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A little watercolour Hermione in the Gryffindor girls’ dorm. I know some people just don’t click, but it must’ve been pretty lonely for Hermowninny.

Servamp: Black Cat Appreciation Day

So, I seen a post by @rubyleaf by someone who said it was black cat appreciation day, and I read her headcanon, and I guess this popped up. So, this is for you Ruby! Your headcanon was so powerful, it made this! I really hope you like this!


“Mhm…G-good morning Kuro,” Mahiru yawned, slowly rising from his bed, and rubbed his eyes. Glancing to the side, Mahiru watched as Kuro slept on peacefully in his cat bad, not even hearing the Eve’s voice. Biting his cheek, Mahiru slowly got up, and tip toed to the calendar, getting ready to cross of yesterday’s date, when something caught his eye. In tiny writing on today’s date, it said it was Black Cat Appreciation Day. Blinking, Mahiru crossed of the date, and turned to look at the sleeping Kuro. “Black cat appreciation day huh?”

Smiling, Mahiru decided that maybe he should celebrate it with Kuro. Kuro and him have been through a lot, and the Eve thought that he should at least show how grateful he is for the Servamp being in his life, even though he is almost always lazy. Nodding, Mahiru turned around, and knew that this day was special, and that he wanted Kuro to feel special today. Smiling, Mahiru slowly walked over to the sleeping Servamp, and gently scratched him behind the ears, and under the neck. Kuro purred, and slowly lifted one tired eye to see Mahiru petting him gently. Which was new.

“Mahiru…” the cat yawned, slowly getting up, and purring more when Mahiru scratched under his chin again. Mahiru smiled at him, and slowly lifted the tired Servamp up. Kuro literally had no idea what was happening, but for some reason, having Mahiru paying attention to him like this felt pretty nice. “What’s wrong? Where we going?”

“Don’t worry Kuro,” Mahiru told him, pulling him more towards the warmth of his chest. Kuro closed his eyes, and pressed a cat ear to Mahiru’s chest, as listened to the soothing melody of his Eve’s heart. When Kuro slowly opened his eyes, he noticed they were in the living room, and Mahiru was still in his pajamas. “Today we’re just going to relax okay?”

When the Eve placed the cat down, Kuro transformed into his human form, and watched as Mahiru left towards the kitchen, and the sound of breakfast was being made. Blinking, Kuro glanced around, and thought. It wasn’t his birthday, nor Mahiru’s. There wasn’t any other special day, so why was he being treated so warmly? Sighing, Kuro ran a hand through his tangled bed hair, and groaned when his fingers got tangled in it. Pulling them out, Kuro yawned again, and slowly sat on the floor, reaching for the remote to turn on the television. When Mahiru came back in, he had two things of breakfast in his hand, and two glasses full of tea balanced on the plates. Placing them down carefully, Mahiru sat behind Kuro, and slowly moved the Servamp until his head was between his legs as they ate.

“Thanks for the food,” Kuro mumbled, taking a bite of the omelete Mahiru made. Surprisingly, when he took a bite, a huge blast of spices, and flavors exploded in his mouth, and a pleased moan left him. Mahiru chuckled when he heard that, but was happy that Kuro was enjoying the meal. Glancing back at the show, Mahiru watched it with the happily eating Servamp until it was over, and they were done eating. “That was good.”

Mahiru smiled, and gently took the plate, and glasses. Kuro watched as his Eve quickly ran back towards the kitchen, and after a few minutes, came back with a hair brush. Kuro furrowed his brow, but didn’t protest when the Eve took his original spot, and carefully started to brush all the knots and tangles out of his blue bedhead. Leaning back more, Kuro completely relaxed against Mahiru’s legs, and let out little hums, and slight purrs when the brush would gently brush against his head. Mahiru looked down at Kuro, and saw the Servamp’s eyes closed, and all his muscles completely relaxed. It was amusing to watch an all powerful vampire be turned to jelly just by brushing his hair.
“There, done!” Mahiru happily said, when all the tangles were out of Kuro’s hair, and it looked decent. Kuro slowly sat up, and turned to look at Mahiru. The Eve smiled at him, and the Servamp felt a blush rise on his cheeks. Turning into a cat again, Kuro jumped on the couch, but was surprised when Mahiru picked him up, and set him on his lap. “You can sit here…I mean, if you want.”

