cats with personality


Cat Person / Dog Person

Just like Monmouth Manufacturing has a bathroom/kitchen/laundry room, 300 Fox Way has a phone/sewing/cat room and.,,, what did you say?,, a CAT room??

BLUE SARGENT HAS CATS and we don’t know their names and they’re never mentioned besides in The Dream Thieves?


interviewer: what’s your biggest achievement?

me: personal or professional?

interviewer: both

me: I guess professional is my degree. I’m proud of what I achieved and the work I produced to get there.

interviewer: and personal achievement?

me: on Tumblr, me and a friend dared taylor swift to sing smelly cat on stage with Lisa Kudrow and! it! happened!

Interviewer: … that is quite an achievement


Here is a gif of Kizzy doing his little “feed me” song and dance. He often meows with little to no noise and he’ll either get up on his back legs to see what you’re doing (even though he can’t, he is so small) or he’ll rub up against your legs saying “thank you!!” I have a feeling he won’t be so happy with us when we pack him up for his second vaccinations tomorrow 🤷🏼‍♀️🙀😅

Also I finished my crochet hat! And this is my face! I’m feeling very ~meh~ about a lot of things so hubby and I have agreed to just focus on our cat, our flat renovations, and our health until next year and let everything else go with the flow and see where we end up. 😊😬👋🏻