cats saying i'm cute

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When a person is trying to say "something is cute" in what instances do you use guapo versus lindo? For example if I'm saying, "My cat is cute" or some such thing?

For me, guapo/a is more directed at people. For little girls in particular you see preciosa used like… te ves preciosa “you look cute” or “you look lovely”

guapo/a is a little hard to nail down because it gets translated as “pretty”, “handsome”, and “cute” in certain contexts. In my experience, it’s more “pretty” for women, “handsome” for men, and “cute” for children

Also default is adorable. And also default is bonito/a and lindo/a, though you use bonito/a and lindo/a for animals way more than you’d see guapo/a if you’re going for “cute”

And for things, bonito/a, lindo/a, and precioso/a… I think of precioso/a being used for women’s clothing, and dresses in particular.

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Playing mystic messenger are we? Same here, just restarted for like the 3rd time in a row. If requests were open, I'm not gonna lie. I would asked for an mystic messenger au.

Yeah, I’m just fifty hourglasses away from unlocking V’s route. So close! Yet so far. ;_; It’s good to see you’re enjoying it too! And that AU would be interesting for sure. I’ve definitely thought about it, so I’ll be prepared for that possible future request. *_*


A throwback to a few of the Spartan relatives that I got to meet when I picked her up:
1. La-Min-So’s Sweet Lady “Nita” (her aunt, 13yo at the time!) 2. La-Min-So’s Count On Me “Felix” (Nita’s son) 3. Puppy Mela’s Iza (Sparta’s mother)
4. La-Min-So’s O-bla-di O-bla-da “Nomi” (Nita’s granddaughter) 5. DK N Ch N vCh La-Min-So’s Bliss of the Meadow “Nikki” (Sparta’s half-sister)
6. Baby “Ace” La-Min-So’s Ladies Knight (Nikki’s son, now also NJW-15 and DK PL Ch) and 7. The Baby Spartacus herself!

Inktober day 27

Lyndon wants to be like his owner and build a protessional pool.

fvfvxcvxcv requested a cat. I know you like nilesy a lot so I decided to draw you a Lyndon^^ Enjoy!

Also here is a bit of an explanation (kinda) about where inktober has gone.

Thanks for the request^^