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Michelle Gomez Is A Gift

I wanted to compile a list of Michelle’s headcanons because she has THE BEST ones. And she has a lot of them. So without further ado or hijacking anyon else’s post…

List of Michelle Gomez’s headcanons:

  • Upon meeting Captain Jack - “Missy shakes Captain Jack’s hand. She goes, ‘Hi’ and he goes, ‘Hey,’ and then she jumps on Captain Jack’s back, and then a dinosaur comes in. And they both jump on the dinosaur’s back. And there’s a big water slide. And there’s bubbles. And balloons. And Gucci handbags, and it’s all fabulous!” 
  • More on Captain Jack - “That would be total carnage…and kinda sexy as well. She’d have to kiss Captain Jack.”
  • After Simm!Master regenerated into Missy - She went to Bloomingdale’s “and a little Nordsrom’s. Keeping it real, sniffing about for some bargains.” 
  • Missy’s TARDIS - Is a designer handbag (Prada or Chloe or Gucci depending on which panel you reference. She mentions it in almost every one, but it’s gotta be buttery leather and black and gold.)
  • Missy’s daughter??? - She has a daughter with Clara (somehow, “fuck if I know!”) who likes to wear pinafores and cat ears and cause trouble all across time and space.
    • Said it to a fan at her autograph table…who was dressed as “Under the Lake” Clara with cat ears and her hair done like Michelle’s “space buns.” Can’t find the video.
  • Missy’s Perfect Day - Tea with the Queen and slapping Wonder Woman in the face.
  • Michelle’s Episode of Doctor Who - Would be set in some kind of Victorian era with some kind of Daft Punk music playing, and Captain Jack would obviously be swinging from the rafters, and Peter Capaldi would have his shirt off. And he wouldn’t be the Doctor, he’d just be Peter…and just lot of little dogs, little Jack Russells. And it would be about absolutely nothing and set in a very expensive location with a lot of special effects.
  • If Michelle Could Call her 15-Year-Old Self - Well, Michelle wouldn’t call herself. Somehow 15-yr-old Peter would show up at her door, and before he got the chance to ask if Michelle would like to play the Master, she’d invite him inside. And then she’d fling herself on the floor and say “What?” and “Really?” about 100 times.

Please reblog and add anything I missed! I’m SURE I missed some because all of these are pre-Series 10. Even better if you have video and/or images to cite your sources and spread a little joy to Missy and Michelle fans!

Can I talk about something that's been bothering me about Louise?

Is she the Doctor Who of creations or something? She has quite a few different looks O.o

Which Louise do you prefer?

Blue Dress Louise, Red Dress Louise, or Portrait Louise?

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what would everyone dress up as for halloween?

this is all just my own bullshit but you know

  • sonya - angel or greek/roman goddess
  • natasha - this will sound cliche but like ..princess
  • nikolai - a viking or some shit (in my perfect world….catwoman)
  • pierre - sherlock holmes or another literary figure
  • andrei - jim’s thing from the office where he just puts a name tag on
  • anatole - “sexy pirate”
  • helene - “sexy cat”
  • dolokhov - batman or something
  • mary - a vampire but her fangs fall out every time she smiles
  • denisov - a cute doctor
  • boris - zomboris
Split (Jacksepticeye+Egos AU) Part 1

Hi! I would like to say a big thank you to everyone that helped me and supported me with this fanfic. You guys rock!

Of course, I would also like to give a big thanks to @spiffanywolfe for her precious help and support. Make sure to check out her theory, the one that made this fanfic possible, here and her fanfic here.

If you want to be tagged just drop me an ask or a note down bellow.




Trigger warnings: crude language; imprisonment; 

YEAR: 2016


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Hello my dears! Just some smut to get you through your day! 

There will be some non-smut being posted sometime this week I’m sure, but school is crazy and I’ve just applied for some jobs so I’ll try to keep you guys happy!



“You’ve officially lost it.”

“I thought girls liked this kind of thing?”

“WE are the ones who like to dress up, not the other way around baby!”

It had been a tough day at work, and honestly, you really wanted nothing more than to go to bed and cuddle with your boyfriend Jin.

