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madnessmadness said: I want 500 words by Monday Sargent!

This is a little more than 500 and it’s NOT GOOD I AM SORRY

“I’d like to borrow your cat.”

Miriam sets down the gravy boat heavily, watching me as if she wishes she had something else to look at. She’s an impressive woman. She owns the tavern on the ground floor, and a small collection of cigarette boxes she bought from a visiting Chinaman, and her vast stores of good sense. She’s been a dear friend since my arrival, and kind enough to invite me to dinner, knowing I survive off the grocer’s slightly soft peaches and bread from the innkeeper’s wife, who pities me.

“Why would you want to do that?” She asks after a moment.

“I intend to speak to her.” I’ve always been impertinent. Hard to break that habit.

“Who?” Miriam does a passable job at acting, but her gaze is too hard.

“The woman who lives in the woods.”

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i dont think i ever introduced all my sonic gijinkas on tumblr but here they are..!