cats win at life

I’m pretty sure this is what tomorrow’s european splatfest is gonna be like

Which Supergirl Characters You Should Fight
  • James: Probably not. I mean, you might win if you have powers, but he's pretty built. Only because he wants to look pretty, but still. He might also give you a moral dragging, which sucks and will piss you off.
  • Winn: Yes and no. You'll definitely win, despite his name, but he may suddenly turn into a villain. So only if he's showing his friendzonity that day.
  • Cat: No. You might win physically, but you'll be mentally scarred for life afterward and probably never get a job again. And she has a superhero on her payroll, so you probably wouldn't get the chance to actually fight her.
  • Alex: Do not fight Alex Danvers. She WANTS to fight you, and she will win. It will hurt, and there's only a 50% chance she won't kill you (like if Kara is looking).
  • J'onn: No? You'd probably lose, unless he's pretending to be human and lets you win. And why would you want to fight space dad?
  • Maxwell Lorde: Please do. You'll lose probably, he's too pessimistic to not expect it. But somebody has to fight this dude, and no one in the cast seems to be willing.
  • Lucy: Nah man. She has too much to prove. She might actually attack you if you look at her wrong. Don't look at Lucy.
  • Kara: DO NOT FIGHT KARA. Jesus, what is wrong with you? You'd lose, but you'd also hurt her feelings, which is worse. And Alex will definitely murder you by coming into your DEO prison at night when Kara isn't looking. Actually, the whole cast would probably go after you, and at this rate, the only person you'd hurt is Winn. But then Kara will get pissed and use her angry laser vision of death against you.

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