The two of you had been together for a little over eight months now and you were completely in love. Jin was five years older than you, and he absolutely loved the word ‘oppa!’ coming from your mouth when he was balls deep inside of you.

However, Jin was a man of patience and generally never lost it unless the teasing was relentless. And you had just as much patience as the man in front of you.

But, right now was something completely different than your usual encounters with him.

Jin was weird on the best of days, but sometimes he just got a little… you couldn’t really explain it. You appreciated him for who he was and everything that he did cause he was him and you loved him very much, but, honestly, this was just crazy.

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For sale

Trying to make some money for a house I’d like to rent so I decided to clear some stuff out that I don’t really need anymore.
Red pyramid candle- 3$
Multicolored cinnamon candle- 3$
Seashell basket-3$
Tiny bottles- 75 cents each or 1$ for all 3
Tall bottle- 3$
Medium bottle- 2$
Sage bundle- 4$
Inscence cones or sticks- 1$ for 5, I have lots of scents so just ask about what I have
Nightmare before Christmas musical snowglobe- 5$
Organza bags- 50 cents each or 3$ for all
Box of frankincense sticks (20 in a box)- 2$ each or 4$ for all 3
Bones ( all ethically harvested and found)- price varies in the bone/ bones you want ask for prices
Bundles of fresh lavender or rosemary- 3$ a bundle
Small candles ( none are burned some just look a bit odd because they were left in the sun :/) 1$ each
Seashell candle: 1$
(If interested in clothing message about sizes and all of it was worn either only once or not at all)
Star dress- 15$
Plaid skirt- 8$
Doctor who shirt- 6$
Palms shirt- 5$
Tardis shirt- 5$

Not pictured

Fma wall scroll- 10$
Dried roses/ petals- 3$ for a bag ( message for pics)
Cat whiskers( ethically obtained I have lots of cats who lose them) 2$ for 5
It’s pretty open but I can also sell lots of ocean related things, I live in Washington so I can gather sea glass of all colors, rocks, shells, sand, drift wood you name it.
Same goes for forest items like pinecones or pineneedles, moss and such.

If you’re interested in anything message me at moist8bread or email me at

Yay some happy head canons because I just watched a sad movie and I’m still blubbering so sorry if these are awful or don’t really make sense just ignore me and my coping mechanisms.

-Harley likes to draw, and when she leaves her drawings at Ivy’s house, Ivy pins them up on the fridge and around every room of the house so she can have a constant piece of Harley.

-Sometimes the dork squad will lay on a random roof top and look at the stars.

- Waylon likes going to the circus when it’s in town, but he makes sure to stay out of sight and one time a little girl saw him and gave him the stuffed crocodile she had won playing games (this isn’t helping now I’m just crying because I want these poor stupid imaginary characters to be loved and happy

-One time Jonathan stole a truck and he fetched Waylon and they drove and drove until the air got muggy and the hills got flat, and all you could see for miles were fields and the birds and the bugs sang and they found a place to get decent iced tea and it felt kind of like home and there are so many painful memories attached to home but good ones too, because it’s finally warm (Gotham is always so cold) and the air is clean and maybe they don’t get along all the time but this is the closest they’ve ever felt to normal, lying in the bed of the truck together, looking at clouds and talking in circles. The tea is sweet and well made, and the drive back is quiet and melancholy, because now everything must go back to what it was, and they’re freaks and monsters again, but sometimes that memory will pop up into their heads, and it’s bittersweet and special.

-And sometimes Alice visits Arkham, dear sweet Alice, because she still cares about Jervis, because they were friends. And when he’s doing ok, when he’s more Jervis and less Hatter, they can talk like everything’s like it was, before the incident, and Jervis will pretend to not see the ring. And on the days when she visits and he’s not ok, when the jabberwocky is screaming to loud, she talks to his doctors, because she wants him to get better.

-Selina likes to sing in the shower, and sometimes she’ll take an extra-long one, and sing all of the songs from her favorite musical (it’s Cats if you’re wondering) until the water runs cold.

