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some of u guys are such mean older siblings on here lol like u see popular posts going around like “my younger sister loves funko pops how do i tell her to love herself” or “my brother wears a cat costume he’s such a weird furry i hope he grows out of it” like goddamn i hope ur little siblings find better love and support in their friend groups bc ur clearly not giving them a good environment to grow up in lol

An Eventful Anniversary

Rating: T, for non-explicit sex acts and… well *cough*. 

Warnings: Diabetes-inducing fluff. AU, thus OOC. (Sebastian’s Drama Queen-ness is pretty IC, though.) Dialogue only.

“I can’t believe you did this!”

“I’m so, so sorry—”

“I thought you loved me!”

“I do! I really do love you, Sebastian.”

“How could you then? And with Sieglinde too, she’s my best friend Ciel!”

“Sebastian, I told you I’m sorry. Plus, she forced me into it, I was an unwilling participant in the act.”

“Is that why I found you comfortably asleep on top of her? Because you were so very unwilling and guilt-ridden that you cuddled her afterwards?”

“It was late, we were both waiting for you, but you didn’t show up and you know how persuasive she can be.”

“…I don’t know, Ciel. I trusted you, I don’t think I can do that so easily again.”

“For heaven’s sake Sebastian, I’m sorry that Sieglinde and I watched American Beauty without you!”

“I’m heartbroken, you know, you can be a bit more considerate.”

“Drama queen. Sieglinde was right to bolt out of here the minute you came.”

“Don’t even mention that traitor.”

“Would you stop it now? It’s just a movie.”

How dare you!”

“What, it is just a movie. What’s so special about it?”



“…you really don’t remember?”


“The day we first met, you snuck into the movie theater to avoid Elizabeth.”

“Yeah, and afterwards when she found me I grabbed onto you and pretended you were my date.”

“Heh, you were quite the vigorous kisser, if I recall. That red-haired girl next to us had a nosebleed.”

“Care to get to the point, Sebastian?”

“The movie we ended up watching was American Beauty, don’t you remember?”

“…oh. So that’s why you always want to watch it on our anniversary.”

“Yes, that’s why Ciel. But you had to give in to Sieglinde’s wiles and watch it without me.”

“I said I was sorry, Sebastian. She said she’d never seen it before and I didn’t think… We’ve been together for six years; my memory wasn’t all that good to begin with! Plus, if it serves right now, I think you kept me appropriately distracted throughout the entirety of the movie.”

“Don’t look at me like that, you threw yourself at me first. And you had cat ears on. Actually… I don’t think you ever told me why you had cat ears on.”

“Yes, and that’s not about to change.”

“Pretty please?”


“It’s our anniversary Ciel, how cruel can you be?”

“Tch. Alright, but you’re not telling a soul.”

“I solemnly swear.”

“Not even Sieglinde, Sebastian.”

“Yes, yes, now tell!”

“Okay, so you know how my aunt is a pediatrician, well she blackmail—ahem, convinced me to wear a cat costume for the ill children in her ward and then the Lizzie thing happened and I didn’t have time to change properly.”

“So… would you consider wearing the full costume for me?”



“Would you stop it with the puppy-dog eyes? They’re not working. Yep, totally not working… Okay fine, I’ll wear it you irresistible cat fetishist!”

“Lucky me.”

“Eep, Sebastian? Why are you this close?”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean your breath is tickling m—ah, don’t touch there.”

“Where? Here?”

“Yes there, there’s absolutely no n-need for emphasizing s-squeezes, keep your pants on for two minutes, would you?”

“I was thinking more about taking yours off. Since, you know, they’re already unzipped…”

“Did you seriously just wiggle your eyebrows at me? S-stop licking my ear!”

“Aww, you were much more fun when we first met, much more passionate too.”

“Sex fiend.”

“I don’t remember you complaining, that first night… You were, as a matter of fact, rather adamant in your requests that I fu—”

“Don’t say that! Stop it.”


“… that easy?”

“Is that disappointment I hear?”

“The bedroom door is three steps away, just fuck me already!”

“Just like that first night.”

“Bastard—mmph, oh yes!”

“We didn’t watch the movie in the end. Are you mad?”

“No, just sore.”

“That’s your own fault.”




“I really do love you, you know, enough to wear this ridiculous, and obscenely small cat suit, even.”

“I love you too, kitten.”

“Sebastian!” (Ciel totally didn’t hiss that while hitting Sebastian with a pillow.)

… … … … … … 

A/N: This exists because if I had a middle name, it would be self-indulgence. Plus, I wanted to see if I could write a  dialogue only fic. 

