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Inktober Day 17: Graceful (17/31)


I experienced the loss of one of my favorite pets today… It’s been pretty rough.. I apologize if I’m a bit inactive for the weekend. 

I drew this for me, and anyone else out there who needs it! Take care!

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Who's your favorite FMA character?

My favorite character is Al! I love him because even though he’s been through so much, he’s still so hopeful. People might underestimate him because he’s so soft-spoken, but he’s not afraid to speak up when the situation calls for it. He’s calmer than Ed, and thinks more about the consequences of his actions. He also has so much compassion for other people, and will do whatever he can to make things better for them. He’s always finding cats to take care of, and he’s just a good person. He could have easily become bitter and angry after losing his body, but instead he grew to be the Alphonse we all know and love.

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yo, my dude bro, my home slice, my brotato chip, my buddy, my pal.. I care for you very much and I'm worried about you - will you be okay? you're not as bad as you are saying, I know because I've talked to you many times and holy shit are you amazing. you're funny, you're interesting, you're so damn lovely and I don't want you to doubt that. you're a fucking cool person no matter what and if you forget that I'll remind you. stay strong, things will get better, I promise - peach cat

It makes me really happy to hear that coming from you (YOU CAN’T FOOL ME) and honestly,, thank you??? Aaaaaa and I guess a part of me believes that? But y'know, sometimes it’s not easy to think that way haha, but I think I’ll be okay. A lot of the stress I think comes from my job, cause I don’t think I can handle being in charge of people’s lives on a daily basis and it just freaks me out. But it’s almost over, so then it’ll just be school I have to worry about :V Thank you for caring ;v;

Coffee Shop AU with a twist

BH6 AU where the Lucky Cat Cafe is actually more than it seems. People come in to order coffee, and it is freaking amazing coffee, but then oddly enough they find themselves spilling their concerns and fears to these charming young boys working behind the counter and bringing them their drinks, confessing things that they’d normally never say. And these charming young men, the older one so handsome and the younger so adorable, would listen intently and offer condolences and supportive words, and then leave the person their drink with a smile and a promise that things would look better soon. And the person would think that was a bit strange, but then finish their drink and head on their way.

But strangely enough, whatever problem they were very concerned about or that thing they were afraid of suddenly doesn’t seem so bad. Maybe they realize that the test they’ve been dreading isn’t worth all that much, and strangely enough they remember a lot more from their study notes than they originally thought. Maybe they suddenly feel a lot more confident right before they go into the big presentation before the boss. Maybe it finally occurs to them that they should talk to their significant other about their worries, rather than assuming the worst.

And it never occurs to anyone that things get better after they visit the Lucky Cat Cafe. They’ll never make the connection that things tend to get better for them every time they go back. But they will keep going back all the same.

Because it really is freaking amazing coffee

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but aaa this is so bad…i had to just crop it from a screenshot!! its 5:18 AM!! idk how wiki works but i couldnt get this idea out of my head while i was watching jacks vlog???? hes oh so sweet and Kind and He Means So Much To Me???
so i made this!! i hope people at least like it haha


It’s just another day. Another day of endless pain and torment; another day of this green crap oozing out of my eyes and mouth; another day to exist and cause others harm just by doing that. Wonderful. What a great life.

Those thoughts ran through his bitter mind as he lazily flew over the town. What else was he going to do anyway? Crime was slow, and he was getting cabin fever being in that room in that house all day. Besides, Tom and Matt need a little break from all that radiation. But even going out “on the town,” so to speak, nothing really felt any different or any better. Just harmful existence, and no cat to cuddle and make things better. And this stupid schlock spilling out everywhere isn’t helping any! May as well come out his bunghole, wouldn’t inconvenience him any more than he already–

I can’t breath

His breath hitched, and despite his best efforts, oxygen wouldn’t fill whatever excuse for lungs he had. Without his own permission, his gloved hands grasped at his throat. He coughed and coughed, spraying his radioactive slime out into the air, but he felt no better. He lowered, heading towards a rooftop high in the sky, not bothering to check to see if anyone was on there. As soon as his shoes touched the concrete tiles, he collapsed into a pathetic heap.

Ok Edd, keep calm. Panicking in this situation will only make things worse. Now do your best to take a nice, deep breath. There’s plenty of air here.

He tried to give himself a pep talk and slow his racing heartbeat and adrenaline. Gathering all his energy, he halfway picked himself up, took in a big gulp of air

And instantly vomited

The glowing green viscous crap just kept coming and coming, everything inside him twisting and bunching to expel more and more. It piled and piled higher and higher, until at last it stopped.

The strength in his arms vanished and buckled under him, sending him straight into the slime he just released. He was immediately repulsed, but any and all attempts to move or get away were met with biting pain and insufficient energy to do so. In his useless attempts to flail around, he managed to get himself into fetal position, arms hugging himself. He still couldn’t breath.