-Ivy likes to weave dresses out of roses, with long trains and a rainbow of colors. She threads lilies through her hair, and wears a crown of snap dragon. It smells exquisite, and she looks like a deity. She sweeps around the room, dancing to a tune only she can hear, and laughs freely with a voice like bells.

-One year for Halloween, Ivy wore the dress of roses and a crown of skulls, and Harley wore a black chiton with a matching crown and sandals. As Hades and Persephone, and they truly looked like goddesses.

-Anarky wears way to much axe cologne. Waylon hates him because he smells so bad. Like he can smell it from a mile away and it kind of pisses him off. He’s tried to explain the whole less is more thing to no avail. 

-Roman has a stuffed cow from his childhood that he keeps in his room. It’s missing one of its eyes, and its ear is torn, and it’s his most prized possession.


A couple alt Six looks for Christmas (okay, only one is Christmas-y and that’s because i just gave him a Santa hat and did his coat in various wrapping paper designs i vaguely remembered). Fun fact about what kind of person I am; I’ve had both the cat print dress shirt (very shiny) and the leopard print santa hat (very cozy).

Also one of our neighbors gave us some cookies and I got all the molasses cookies cause my grandma doesn’t like them (they were good, but also oatmeal+cranberry+white choc chip cookies are fantastic).

@americanparamedic continue from here

Bruce knew full well how much the Doctor disliked the end of the year, and that was probably putting it mildly. He knew how much he hated October, especially the Halloween season. He acknowledged that, and he respected it. He just hoped that the Doctor respected likewise the fact that he had already fully decorated his own bedroom completely already, making it seem like a party store had thrown up all over it, full of orange and black and cats and bats. Especially bats and vampire decorations. However, the rest of the TARDIS remain unchanged, not a single bauble to be seen. He thought it was a good compromise.

“Well, you’ll just have to tell me if the water is cold or not,” he teased, before he saw that he had forgotten to remove a rubber duck dressed up like a vampire from his own bath earlier that day and quickly moved to remove the offending object.

Recently, the Doctor had find himself more and more conflicted to enter into Bruce’s room for one possible silly reason : the decoration of his laboratory-bedroom, with the multicoloured red and orange trigger back memories and anxiety he wasn’t able to handle. Mostly silent towards the topic, his deep dislike for this time of the year, who will carry on a whole month and possibly beyond, wasn’t supposed to be a restraint for Bruce, who could enjoying October and the celebration of Halloween if he wanted but without him.

He didn’t needed a celebration for get anything close of horror in addition during that month: against his own desires to distracted himself, the Doctor get already all the elements into his head, needed to get away of anything with a fire inside, to stay away of blood, to didn’t tremble of fear in front of gunshot and had a tasty displeasure about any gun on his road. Each new October represented another finished year for the Doctor — close to an unavoidable date, when the supernatural aspect becoming real and redefined.  

It had being since a couple of years, especially after ‘a certain event’ (understood that period of his life the Doctor had being depressed and close to death  when his second heart get broken), his right-hand man provided lengthy-efforts to cheer him up: without knowing all the reasons, he respected to saw him drunk during the fourth and fifth day of the month ; distracted him by all means the rest of it and offering a Halloween away of the usual celebration — if it’s wasn’t by more alcohol, it was by a evening into the casino or a nocturnal visit trying to keep him away from the bottle.

The notion of ‘human’ or ‘Time Lord’ didn’t even sounded right during this time of the year, when his mind exposed all the repressed trauma about memories he couldn’t talk about, bring him into a seasonal depression while remained the most normal as possible — however distant, further short-tempered and overall worried about everything around him. He seemed part of the world while be totally outside it, symbolic of a superior dormer window.

Trying to keep the same enthusiasm as before, knowing he will eventually return to his reports once their little private time will be over, he was unable to hiding a disgusted pout to the small decoration bring to the rubber duck — it was only the shoutout of Halloween he didn’t approve.

“Mh? If it’s cold, I will have to change the water.” Didn’t removing his gaze, he moved on to the bath, tasted the water with his fingers. “You really like Halloween, don’t you? I suppose you have customize everything you can”

@allenwx replied to your post “¦ okay i caved in new halloween icon”

halloween kurapika.. best kurapika? ?? ??? i think yes

YESS agreed!

