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Hello~ uhm... can I request a headcannon about the Lords on how they will react if MC is ignoring them for a week because she has a new pet like kitten or puppy? Thank you in advance.

Technically this one came in after requests closed, but I’m just gonna… do it anyway… because i think it’s funny lol. Kittens all around!

- Nobunaga will pointedly ask the retainers around him if he should put out word that he’s looking for a new cook. Then he’ll try to exile the kitten (and fail miserably). He sulks. Loudly.
- What are you even talking about? The kitten likes Mitsuhide more than it likes you. Good luck.
- Yukimura is devastated. W-what is happening!? How can he defeat a tiny kitten? Saizo, help!
- Saizo kidnaps the kitten and demands dango as ransom. He does this multiple times a day. The kitten doesn’t mind.
- Masamune is slightly upset and feeling neglected… But he also likes cats… So he ends up petting the kitten together with you. It’s family bonding time. Group snuggling and napping ensue.
- Kojuro is Jealous. Plus cats hate him. He can’t even talk to you without the kitten scratching and hissing at him (and he has the wounds to prove it). Tries to be mature about it, but ends up telling Shigezane, hey, there’s a REALLY cute cat at my house, you should come visit (and maybe take it away). You agree sadly. He suggests having a baby instead if you really want to take care of something.
- Hideyoshi bribes the kitten to stay on his shoulders, so you end up trailing after him… He’s pleased.
- Inuchiyo is also Jealous but doesn’t know what to do about it. Begs Hideyoshi for help but gets laughed at. You’re oblivious. He contemplates getting Mamechiyo to chase the kitten around, but realizes it’s a terrible idea.
- Ieyasu threatens to drown the kitten if you don’t bring him his daifuku right now. Tadatsugu tries to run interference for you, but only ends up losing more hair. You and Ieyasu both sulk. Tadatsugu is sad.
- Mitsunari shoves a pile of books at you and tells you that if you’re going to have a pet, you need to learn how to take care of it. The cat scratches up one of his books and he throws a giant fit.
- Shingen approves of cats and likes to see you happy. If he wants attention, he will definitely let you know. He’s also happy to hang out and pet the kitten and eat snacks with you. Has fun suggesting increasingly inappropriate names for it.
- Kenshin is getting the prettiest accessories for that lucky kitten. Will just follow you around and flirt with you relentlessly until you cave if he feels neglected (while Kanetsugu screams in the distance because none of the work is getting done).

valid criticism of tigerheart’s shadow: i really wish the erins were capable of writing romance in a way that wasn’t the same tired, forced bullshit we’ve gotten since graystripe & silverstream. the visions and prophecies are incredibly hamfisted and, as usual, the pacing is either painfully slow or rushed. none of the characters are behaving like they have in previous books just because the erins need them to fit into this plot and also have no ability to write good consistent characters.
dovewing’s disinterest in/fear of having children at all is tossed aside so she can fill the erins favorite hysterical mother role. tigerheart transforms into the erins boring, proud conflicted dad in less than two seconds.
the first chapter is all summary and even though we keep being told the clans might disband– the reader can’t really feel the tension in the writing.
crowfeather is deputy and still relevant, for some inane reason.
tigerheart, rowanstar, and tawnypelt never mention dawnpelt once. dawnpelt’s boring sons don’t mention her once. nobody seems to actually be grieving any of the dead characters, making the setting/timing of the book feel even flatter than the other avos books.

the fandom’s same tired criticism of tigerheart’s shadow: ooooh i hate dovewing! she’s so selfish!  dovetiger sucks even though its identical to every other erins canon romance. brambleclaw3– i mean, tigerheart is so annoying. i want to go back to the kate and cherith read watership down once arc!

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Kinmunnity pet peeve: Not having links, especially kin pages listed on their blogs. No I am not going to ask you for your kinlist, I'm not going to talk to you if you have no info listed. Bish we have anxiety, if you do not have your full kinlist and age listed on your blog, there is a 1000% chance I will never speak to you.