cats pooping

Yaaaaaas my Lazy Fairy Godmother shirt by @c-cassandra came in the mail today! Best buy I’ve made this year, no exceptions! It’s so awesome I really love it 💖💖💖

silentmania  asked:

Why do cats tend to flip out and dart around the house for a minute after using the litter box? It's certainly doesn't seem negative with my cat, as she is especially happy to play at that point. Love your blog, thanks!

This is called “having the zoomies” and to this day nobody really know why it strikes cats after they poop. It’s the greatest mystery of our age. 

Adulting 102

Welcome ya’ll to this weeks Adulting Masterpost! This week has been a mixed bag for me. As in, I have laryngitis but also a new job opportunity, and how I got either is beyond me. 

Shout out this week goes to @marshmallowdoritos and @quyenforthewin! Please go love them. 

1. Cactus decor. Cacti are super easy to maintain (most only need to be watered once a week) and look great anywhere you put them. Buy them from a supermarket that also sells plants as opposed to a nursery because they will be cheaper. 

2. Buy Febreze. Unexpected visitors are lovely, but not when your apartment smells like a baboon’s armpit. Febreze is affordable and lasts a long time, I use it on a weekly basis because I have two cats that love pooping when I have guests.

3. Baking Soda and vinegar are your one-stop cleaning solution for everything. Clogged drains, shower heads, cat pee stains, etc. 

4. Ladies. Have sex while on you’re period. I can’t explain why, but it will be the best sex you ever had. Science side of Tumblr please explain.

5. First floor apartments suck. I lived in a first floor apartment for a year and a half and literally will never live in one again. They’re freezing in the winter and damp in the summer. Don’t waste your time!

6. Can’t pay your electric? I was in serious to debt to my local apartment (after living in a first floor apartment) and told them that I was unable to pay my $850 debt because it was more than my month’s rent. They worked with me and put me on a special program called POP where they paid off my debt for me, so long as I continued my regular monthly payments. There are options, you just need to ask and be persistent

7. Don’t by olive oil. It’s sometimes three times as expensive as other oils like canola or vegetable oil. High quality olive oil can run you up to $25, if you’re buying olive oil for $4 then chances are it’s heavily diluted. 

8. Swiffer. Swiffer mops take up very little space in your closet, and you can buy store brand mop pads for a fraction of the Swiffer brand price. I’m especially partial to Shoprites pads, they smell so damn good.

9. Beaded curtain. Small apartment? Throw a beaded curtain in the hallway to make your apartment seem larger.

10. File your taxes as an Independent. Your parents are receiving a tax break if you’re filing as a dependent under them, but that tax break hurts you. You will end up paying more taxes in the long run, because the government thinks that your parents still support you. File as an independent if you are no longer living with them and supporting yourself, they loose the tax break but you (the starving college student) will not be charged as much by the state.

cats vs dogs, a meanie debate
  • Wonwoo: Ah, I really love cats.
  • Mingyu: Well have you ever considered that cat poop is really stinky, you have to clean their litter box and it really smells, they throw up hairballs, they have the worst claws, they shed like crazy, they can't stand having baths, they always chase harmless little creatures, they meow constantly, they sometimes pee outside of the box and it's disgusting???????????
  • Wonwoo:
  • Wonwoo: Anyway, I really love cats!

I’m not going to be posting about that big event today, but I do plan on posting a lot because I am of the opinion (and I know there are a ton of differing opinions on this and that’s totally fine) that if we can keep someone from trending it’ll annoy the poop out of him.  That said, this is one of the best and most thoughtful pop-culture based takes on today’s event and it made me laugh a lot.

So - anything specific we’re trying to get trending today?  I’m apparently already working on getting cat poop trending, and I can keep going on that, but if there’s already a coordinated effort to get, say, greatestworstpuns or favoriteusesofglitter or whatever?  I can get down with that too.

Today, I fucked up... by pulling a prank on my family

My mom got me some chocolate covered pretzel bits for Christmas and they literally looked like shit. I told my parents and they said they look like pretzels and told me to stop being ungrateful. After everyone went to bed, I put a few of my chocolate pretzels outside of the cat litter box to make it look like the cat got poop everywhere. The next morning I come downstairs and my family is complaining about the cat poop, so I decide to be funny and pick one up and take a bite out of it and laugh at everybody because I was right about the pretzels looking like shit. I take a bite. It’s soft. It’s not a chocolate pretzel, it’s fucking shit. My family is howling with laughter as I run to the bathroom. They knew what I had done and replaced my pretzels with actual cat shit. I don’t think I can ever show my face around my family again. They keep telling me I can clean the litter box if I get hungry.


Check out more TIFUs: Internet`s best fuck ups are here.

What to do when your giant cat birb poops?
Pick up the poop and throw it of course! ;D

In all seriousness though. This was one of my favorite parts of Sean’s final Last Guardian video. But I did actually look this up and Trico does in fact poop in this game when you’re not looking. xD Am I the only that thinks it kind of cool that the developers added this into the game? They didn’t even need to but they did anyway. To me it’s amazing to see how much they put into this game to make Trico act and feel like a real animal. :)

~super silly~ system ask meme
  • 1: who would try to prank everyone else by putting toothpaste in the oreos, then forget they did it, and eat one of their prank oreos?
  • 2: who would sneak around while everyone's asleep, thinking "okay, I gotta be quiet", and then make a lot of noise by accident?
  • 3: who would burst out singing a vulgar song only to realise there's family nearby?
  • 4: who would spend 5 hours playing the same game only to lose their save?
  • 5: who would anger a hive of bees because they wanted to see what would happen?
  • 6: who would have old, cheesy jokebooks from the 90's?
  • 7: who would have a book full of Fun Practical Jokes? how often would they use it?
  • 8: who would use really cheesy pickup lines on their partner(s)?
  • 9: who would laugh at really cheesy pickup lines with their partner(s)?
  • 10: who would make a cat poop prank using chocolate, wait til someone finds it, then eat it as the person looks on in horror?
  • 11: who would set up a prank on someone else, then accidentally fall for it themself?
  • 12: who would follow 50 new blogs that no one else has any interest in, just to fuel their own sideblog?
  • 13: who would make a sideblog, then never use it?
  • 14: who would send an anonymous crush confession with very obvious clues, but the person doesn't even realise who it is?
  • 15: who would sing loudly at 3 AM?
  • 16: who would run an "anti-sjw" blog that's actually just a huge joke?
  • 17: who would very loudly fake a moan if they heard someone else having sex from the room over/through the walls?
  • 18: who would actually swoon as their partner uses cheesy pickup lines they found on google?
  • 19: who has had a "LAWL RANDOM TACOS XDDDDDDD" phase?
  • 20: who is the biggest nerd of you all? (trick question, it's probably all of you)

You see this shit, woman?


…. ignore that it’s a gardening show.  It’s totally a cat video.

She doesn’t seem too broken up that her life probably has hidden, fossilized cat poop under some musty boxes.

…… um

I know what they’re doing, or at least 80% sure I know what they’re doing…. but at this point I wanted to believe she was coming onto Billy, at the same time desperately NOT wanting to believe she was coming onto Billy, and it’s far too early in the damned morning atm to have a fight with myself soooo…