I’m posting this here in ‘’celebration’’, so to speak, of surviving the worst bout of nausea I’d ever experienced yesterday. Throwing up 8 times within a day is just as fun as it sounds.

Also, i took me a second watch to really appreciate the level of fucking done Sam wilson has reached. No Rhodey, I don’t care that you’re an officer, you’re fucking wrong. Oh Vision has something to say, that’s always fucking helpful. Natasha didn’t you just tell the government to kiss your ass a while back? Man wears a cat costume Steve and that doesn’t raise questions with you? Better not see anyone flying around in my wings. No Barnes I will NOT move my seat up, you can move your 100% grade a beef over a seat. Goddamn now their is some child in footie pajamas climbing the windows? Sam Wilson is so done by the end of that movie I feel like he has moved to a new plain of existence. 

drawing request thing cuz why the hell not

Send an emoji and the character/sona/OC you want to see

👗 - in a dress

👙 - wearing a swimsuit

👚 - in pyjamas

🎩 - in a fancy suit

👑 - as royalty

🐶 - wearing a dog costume

🐱  - wearing a cat costume

🐰 - bunny costume

🦊 - fox/wolf costume

❤️  - blushing

💔  - sad/devastated/crying

🦍 - when they just woke up

🔫 - all like ¨gangster¨

⚔️ - in a fighting pose

🎸 - playing and instrument

🎤 - singing

😴 - asleep

👶 - as a baby/toddler

♂️ - in male clothes

♀️ - in female clothing

⚧ - in androgenous clothing

🍩 - dressed up as food

Male MC: First Day 10:00 Seven Loves Cats

{7am-8am}Previous Hour |   List | Mobile List |  Next Hour {12pm}


Zack chuckled as he put his phone down while he finished cooking his S.O.S with a slice of buttered toast. Those two were rather strange characters. Zack scrolled through the chat reading Jumin’s invitation to work at his company. But only as an intern? He needed money not experience, plus he was sure Jumin wasn’t really scouting.  Zack glanced at his application papers as he sat in front of Rika’s computer. He hadn’t had time to fully look through her stuff quite yet and if he was going to do a good job in this—whatever it was—he would have to get a better picture of things. He received a text from Yoosung reminding him to eat breakfast. No worries, if there was one thing Zack was consistent with it was eating. Seven may or may not be watching him trying to determine if Zack was 100% innocent or not. He looked at all the boxes that needed to be unpacked and shook his head. Today was going to be  long day.

It was almost noon and Zack was laying on the ground reading over his old comic books that he had spread across the floor. Yawning he opened the RFA app noticing Seven and Jumin were logged in.

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anonymous asked:

How will Jumin, Seven, V and Saeran react if MC asks them to be their model (because she is a professional photographer)? I would like to know if they say yes/no and how they do it :D Thank you! :')

Note: I’m still doing this on my phone, so it’s still not going to look amazing - but I’m trying to catch up to all of these requests over this next week or two hopefully. Also, since there’s only a few, I’m going to write it slightly more detailed.

At first when you asked him to be your muse for you next photoshoot, Jumin was a bit confused. Why would you want him? Nevertheless he said yes, for you. You dressed him up in such ridiculous outfits, but he didn’t say anything about it - he was definitely getting you back later. “MC- what is this?” He asked, holding up a sparkly costume. You just laugh and shrug. “It’s for the magazine.” You say, showing off a pout. He couldn’t deny that. It was a funny and eventful afternoon, and though he was embarrassed, he would totally do it again.
He was up for this straight away. You want him to wear a cat costume? Hell yes. He literally loves cosplay, so this is just cosplay that’s more fun. He did the best poses for the shoot. Duck face, peace signs, he was a literal meme. It was so much fun, Saeyoung and you ended up dancing about together instead of taking photos. “Look MC, I’m a bird.” Says Saeyoung as he glides his arms around whilst running around the room. You just take so many photos off e cutie.
Saeran immediately shook his head, no. This guy did not want to be in a photoshoot. You still took photos of him though, just when he wasn’t paying attention. “MC what are you–” nevermind he noticed. You literally ran for it, but lol nevermind this is Saeran he literally catches you straight away. He forces you to show him all the pictures you took of him. He wanted you to delete them but you refused to be honest.
V wasn’t used to being in a photoshoot, he was usually behind a camera. Though, he did accept it. Of course he did, he loves you. You dressed him up in cute Christmas outfits and made him do loads of poses. He was so adorable and you probably squealed everytime you took a super cute picture.