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Artist Creates Cat And Mice Armor Based On Different Historical Eras

Dragon Cat

Bat Cat

Samurai Siamese

Crusader army

Tournament Cat

15th Century Maximilian Rat


Tournament Cat

Tournament Mice

Persian Cat

Gladiator Cat Helmet

White Knight Cat

Elven Princess

Persian Cat and Crusader Mouse

Edo Period Samurat General


Rare Egyptian Bronze Cat Nursing Kittens, Late Dynastic, C. 712-343 BC

A cast bronze fragment of a piece that was perhaps a cuff or applique.

The ancient Egyptians, rather uniquely among the world’s civilizations, had an obsession with cats, both tame and fierce, large and small. Cats were domesticated to help protect crops from pests in Cyprus or possibly Mesopotamia (it is difficult to interpret the archaeological record on this matter for a variety of reasons), but the Egyptian’s love of cats seems to have gone above and beyond that of their contemporaries. The cemetery at Hierakonpolis includes a cat skeleton in a pre-Dynastic tomb (c. 3700 BC) that had a broken left humerus and right femur that seem to have been set by a human and allowed to heal before that cat’s ultimate death.

The first illustration of a cat with a collar comes from a 5th Dynasty (c. 2500 to 2350 BC) Egyptian tomb at Saqqara. Cats were the most frequently mummified animal in Egypt and there were multiple feline goddesses, including the domesticated cat-form Bastet. Bronze statues like this one may have been direct offerings or appeals to Bastet.

YO! FINALLY I came out of mah shell and did a fan art. And of course it had to be about Yurio and Otabek. So yeah, first fan art of many (Y) 

I’ve literally been itching to do a Yuri on Ice fan art since episode 3 came out (YES, FOR QUITE A WHILE).

Background for this fan art could be that Yurio really wants Otabek to be in the anime intro, so he’s now styling his hair (?).

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I was born to ship Otayuri

So I have these in my bedroom since I can remember. The bear has a ring and the cat has a necklace inside.

But now that I watch Yuri on Ice, I realized:



And the best thing is the necklace the cat has inside is…



So I just wanted to inform people that if you go to the temple to Apollo at Delphi where the oracle at Delphi was situated there are cats, like everywhere and they are so placid I spent most of my time there with a kitten in my arms, Greece is honestly a great place for cats and if anybody is going the or near there and likes cats you should really go, not only is it a beautiful historical place it’s also full of cute fluffy balls of fun