cats of philly

At this point in the season, they are tie-dyed with bruises.

Kent strips quickly, looking up to make sure the locker room door is closed while Moose and Philly do the post-game interview. Nobody needs to see Swoops’s dick gif-ed, making its way from Twitter to the entire Internet.

He hisses between his teeth as he pulls off his pads. There’s a new red patch at the bottom of his ribs that will be blue-purple in a few days, a yellowing stripe across his thigh. He flexes his knee, standing on one leg like a flamingo. His knee creaks.

How long, he thinks. How long? He wants it to be forever. He knows it can’t be.

He towels off his hair and dresses.

Swoops is already wearing boxers–they’re black, with red lip-prints all over them–and doing something serious with a tub of hair gel that has him biting his lip in concentration.

Kent reaches up to mess Swoops’s hair, like the asshole he is. Swoops knocks his hand away. “Naw, baby,” he says, and smirks at Kent with one side of his mouth. His hair gel smells like flowers.

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I’m looking for someone in the Philly area to adopt/foster/rescue this lovable stray cat that showed up in the yard.

While I was staying in Philly this female tabby cat showed up (I call her “Ming”). She wasn’t in good condition. She was skinny and had a lot of hair loss towards her back area. I wasn’t able to bring her inside or take her to the vet at the time, but was able to provide clean and fresh food and water each day (I even gave her a bath one day, lol). With that alone her hair has grown back and her weight is a lot better. I suspect she was either abandoned, neglected, and/or abused by a previous owner.

I’m back in Seattle and my boyfriend has been caring for her, but he is moving across country soon and we don’t want to leave her to starve or die in the harsh upcoming winter. She is a VERY sweet cat. She loves to cuddle and curl up in a lap. She’s had a rough life outside and deserves a forever home.

If anyone is interested in her or know of any leads, please contact me! I’m working hard and want to get her checked out by a vet in the next week or so in hopes to improve her chances. The last thing I want to do is give her to a shelter where she’ll most likely be killed due to overcrowding. 

Also, this is for serious inquiries only. I want to make sure she’s going into a good and secure home!!! I won’t be giving her away for free to just anyone.

shares or reblogs are greatly appreciated. <3