the other halfa.

Unfortunately for Vlad, it was very much the latter.

And very fortunate for Danny, Vlad wasn’t home.

After the last pranking session he and Vlad had gone through, ending with Vlad becoming mayor of Amity, he had backed off pulling pranks on him completely. But now, as it was nearing Christmas, Danny decided he wanted to pull a harmless prank on Vlad again, and maybe, just maybe, cheer him up for the Christmas season.

Holding tightly to the many rolls of wrapping paper in one arm, and rolls of tape in the other, Danny made his way to Vlad’s office, ready to put his prank into motion. He knew wrapping up everything in the office was going to take a few hours at least, so he really hoped Vlad wouldn’t come home anytime soon and catch him doing it, otherwise it’d just ruin the fun for him.

Beginning with the things on the desk, he wrapped up his telephone, his pens and worksheets and anything else he could find on top of it, followed by wrapping up the entire desk. By this point he had already used up a roll of wrapping paper, and still had a whole room to go. Vlad was going to have a hell of a time dealing with this and cleaning it up and it made Danny snicker thinking about it as he worked.

He was about halfway done when the door to the office swung open, making the halfa freeze where he was when he heard it. Slowly turning around, and hoping it wasn’t Vlad who just entered, he looked to see who it was that opened the door with an excuse ready, only to see no one there.


Danny looked down when he heard the noise, finding a white furball standing in the doorway. “Oh man,” Danny said to himself, a large smile cracking his face as he tried not to clutch himself over laughing. “This is gold. I can’t believe the fruitloop actually got a cat!” He snickered again as he watched the feline who wandered into his working space.

Getting back to work, Danny had finished covering the whole room with wrapping paper in about an hour, and sat back to admire his handiwork. “Oh yeah, Plasmius will have fun with this.” He said to himself, nodding his head. He glanced over to the cat who was laying on the wrapping paper covered couch, minding it’s own business. “Just one more thing…” He said, with a smirk creeping on his face.

Going over to the cat, he struggled to get it to stay in place as he wrapped the paper around it, taping it into place as the cat wasn’t too happy about it but wasn’t wanting to move anymore with the foreign thing on it. As a finishing touch, Danny placed a bow on its head, laughing at how pissed it looked at him.

“Now you stay here and be a good kitty until Plasmius comes home. Something tells me he isn’t going to be happy to see his cat wrapped up.” Danny said to the cat, snickering again as he floated his way to the door after grabbing his leftover supplies. “Just don’t tell him it was me who did this.” He laughed as he left the house.

He couldn’t wait to hear Plasmius’ reaction to this.

Goodnight Kiss

It is day 7 of Adrinette Month, and I feel like I have not incorporated enough of the other sides of the love square. Fortunately, Day 7 is Patrol! So I have written some gratuitous LadyNoir for your reading pleasure. There is very little plot in this one. Enjoy!

Also available on AO3

Named for Goodnight Kiss by Jung Hyoseong 

Two weeks later and Adrien could not keep his hands to himself. 

It had been two weeks since their first kiss. Ever since, Adrien found himself addicted to Marinette’s lips. It was nonstop. When they studied, when they were on dates, even on patrol. 

The last of which could actually prove to be a problem if he couldn’t get himself under control. Unfortunately, not even the threat of an Akuma or Hawkmoth could keep him off of her.

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in case no one figured it out.  I like to draw space.  Seri is the definition of cute.

Cute paws, cute back feet, cute little mouth, cute little curls, cute stars, 11/10 too cute for me.

Since he tends to pack himself smaller than is good for him, his energy permanently curls.  Like when you unwrap wire, they always twist back up.  Seri may look soft and fluffy, but he is dense. Most starfolk float because they are barely effected by gravity and will settle like smoke.  Seri can, but he has to consciously go weightless.  Otherwise he whomps to the ground like 40 pounds of blankets.  If he’s sleeping in this form, you cannot move him.  Fortunately, (or unfortunately) he tends to wrap around objects when he sleeps and you can move those no problem.  Shimazaki’s favorite prank was to grab the umbrella when seri was asleep, and place him in front of doors.  

