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Donald Trump got his wealth from reblogging the money cat many times to team up with the Illuminati to take over the world. His first step is to run for presidency…

Sara’s cat

Patton the Villain Wrangler Part 6

I am NOT procrastinating an essay. Why on earth would I do that?

Word Count: 1229 (No, I don’t care that it’s long. You shouldn’t either)

Warnings: cats. just cats. (if there’s anything else, let me know)

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“No. Absolutely not.”

“Kitty, please!”

“No. I’m not gonna meet with some random guy you found on the street.”

“First of all, he found me, and second, he’s got some important stuff to say! Just- just give him ten minutes. That’s all I ask.”

The Alley Cat had a skeptical look on their face.

“Just hear him out. For me?”

The Alley Cat sighed. “Fine. But just ten minutes, and I’m only doing this because I like you.”

The Vigilante sighed in relief. “Thank you. You won’t regret it.”

The small supervillain just rolled their eyes. “When does he want to meet?”

“Uh…” The Vigilante hadn’t thought that far. He thought that they would suggest a time to meet. “How does, uh, Tuesday at nine sound to you?” he asked slowly.

“Fine. That’s great.”

“Where do you want to meet?” the Vigilante asked before they could.

“I don’t know. How about your lair?”
“No. He doesn’t want to shadow travel, and that’s the only way he’s getting in there.”

“Fine. How about here?”

The Vigilante pondered this for a moment, looking around the well-lit room. “This should work fine.”

“Alright, Tuesday at nine. Ten minutes.”

“Thanks Kitty!”

“Don’t call me Kitty.”

“You know you like it.”

The Alley Cat rolled their eyes. “Yeah, I do.”

The Vigilante grinned and disappeared into the shadows.

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hyzzzan  asked:

Heeey ~ Could you do a hc MC x Seven where MC is a hacker too? She could be from the other agency or a high level agent from Seven's agency, but they keep it secret. I wanna know how he would react to her abilities and how they come together on the lasts days. Describe some scenes if possible. How I'm not disturbing you or asking to much. Thank you 😘

Hmmmm~ I like you, great minds think alike. I was actually working on a one shot of this, but I’m not really ready for it yet, so this will be a fun lil treat before I finish and start my one shot of a hacker MC. so shall we do this? I really hope you like this.

Hacker!MC x Seven

  • It was pretty strange when he did a background check on you
  • A majority of it was crossed out or
  • He had a very hard time trying to crack this
  • “Just who is she???”
  • He would try to pry anything he can from the chatrooms
  • “So MC…by any chance have you done anything illegal?”
  • Always got turned on him
  • “Have YOU done anything illegal Seven?”
  • “hehehe…um…”
  • 707 left the chatroom
  • He was getting nowhere
  • but you?
  • you found out more about him that he would like
  • “So seven…I’m seeing here that you’ve gotten a ticket from driving while eating from 3 bags of honey budda chips at the same time”
  • “How did you get that information!?!”
  • hehehehehe
  • but alas
  • god seven eventually found out
  • You were a pro high class free lance hacker
  • And his hero
  • “You’re THEE MC?!”
  • “Ya”
  • kisses the ground that you walk on
  • At the apartment
  • he knew full well you could take care of yourself
  • but he couldn’t miss the chance to meet THEE MC
  • “MC You’re in danger I’ll be right there!”
  • “But seven you know I-”
  • “Shh…I’m going to save you”
  • Taking one of his babies and barges into the apartment
  • “MC! I’m here to!…Save…you?”
  • You were typing away on your laptop while Saeran was already gone
  • “Hey seven, what’s up?”
  • Was in total awe
  • Would watch you work
  • trying to learn new ways to become a better hacker
  • you would probably finish his work for him cause he cute
  • Later on when it comes to the time of saving Saeran from mint eye
  • you would work together
  • you two were the
  • Named by seven of course
  • even later in life he would still use that
  • everyone would be so done with Seven and you
  • because of all the hacker puns that you two would throw at each other
  • oh and can’t forget all the secrets you would blab about the other RFA members
  • “Oh Yoosung~ I didn’t know you looked at that in your free time~”
  • “Zen…I think you need help, Really didn’t wanna know about that”
  • “We’ll spare you baehee”
  • “Jumin did you really look up how many brushes is the healthy amount to brush your cat?”
  • But yeah
  • you two might as well take over the world with your powers

master list of my headcanons

meowdoglover  asked:

may i please ask how the 2ps would react to while wondering through the woods, they come across a strange little shed and when opening the door is faced with a ton of cats who were clearly planning on taking over the world?

