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oh my goodness…. im in the middle of the adoption process right now for a cat i met and absolutely fell in love with. the place im adopting from is really serious about their cats finding good homes. ive gone thru 2 interviews so far and im waiting for them to call back while they talk to their supervisor. they dont want to adopt to me because im 20 😭 really hope they come around tho, the interviews went well and they kno im not a first time cat owner


If you find a cat outside, DO NOT JUST TAKE IT HOME! Take it to a vet to check for a chip. Many cats do not like collars so owners get them chipped instead. If you take a cat home without checking for a chip YOU COULD BE STEALING SOMEONE ELSE’S PET!!!
I feel like too many people just take home random “strays” so I decided to post about this. Please reblog to spread the word.


[Click for captions] Celebrating SUN/MOON release early with some quick Kawoshin Pokemon AU doodles! My preorder has been shipped and as I sit here on this lovely winter night holding tea in my hand waiting for my game to arrive it is with proud honor I say ILL SEE YOU IN A WEEK LMAO BYE.


A Guide to Cat’s Love! 



We found her hanging out around our house in Kitchener/Waterloo (Ontario, Canada) and she kept on meowing at our window. We’re feeding her and have two other cats and everything needed to take care of her, and shes a really nice cat, but I’m guessing she belongs to someone else.

So if you’ve lost a cat or know someone whose lost a cat that looks like this one (and are somewhere in the area) then please message me!

Note: I’m not sure that this cat is a she, and the collar we added because she didn’t have one

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ok but.... what would rover be in the warrior au

OOOOO idk hmmm

@klanced idk how far u read into the series but there was a point where jayfeather had this weird stick and it was like. his favorite thing and then i think it got destroyed?? should we give pidge some sort of. stick ???? and she names it rover??? ?