cats who dab

I was tagged by @eyesthesizeofmoons, @qushqween, @high-honey-pie, @thankyoufortrippingwithme, and @chronicallycloudy. So here’s an after interview dab. Absolutely relieved. Also, bonus, my sweet kitty Marvel napping in the background. Both of the pets hate smoke, so we always make sure to blow away from them.

I’m gonna tag @cliche-kitten to take a hit because she just got a sick new bong!

@highsmilin and @kush4kae tagged me to stop drop and take a hit. I’m running low so please excuse the baby dab. Now it’s @stonedgrin, @deka-neko, @cannabisandcabernet, @weedgoddess, @crownvetch, @stonedsailorsaturn, @superbly-stoned, and @auntiebl4zer