cats r fab

miswrote  asked:

Cats are fab, so r u:P

thanks :p

Congrats, you are now running to be my botw!


First 5-10 to message me “cats are fab” will be entered into my botw! 

What my botw gets:

~a link on my blog for a week

~at most 2 promos a day(must ask) for a week

~unlimited self promos for a week

~Reblog spree from your mine/uploads page!

~a new friend and help on other polls,html, etc.

Other :

~you have until next saturday, January 25, 2014 9pm est to get the most likes as possible, reblogs will be ignored

~the person with the most likes will become my botw

~if there’s not a lot of people participating/ no effort is being put into this, i will cancel it