2P! Italy:
- “what the actual shit”
- gets the attention of the felines
- is attacked and well be help hostage

2P! Germany:
- falls over
- is visibly freaking out

2P! Japan:
- literally fucking dying because of fur allergy
- wants to help them
- “I’ll tell *s nEEZE* you everything I *snooze* kNOW—- to help, as long as,,,,,,,, *snoot* you fucking stay away from me p l e a s e–”

2P! Romano:
- “aaaaaaAAAAAAaAAAAaaaaAaaaaAAA-”
- freaking out and ends up being captured as well
- “oh hi fratello”

2P! Prussia:
- slowly backs away in terror
- tells the others but they don’t believe him, so he plans counter measures on his own
- “*holding a gun* they’ll never get me…never…”

2P! Austria:
- “wait hold the fuck up wat”
- he has seen a lot of fucked up shit but this is just bullshit so he gets attacked
- “should’ve listened to Gilen holy shit”

2P! America:
- starts an organization against the cats with Gilen called Fuck Up the Pussies™
- members of the organization are only 2

2P! England:
- “gee golly well ain’t this splendid”
- gains their trust
- is secretly working with Allen but the cats found out and bribed his loyalty with catnip (Oliver secretly a cat confirmed)

2P! Canada:
- “so this is were my tv went”
- will fight them but not too much so they won’t get hurt
- animals of the wild (+Matt) vs evil felines

2P! France:
- “……wot….”
- uses his cigarette to burn the shed
- walks away (he’s on their hit list now)

2P! Russia:
- nopety nope nope nosiree
- u-turns away
- “this isn’t rEAL”

2P! China:
- “holy shit I don’t recall doing any drugs today….???????”
- doesn’t even give a shit anymore
- the last this he sees are a pile of cats that’s good enough for him

2P! South Korea:
- “I’m pretty sure this’ll end up in a catastrophe”
- claws ensue
- not your ideal last words but eh

Ice Cream... (You Can’t Stop Me Quick Fic)

Fandom: Marvel

Characters: T’Challa, female reader, Sam Wilson, Steve Rogers, Wanda Maximoff, Natasha Romanoff, Usiku

Pairing: T’Challa x Reader

Warning: Fluff! Adorableness overload

Summary: For avid reader with all the ideas @cupcakequeen1999 who asked:

Okay gurl, I just thought of another prompt. Ready? Ok. T'Challa, his wife, Usiku and the rest of the Avengers go out and they stop for ice cream and Usiku literally points out every flavor that she wants and that she also wants sprinkles, fudge and a cherry and while she’s eating, T'Challa films her and puts her on snap or Instagram like “My baby loves Ice Cream🍦🍦🍦” cuz he loves his Baby Panther? That would be so cute!

Here it is! Short but sweet.

Originally posted by vibraniumvibes

You and your husband T’Challa had finally gotten used to the fearful and curious stares from people when you went out with Usiku. All the other Avengers had also fallen in love with your peculiar pet. Except one. Sam was still a bit dubious; he was convinced that she hated him, despite your reassurance that she didn’t. You still frequently caught Falcon death glaring the panther when he thought you weren’t looking. Once you even caught him sticking his tongue out at her and you couldn’t help but laugh at his childishness.

“Aw, yes man! Ice cream!” Sam shouted and pointed at the ice cream van parked on the curb.

“Sam, you’re such a child.” You sighed, not able to supress your smile.

“Am not. I am a mature adult.” Sam defended as he stood straighter and marched to the van looking at the options. “OH YEAH THEY GOT EXTRA SPRINKLES! WOO HOO!”

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anonymous asked:

Tony and his forty nine Siamese cats take on the world.

He sends a load of them over to Wakanda and tells T’challa they’re a present from Steve bc he knows how much the king loves kitties. 

It basically just starts a national prank-war which hides thinly veiled apologies and makes subtle attempts repair their relationship without actually having to talk about //feelings///

RFA+Saeran MC has a strange nightmare!

Sure! This was seriously so fun to do XD Also, V is part of the RFA to me so you don’t have to name him separately:)


  • When you first tell Yoosung you had a dream about his computer coming to life, he thinks you are messing with him.
  • “Did Seven put you up to this??”
  • Once you convince him that you really did have this nightmare he’s scared, too.
  • Yoosung may or may not have called Seven while you were out to come get his computer.
    You come in to see Seven carrying the heavy equipment out of the room.
  • You feel extremely confused.
  • “Don’t worry, MC! Seven says he knows how to keep computers from coming to life! We’re safe!”
  • You want to protest, tell him that it was just a dream and that couldn’t actually happen, but the way his eyes sparkled with excitement stopped you.
  • “Thank you so much, Yoosung!”
  • You both hug each other before going about your day.
  • Seven keeps Yoosungs computer for an entire week.
  • You get increasingly worried about what exactly he is doing with the computer.
  • When he finally returns it, you know.
  • According to Seven, the COMPUTER changed all of his game characters clothes into start, brightly colored armor.
  • You don’t have the heart to tell him that Seven is lying.
  • You shall carry this big misunderstanding to your grave.
  • Or until the next day.
  • Turns out, Yoosung actually doesn’t believe you, thinking you are just trying to make him feel better.
  • Well, at least you tried.
  • Not very hard, but you tried.


