cats on tuesday


Transformation Tuesday:Camille edition :)

The top left and right pictures are from 2005, when I first brought Camille home, but she was just a bit tinier than even these pictures show when I very first got her-not by much but just a bit. The bottom left picture was I think 2 years ago-right after she got her castle for Christmas (it’s for all the cats-but Memmy thinks it’s hers and has a hard time sharing lol) and the bottom right is from just a few days ago. :)

And a quick update: she’s been on her meds for almost 2 complete weeks now and will be going to the doctor on Wednesday (March 22) for more bloodwork to check her liver enzymes (to see if the meds have helped) and to check something else (I can’t remember)

Her appetite has always been good throughout this but she’s been consistently losing weight but since she’s been on her meds-I think her coat looks fuller so I am hopeful for positive news/finding after our vet trip. :)


I meant to make a lasagna tonight but I fell asleep and woke up and had 2 bowls of cereal so I’m not hungry and don’t want to cook. Whatever I’ll do it tomorrow.

Today didn’t go exactly how I planned but it was still a nice day.  I slept okay enough last night. I used that app again and according to that I never made it to deep sleep and was up as much as I was asleep. Sounds about right. I got up at 8 but reset my alarm for another hour, I didn’t care to be awake yet.

I was going to wash my hair this morning but as I was eating breakfast Don sent out an email reply to the freshmen that we are no longer casting this week and will be learning the lathe instead. But then I thought maybe I had jumped the gun and made a mistake sending out that email reminder yesterday. And my anxiety just jumped through the roof.  I was mostly sure I was right but I wasn’t sure and I was worried. So I got myself together and biked up to the school.

It was another beautiful day out but I didn’t embrace it as much as I did yesterday. I got up to main campus and waited for Don and we talked about the email and it was all okay. He said it was a good email and I didn’t screw up. He thought it was funny that my thesis meeting yesterday was 3 hours long cause he would have left way before that. I filled him in on everything we talked about and what needs to happen in the next couple weeks to pull this shit off. There is still a lot to do but I can do it. I’m terrified but the fears on the back burner.

I dipped my piece anyway even if we are putting off the pour, and went to work on my paper. I still couldn’t focus though so I didn’t get as much done as I wanted. I fixed a bunch of my sources and just some general editing. But really I wanted to go home.

I biked to my studio for a second but headed home not long after that. I sorted out my laundry and put a load in. I got a bubble clay mask in the mail! And my new spoon ring. I actually got 2 but the other one is to large and I don’t like it as much. Maybe I can give it as a gift to someone. I am in love with the daffodil one though its beautiful and feels so nice on my finger and I’m thrilled to death.

I finished doing my laundry and chilled for most of the day. I made grilled cheeses for lunch and watched tv. Vacuumed a little. I just didn’t want to do anything and I just felt exhausted. I still feel exhausted honestly but its fine. Hopefully I sleep better tonight and have more get up and go tomorrow.

I did fall asleep eventually. Just for a little bit but still. Around 6 I took a really nice bubble bath and use the new mask I got. It is the strangest thing its grey and sort of slimy but after a minute it puffs up!! like a foam layer on top. My skin feels really nice. I am not 100% how long I was supposed to leave it on because the packaging was in Chinese but its fine. Maybe I’ll ask Sihai or Suyao what it says. But I’m not that concerned honestly its still a nice product.

I’m just chilling here now. I cant believe its like 730 and the sun is still out. I love it.

Tomorrow I have work and me and Don are going to try to finish my structure. And then I have a studio visit with Damon. And then I just hope to work on my paper for the rest of the day and maybe do some little touch up on my dioramas. Not sure but that’s the plan. I just hope I’m not so tired anymore.

Its been a good day though. I hope you all have a good night and stay safe.

I love how Jem just picks Church up at the end of CoHF, puts the cat in the backseat of his car and drives off without telling anyone.

I bet he was all like: 
“Come on Church, you rightfully belong to me. And it’s not like you like any of them anyway, I’m sure they’re not going to mind…….” *strokes cat gently while walking away*

What a way to kidnap a cat!
Such badass-ery, Brother Zachariah! ;)