Kuro shrugged as much as a cat could, and slowly relaxed his cat body against Mahiru’s stomach. Mahiru smiled down at him, as the Servamp’s eyes closed, and his tail gave a pleasant thump every few seconds. He never seen Kuro so relaxed before. Letting his hand gently go through Kuro’s black fur, Mahiru leaned back, and smiled softly when Kuro started to purr again. Opening his red eyes, Kuro glanced up at Mahiru, feeling the Eve’s pleasant mood shooting through their bond. Even though the Servamp was confused as hell, he didn’t complain about being pampered like he was.

“Mahiru…” the cat meowed, watching as the Eve glanced down at him, and paused his petting. Mahiru slowly lifted him up, and cuddled him to his chest. Kuro didn’t complain, and just let it happen. Pressing a gently kiss on his head, Mahiru pressed his face in Kuro’s fur, and took in the comforting scent. “What is today to make you act like this…not that I’m complaining.”

“Oh…I guess I forgot to tell you…” Mahiru whispered, still cuddling the Servamp to his chest. Kuro felt the Eve let out a soft sigh, as he pulled away slightly, and looked into his red eyes. Mahiru smiled gently, and pressed another kiss to his forehead. If Kuro was in his human form, he would be blushing all the way down to his neckline by now. “Today is black cat appreciation day, and well…I guess I wanted to show you how thankful I am for you being in my life, Kuro. So, thank you!”

Kuro felt his eyes widen slightly, but hid them when he pressed his head inside Mahiru’s neck, purring more when his Eve cuddled him closer, and stroked his back softly. He never knew the Eve could be this gentle, and he didn’t know how much the Eve cared about him. Feeling a smile appearing on his cat face, Kuro gave a slight kitten lick to Mahiru’s cheek, before pressing himself more into the Eve’s chest. Mahiru felt his eyes water when Kuro did that, so he buried his face more into the black fur, trying to let Kuro know how happy he was through their bond. But what he didn’t know, is that Kuro could feel it, and he was sending the same vibes as well.

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Felines: Something that makes you feel better after a hard day? A nap fixes a bad day, I always say (but not really, I’ve never said that before). And speaking of felines, it’s always reassuring when my cats decide they don’t actually hate me and come to me for a single pat, before scratching my arm and running back to their beds, love them.

so i was thinking about Andrew and Neil and the cats –>

mostly about Andrew just having these intense staring contests with them, all the time -

because the cats want attention and Andrew’s like well you’re not getting any from me except of course eventually he’ll pet them anyway. or the cats about to do something they shouldn’t and Andrew like just do it, see what happens or i know you want a reaction from me but i really don’t care, Neil can deal with your nonsense. (Andrew’s version of ‘every pet owner talks to their pets like they’re people,’ it’s silent, but the cats get it. but i can also picture him having these full on conversations with the cats though too, mostly their shared exasperation at Neil: can you believe this kid everything he does just screams ‘hate me’.)

and then i remembered this lovely post by Nora comparing Neil to a stray tomcat, which is just super accurate, and my thoughts devolved into… comparing Andrew too… the cat that always climbs on top of everything (cause you know, small and also possessive), that would look you dead in the eye while he knocked various things onto the floor, and the one to bring dead mice/things as presents because he thinks you need to do better and also he did warn to mouse to stop.
also, a cat that might wander around a bit if he gets outside but wouldn’t ever go far even if he acts like he wants to be rid of you.

Wee reminder that you can ship reylo however you want. Even if that’s with a non-redeemed Kylo Ren. xx 


@kimheenim: Cherry playing with Mr. “Hand” Get along with Heebum #Cherry #HeeBum x

Imagine discovering that Woozi has a folder on his phone full of pictures and videos he’s taken of you.