cats wearing costumes

Here is the rough sketch for Moran/Mc from GMS!  It turned out so well I couldn’t wait until it was finished to post a little of it.

In stead of making MC wear a cat costume, I went with a few actual cats- Also, (at least to me) I feel like MC would be the ‘aggressor’ in their awkward relationship….

I gave her some booz too- you gotta be at least a little out of it to lay it on someone while being watched by so many f*cking cats….

Let me know what you think before I start on line art!!! XD

Also, i took me a second watch to really appreciate the level of fucking done Sam wilson has reached. No Rhodey, I don’t care that you’re an officer, you’re fucking wrong. Oh Vision has something to say, that’s always fucking helpful. Natasha didn’t you just tell the government to kiss your ass a while back? Man wears a cat costume Steve and that doesn’t raise questions with you? Better not see anyone flying around in my wings. No Barnes I will NOT move my seat up, you can move your 100% grade a beef over a seat. Goddamn now their is some child in footie pajamas climbing the windows? Sam Wilson is so done by the end of that movie I feel like he has moved to a new plain of existence. 

  • Mr Schnee: Weiss, I hope you're focusing on your studying still and aren't partaking in any of these 'fun' activities this month.
  • Weiss: Nonsense father. Halloween is for children and I am happy to report that I and my fellow teammates are nothing of the-
  • *Ruby runs past the video screen dressed as a devil and hides behind Weiss*
  • Ruby: Weiss save me! Yang is after my well earned collected candy!
  • *Yang runs up, dressed as a pumpkin, with Blake following her wearing a cat costume*
  • Yang: Because you raced ahead to all the houses before Blake and I could even get there! Half of that chocolate is ours! Blake, you grab her legs and I'll grab her arms! We'll tickle her until she relents!
  • Weiss: Ok! Bye dad! See you at Christmas!

*Still tries to go trick or treating even though he’s way too old
*Will dress up the most obscure costumes he can find
*When the two of you go to a haunted house together, he tries sO HARD to be brave
*He’s actually the most scared there
*Even if he’s terrified, he insists on going to as many haunted houses as possible
*“Seven, we really don’t have to-”
*he says all while trembling and holding your hand for comfort


* Not really big on Halloween, he is more of a Christmas guy
* Puts up any decorations that involves cats
* Basically makes Halloween an excuse for cat praising
* you surprise him by wearing a cat costume
* it flops because he is also dressed as a cat
* “You’ve got to me KITTEN me”
* “Seven, if you say another pun I’m buying you and everything you love. Then will proceed ship it to Antartica.


* this boy is probably possessed by Casper the friendly smh
* Goes as an LOLOL character every year
* No one knows what he is but they just go along with it
* The entire month of October is just a big sugar rush
* You know he’s gonna buy that discounted candy and eat all of it before Halloween
* Doesn’t really go for the scary stuff
* Is basically a smol child
* loves carving pumpkins
* he’s not good at it but you guys do it anyway
* almost set the house on fire twice but it’s worth it


* Is a vampire every FLIPPING year
* Probably bought a smoke machine just to add a dramatic effect
* Doesn’t go overboard until the week of Halloween
* The house is covered in props
* Speakers out in the lawn play Sweeney Todd 24/7
* Makes you watch scary movie just so you can cuddle you
* Drags you to haunted houses just so he can out act the actors
* “Better run little boy”
* *dramatically laid up on the wall* “OH NO, what shall I ever do? Go on without me, MC, I’ll sacrifice myself. TAKE ME OH FOUL MONSTER”
* “Zen, we’ve only been here 5 minutes. Can we please move on to the next room?”
* *sighs*

1st winner of the Closet Catastrophe was lil-ai-sendou, who told me to… cosplay Kittua. So. That’s what I’m doing.

I think I’m pretty spot on, personally. Look, I even got the bangs, see?

I dunno if you knew - but I’m trying to spread the word.  EVERY THURSDAY is cat t-shirt day.  So next Thursday - remember to wear your cat tee!!!

Costume For The Day:

- Japanese high-waist vertical striped skirt

- Black boyfriend cardigan

- Striped kitty tee from the children’s dept. at Old Navy - yep!

- Polka-dot socks

- Black suede ankle boots