I have the other Halloween pictures (Leorio as a werewolf, Killua as a vampire, Gon as a pumpkin boy? There’s also the Kurapika with the mummy/Lantern constume. The one with Cultist!Kurapika and Skeleton!Leorio works on it too since it’s halloween themed. I have the Alluka as a witch ones, Palm/Illumi/Shoot/Bisky as ghost/haunting nurses and doctors,Kalluto as a halloween cat, Palm as Alice in Wonderland Halloween themed, Pitou as the Cheshire Cat, i’m not sure what Hisoka’s costume is supposed to be but it seems very Mad Hater to me, some troupe members like Feitan as the Reaper, Chrollo as a vampire, Shalnark as a ghost prisoner, Shizuku, Machi and Korutopi as witches, ect and that’s without counting those where they play dress up that could fit halloween themes, like the whole Mascarade!Troupe or Circus!Troupe serie)

Yet I still picked the most famous well known one rip.

ButI love the Halloween themed Mobage Cards they are all neat. I wonder if they’ll release some this year too!

we’ll see we’ll see!



•  NAME :  Molly Moreau
DATE OF BIRTH :  10/20  
•  AGE : 15 ans  
•  PLACE OF BIRTH : Montreal  
•   NATIONALITY : Canadian
•  SEXUALITY : Heterosexual


+ bunny, cute things, pastel colors, her family, dresses, cooking, pink, children, makeup, fashion,

- ghosts, horror stories, studying, public speaking, Mina’s jokes, PE


❑  Her parents are still married.
❑  Her father (Laurant) and mother (Marianne) are both doctors and are rarely at home.
❑  She used to take care of her younger siblings Juliette and Jérémie,
❑   She has a bunny named Bunny, a lizard named Pirate, two hamsters named Jester and Billy, a cat named Milly and two dogs named Biscuit and Croquette.
❑  She loves to cook and want to be a cook one day.
❑  She is a really naive and she is an optimist person. She sees good everywhere.
❑  She loves fashion and can’t understand how Mina can dress like that.
❑  Her grades are terrible, so she’s here because her parents have money.


“ I don’t dress like an emo, Barbie.“ – Mina
“ She said she can’t be in my class [PE] because she just did her nails.” – Roman
“ My best friend forever… Hehe.” – Yulia
“ Own me red pens because she’s that bad.” – Haru


and now: GENDERQUEER SASHA NEIN and also other things!

tbh i love genderqueer Sasha. Luc and I were talking about it… basically Sasha feels more like a man some days, and more like a woman other days, so he/she changes his pronouns and her type of dress depending on that. also she has a cat-eye version of her normal glasses to wear when she’s feeling like that. <3
(also he/she and Milla are queerplatonic besties ALRIGHT? ALRIGHT. yes.)

also: the weird nasty bird on the second page is Alimonster, aka my fan character Alistair’s pesky inner demon/alter/thing? basically an embodiment of most of Alistair’s bad traits. he causes a lot of havoc when he’s left to his own devices.

also: sibling noogies and elephant hugs! cause I’m too lazy to crop.

Special Halloween : BTS Reaction to choosing an outfit for you two

J-Hope : I want us to be a horse and a licorn ! *be hyper asf*

Originally posted by j-ngk--k

Jimin : You can be my doctor…and I will be the patient *give you a suggesting look*

Originally posted by ohparkjimin

JungKook : Oh, oh, I know ! We can be cute little baby cats !

Originally posted by ofzico

Rap Monster : You do really want to dress up ? *when you say yes* fine, we can be something mature like zombies, please ?

Originally posted by monchims

Jin : I want to be a princess ! *you look at him while raising your eyebrow* Okay…You will be the princess.

Originally posted by oh-suga-suga

V : Some weird things ? Like…alien !

Originally posted by wonkuhn

Suga : Can’t we just sleep ? We can be lazy people for deguisement.

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apoliticalclusterfuck-deactivat  asked:

Hi, I just found your blog and I am quite curious. Is that the real you or are you making a political statement. I'm not judging, I think the look works for you. I'm a 60 year old conservative but I do have a centrist social view. I believe people should be who they are and be comfortable in their own skin.