  • When you tell her about how you had a nightmare about the kitchen utensils coming to life, she chuckles.
  • She finds it kind of cute that you have such a wild imagination, almost like a kids.
  • It was all fun and games until you end up throwing a spatula across the cafe because you thought it winked at you.
  • “MC, that customer was one of our regulars.”
  • Okay, you may have hit someone with it in the process.
  • “I’m so sorry! I thought it was flirting with me!”
  • Jaehee is at a loss of words with this newfound information.
  • She really doesn’t know what to do.
  • She actually ends up throwing that spatula away and buying a new one.
  • You seriously contemplate if she was jealous of it.
  • You fully believe that you make this poor woman question her sanity at times.
  • She does not allow you back into the kitchen until you can control your imagination.
  • This takes longer than it should.
  • Many utensils were harmed in the making of this HC.

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meowdoglover  asked:

May I ask how the 2ps would react to when walking through the woods, they stumble upon a random little shack that they find out is full of cats clearly planning to take over the world?

2P America: He just slowly backs away and hopes none of them saw him. Never speaks of this again.

2P England: He has us all fooled. Ollie is secretly the Emperor of the Cats already. It’s too late. We’re all doomed. We should embrace our new leader and spare ourselves the trouble. At least he is a benevolent and fair leader.

2P China: “Close the door, Zao. This is just the acid from last night.”

2P Russia: He leaves quietly, but drops a few anonymous tips to people who might be able to stop the Feline Invasion.

2P France: Thinks about organising a resistance group, but decides not too when he realizes how much effort that would take.

2P Canada: He’s know about this since the beginning, you fool! What do you think he was doing in the woods in the first place?

2P Italy: He joins them. He gains their trust and quickly climbs through the ranks. Eventually, once they have conquered the world, he overthrows the new feline emperor and reigns over the earth with cats as his subordinates and humans as theirs.

2P Germany: Welcomes them as the rightful rulers of this planet.

2P Japan: Dies because he is so goddamn allergic to these fuckin cats.

2P Romano: “Ok, you can rule the world, but don’t shed on my clothes.”

2P Prussia: He thinks that they will do a much better job of being in charge than humans.

2ps would react to when at a meeting, they hear a bang in the vent behind them and upon investigation, they see it is a kitten taking notes to bring back to the organization of cats trying to take over the world

Jason J, Jones/ 2p America:……the fuck

James Williams/ 2p Canada: tiny creature

Louis Boneyfoy/ 2p France:

Oliver Kirkland/ 2p England: awwwwww so cute shame we have to kill it now :3 no oliver 

Sergei Braninsky/ 2p Russia: why is writing


Siegfried Beilschmidt./ 2p Germany: CAT COME WITH ME!

Luciano Vargas/ 2p Italy: what the fuck

Flavio Vargas/ 2p Romano: awwwwwww~~~~~

Klaus Beilschmidt./ 2p Prussia:…..*hides guinea pig* 

Kuro Honda/ 2p Japan: ACHOO!

Ryszard Edelstein/ 2p Austria: damit got caught i am out

Santiago Fernández Carriedo/ 2p Spain: zzzzz

Anastasia Braninsky/ 2p Belarus: aww kitty cat

Maryska Braninsky/2p Ukraine: cute little guy

Julia Héderváry/2p Hungary: we are not killing the cat oliver we didnt even get anything done today

MBTI Rationals as Supervillains w/Cats

ENTJ: *checks off “Take over the world” on agenda planner* Great! Next on the list is breakfast with my friends! And then get a cool cat!

INTJ: *checks off “Take over the world” on agenda planner* Great! Next on the list is feeding my cat!

INTP: *researches how to take over the world on Tumblr* *Now knows 5 ways to train her cat, 50 facts about ancient Japan, and starts an ancient Egyptian cat art collection that will never be added to*

ENTP: *Tries to take over the world* *death ray backfires and gets turned into a cat* I knew I should have been working on this death ray sooner than last night… I mean… MEOW

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