Reigen eventually breaks Seri’s habit of nervous tail chewing, and he rapidly grows to his proper size.  Which is very good, because seri being that small is not healthy for him or anyone around him.

Cutie Cats & Ice Cream

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A/N: Miraculous Ladybug (Ladybug/Cat Noir, lee Cat) -  30. “That…that feels nice…” by anon combined with Miraculous Ladybug (Ladybug/Cat Noir, lee Cat) -  8. “I’m fine! Everything’s under control!” by @shyzone

SPEEDWRITING FIC NUMBER ONE! All written in one night! Since both of you asked for this pairing + lee Cat Noir I didn’t know better than to combine them both, I hope you like it *-*

Summary: Ladybug, or well Marinette is still head over heels for Adrien. Buuut she has to admit, Cat Noir has his cute sides as well, especially when he’s  curling up on her lap, and giggling like a cutie when she tickles him.

Word Count: 1054

“To a successful battle!” Ladybug giggled as she and Cat Noir lightly bumped their ice creams together as if toasting with glasses.

“To victory!” They had just defeated an Akuma, a piece of cake- battle honestly. It was a hot summer day as well, so they decided to celebrate their victory with an ice cream together.

"Hmmh. It doesn’t happen that often we get the luxury to hang out after a battle don’t you think?” Cat said while licking his ice cream. They sat on top of a roof, their legs dangling and swinging back and fort while they admired the pretty blue summer sky.

“I guess so. But don’t you dare spare your superpowers just for this, mister,” Ladybug said, a little bit sassy, and Cat Noir laughed.

“Who said I did?!” he asked, pushing her playfully.

“I noticed you did! Well it’s not like we needed it anyway but-” she blushed when Cat Noir suddenly changed from his sitting position to one where he curled up like a cat with his head in her lap.

“Don’t get too comfortable now,” Ladybug sighed, though she caught herself lowering her hand to pet him childishly, and she blushed a little when she noticed the softness of his hair.

“That… that feels nice…” Cat Noir purred, and she blushed even more. She kinda agreed with that. Her supposed mocking petting changed into affectionate scratching of his head near his ears, her fingers combing his blond hair curiously.

“Aren’t you a nice kitty?” she taunted, trying to hide her own enjoyment. The humming and purring sounds that left Cat Noir’s lips were too cute as well. She pulled back a little when he lifted his head slightly to lick from his ice cream, but then he put his head back and made a fake meowing sound.

“You can continue,” he said, and she rolled her eyes but did so anyway. She stroked his hair and even massaged his scalp a little. It was good they were chilling on the roof because it would have looked pretty strange. Then again, Cat Noir was wearing a cat suit. Hehe. It was just like petting a kitty right?

Smiling a little, she moved her fingers down in the direction of his neck, stroking the soft hairs over there, when a sudden squeak was heard from him.

“Are you.. okay?” she asked, and she experimentally curled her fingers again and grazed them softly across his skin to test if he was hurt somewhere. Cat Noir made a squeaky yelp- noise again and he tensed up.

“I’m fine! Everything’s under control!” he replied, and he giggled when her touched reached the side of his neck.

“I-it just tickles!” he giggled, and he scrunched up his shoulders a little and turned his head.

“Really?” Now it was Ladybug’s turn to be smug, and she ate the last remains of her ice cream cone so she could use both her hands to scribble all ten fingers down his sensitive neck.

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anonymous asked:

Supercat, 35 ! muchas gracias :*

This ended up as a flashback for the This Is What You Came for Series, but can also be read as a stand alone fic, as always. Also here on AO3. Hope you enjoy!


Cat kept her eyes fixed on Kara as she stared out over the lake. The moon lit the water like lapis, deep and daunting, dotted with flecks of gold as the younger woman stood in the sand, bare feet just close enough to let the ebb and flow wash over her toes. A gentle breeze caught her ivory gown, billowing against her knees, casting an ethereal shadow along the shore line.