No that’s a fair question I think. The photos I publish of the outfits I wear are actual outfits that I would wear on any given day depending on what is going on that day (a meeting, brunch, out with friends, etc.)

However, do I always look super polished, well accessorized, have my hair styled, in high heels and have matching clothes on? … No. In fact, I just got back from the Vet’s office with my cat. I wore gym shorts, a tank top and my shiny hat, lol.

It’s always interesting meeting people who got their first impression of me via the internet. I think what happens is that some people see my fashion photos and assume that is what I look like all the time, but it’s not. Not that I am hiding from anyone or afraid, but I am sure most would agree that grocery shopping or going to the doctor doesn’t have to be a well dressed and super formal event.

In other words, it really all depends when and where you see me. Depending on what I have going on in my life that day, I may or may not look as good as I look for my fashion photos. I hope that makes sense.

In regards to the real me. I am the same person day in, and day out. Nothing about who I am, what I believe or my opinion is changed simply because I may or may not look nice that day.

Xoxo - Elliott Alexzander

Fic: Nerves

Well, I’m off sick from work and needed shameless fluff to cheer me up.

Summary: It falls to Archie to calm a nervous groom in the few minutes before the wedding…

Note: For spottytonguedog and the anons who requested this. And thank you to nightowlwoman for identifying the wedding flowers.

Enjoy the shameless fluff.


“Let’s get married.”

Rumpelstiltskin shifts his weight from foot to foot nervously. Where is she?

“Right now?”

“Right now, Rumpel. Everything’s ready, isn’t it? We just need to get the people to the place.”

Rumpelstiltskin looks at Belle with more than a little wonder. He had thought she would want a fairytale wedding, in the church, with a long white dress, a train, little Roland as a ring-bearer. But no. The only people she wants there are him, her father, and someone to officiate. She left the choice of location up to him.

The well, he had said. Where we were first reunited here in Storybrooke.

“Gold, she’ll be here. Calm down.”

Rumpelstiltskin narrows his eyes at the doctor, who is standing by the well looking like the cat that got the cream.

“But what if…”

“It won’t happen.”


“It won’t happen, Gold.”

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anonymous asked:

Can I request Seirin doing a couple Cosplays (for their ships), please?

Hyuga Junpei: Kimihiro Watanuki & Himawari Kunogi from xxxHolic. You mostly chose this couple due to how Hyuga looked a lot like Watanuki, but when you fill him in on the entire series events’, he tells you that you better have a happier ending than they did.

Izuki Shun: Kushina Uzumaki & Minato Namikaze from Naruto. It was an old school anime that he had taken interest in, he didn’t mind the wig he wore and would often attempt to make puns involving the diverse ninja vocabulary.

Kagami Taiga: Natsu Dragneel & Lucy Heartfilia from Fairy Tail. You remark that Kagami sort of has Natsu’s endless stomach, though he won’t let you lighten his hair to pink, he does enjoy the fire motif surrounded the relationship and agrees to cosplay them with you.

Kiyoshi Teppei: Derek Shepherd & Meredith Grey from Grey’s Anatomy. Kiyoshi had gotten rather invested in the show, allowing you to floof up his hair to get the ‘McDreamy’ effect (as you stuck a nametag on it) and dressing up as a doctor alongside you.

Koganei Shinji: Hideki Motosuwa & Chi Motosuwa from Chobits. You liked her outfit and said Koganei reminded you a lot of Hideki (he was what you defined as a “nice guy” after all) and he enjoys the cat-like ears you wear as part of your cosplay.

Kuroko Tetsuya: Allen Walker & Lenalee Lee from D. Gray-Man. You tell him that he shares a lot of similarities with Allen, not to mention that you have a good time doodling the cursed mark around his eye.

Mitobe Rinnosuke: Saito Hajime & Chizuru Yukimura from Hakuouki. Saito, who rarely talks, seemed to be the perfect fit for Mitobe, the two of you dressing up in Shinsengumi robes and trying to freshen up on your history just in case.