Cat didn’t think it was possible for her to be more beautiful than she was the day they met, or the moment she realized they were in love, or any moment after that, including earlier that evening when they made their commitment official. But she was wrong. Because Kara never looked more stunning than she did right then, eyes reflecting the light of the waves, hair wild and woven with flowers she grew herself in the days prior.

As perfect as the ceremony had been, this, for Cat, was the best part. J'onn spoke passionately while officiating, keeping his own tears in check for the most part. Alex beamed with pride, watching them as she held baby Milia in one arm, the other warmly draped around Carter. But now, they were all back in the city, giving the two newlyweds a chance to take it in for themselves, to be alone together in the place that meant so much to their story.

Slowly, Cat stepped behind her wife, tracing shapes across tan shoulders, burying her face in the crook of her neck. She breathed her in, the scent of gardenias and earth and all that was uniquely Kara coming together, making her nose twitch, lips curling up as she pressed a gentle kiss to her jaw.

“You’re exquisite in this dress,” she breathed, letting her hands travel down the front of her body, locking around her waist.

“Thank you,” Kara glowed, eyes closing, leaning back into her arms.

Cat continued to nuzzle, lips making their way to her ear, where she nipped softly, letting her breath tickle against her skin.

“Take it off,” she whispered.

“What?” Kara laughed a little, spinning around.

“You heard me,” she repeated, eying her playfully as she trailed her fingers over her chest. “Take. It. Off.”

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Finding Gilbert 2.0 // Qian Kun

Pt. 1

the prompt: the Kun scenario was so cute i love it,,,, i think we would all love a part 2

words: 1797

category: soulmate!au + fluff

author note: I’m so glad you guys wanted a part two for this bless up!! I want kun and hansol to debut so badly :(

- destinee

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AU: Kitty!Baek and Writer!Yeol

Chanyeol has always noticed that pure white cat that roamed near his apartment complex. Its snowy-white tail swaying while it walks and its striking blue eyes with speckles of gold and silver. Its ear tipped with frothy white hair and a soft pink nose. Ever since Chanyeol had seen the cat, he wrote little poems about it. The cat had a very alluring aura that made Chanyeol stop and admire it. Somehow, the cat notices his presence every time and stares at him for a few seconds before scurrying away fast.

It was a gloomy grey day with a drizzling rain and cold breezes. Later in the day, the rain turned angry and its skies thundering. Chanyeol was running from the bus stop to his apartment complex. He covered his head with his brown leather messenger bag, though it did little to shield the rain. He was a few feet away from his apartment building until he saw the small shivering ball of white near the building. It was the white cat. Chanyeol ran to small cat and grabbed it. He covered it from the rain with his body and headed inside his apartment.

Immediately, Chanyeol rushed to his closet and grabbed the fluffiest towel he could find. He softly wrapped the towel around the cat and ran to his room. He settled the towel-wrapped cat on his messy bed and quickly took off his soaked jean jacket and messenger bag.

Chanyeol kneeled on the floor near his bed and started to rub the towel on the cat to dry it off. After a few minutes, the white cat was dry and warm. Chanyeol tightly wrapped the towel around the cat, stood up, and said,

“Stay here, kitty. I’m just gonna take a quick shower.”

The cat stared at him and nodded slightly. Chanyeol thought the cat understood him but maybe it was just his imagination. He left the room, shut the door, went to the bathroom, and took a shower.

With a towel around his hips and his hair dripping with water, he went to his bedroom.

He opened the door and looked up.

His eyes met a naked figure sitting on the towel where the white cat once was. The figure had soft skin, delicately curved hips, a milky complexion, deep dark silky hair, rosy pink cheeks, and a small button nose. The figure was staring out the window to the dark and grey sky until he noticed Chanyeol’s presence. Chanyeol gaped at the small man, shocked at this mysterious person in his room. The figure turned his head to Chanyeol with wide eyes and spoke,

“Oh, hello! Thank you for taking care of me!”