The panic began to flare, him shaking and unable to stop it despite the pain that bit into his very core. Pathetic excuses for tears blurred his vision. He gave one last attempt to move, struggle, whatever, but nothing happened, and it was more than just his energy being nonexistent; he felt rooted, stuck, anchored to the spot and the position he was in. Reality was beginning to sink in, and the panic gave way to grim acceptance

I feel like I’m drowning; drowning in my own radioactivity maybe. I think I’m dying. Maybe I’m finally destabilizing and am going to be free. That wouldn’t be so bad

His vision was beginning to fade. He didn’t fight it. At this rate he welcomed the idea of death; no more pain just to exist, no suffering to cause to others, no odd stares and rejection from others. The last thing he recalls before blissful dark sleep took him was a feeling deep in his bones. It was a strange sensation; definitely hurt, but not as bad as everything…else…


Bunched up. Tight. Packed in. Sardines? Warm. Sleep. Not sleepy. Grrr. Where? What? How?? Can’t breath. Stuck! Trapped!! Out!! Get out!!! HELP ME!!! AIRRRR!!!

Light filled his senses and a chill clung to his everything. He sucked in the air around him; it tasted bitter. The air was moving quickly, pushing him down.

He could hear sounds; they sounded chaotic, surprised, fearful? It was all around him; surrounded? Clicking, angry sounds, impact noises. The harsh yellow light still blinded him, and he was still too weak to shield his eyes. He simply held them closed.

Remember? I…pain. Green. Hurt. 23? Cat. Ringo? Dead? Me? E-Ehh?–

Something about him twitched, something he didn’t remember having. It was far away from him, but still part of him? Something else spasmed, something else that wasn’t there before. A feeling began to bloom in his middle, spreading itself up and around, faster and faster until



His eyes snapped open as he let out a terrible sound, his limbs lifting his form off the floor. He held himself up, staring at the dark sky with the dancing lights, until they began to shudder and he found himself seeing the grey tile of the rooftop.

Memories had hit him like a 2x4 to the head; he remembered everything. He is Edd, corrupted and ruined from Eduardo’s nuclear satellite dish. He was flying and then couldn’t breathe. But didn’t he die? Didn’t he just die? It was just bright and sunny! Now it’s night? Why are there helicopters flying above him? Why are they holding spotlights on him? Sure, he was a nuclear abomination but it’s not like nobody knew that.

Wait, who called out his name?

It was a strain to lift his head, but he did it. The army had amassed onto the roof, some holding clear shields and others holding guns his direction. A bit overkill, really. He turned his gaze around; there were now the unmistakable flashing of cameras and loud murmurings of news reporters. Great, the media. Just what he needed–

None of them are wearing hazmat suits.

The thought slammed into him and sent a jolt running through his entire being. His first thought was they’re all stupid and in danger, but then the next was that there must be a reason they thought it was safe enough to approach him without such safety measures. He didn’t have much time to think on it though, when something else commanded all his attention.


Everything about him twitched suddenly at the voice, sending the message to his brain that there was something very much wrong with him. He turned his head around, people in army uniforms passing in his line of sight until a very familiar ginger with that blasted square chin came into view. His eyes widened.


At least, that’s what he intended to say. What came out instead were indecipherable growlings. That was odd.

“Edd? Is that you, buddy?” He also wasn’t wearing a hazmat suit, “Do you remember me?”

Since speaking was still a bit wonk, he tried a different tactic. He lifted his head and nodded. It was such an effort.

Was Matt always that small?

“Can you move?” Edd didn’t respond, “Do you remember anything?”

What did he mean by that? From the past few hours? Edd raised a quizzical eyebrow. before shaking his head. Something on his head was flopped around.

There was a sudden loud yell that surely was coated in expletives. They would’ve heard them, if it wasn’t so loud already. It was very familiar; surely belonging to a certain spiky-headed drunkard. The wall of soldiers parted as the yeller stepped into his view, blue hoodie flashing as he pushed them aside. He still had some stern words to yell.

“Back off! You have no right to be here! Leave him alone!” The soldiers did not back off, only step back to let the man through. As soon as he made eye contact with Edd, his eyes (or lack thereof) widened and took a half step back, “Edd?”

Edd could do little more than nod his heavy head. That something flopped around again.

“Do you remember me?” He nodded again, “Do you know what’s going on?” This time he shook his head

“Tom,” Matt’s tone had a somber edge, “now might not be the best time; we’ve got everyone’s eyes on us,”

“True… Do you know what you look like?”

What a strange question, he knew plenty well what he looked like! Chocolate toned hair, fair skin, upturned nose, and his eyes used to be cow brown until they melted away and became toxic green…and that toxic green spilling out his eyes and mouth constantly. But in all honesty, things seemed to be very off right now. He turned his vision to his side, and a hard chill ran down all of him.

There was a creature; a long, multi-limbed green creature whose body was half inside a hollow faded-green husk, and it was following him, all the way to…

As his eyes trailed more and more up the figure, the more panic rose. The instinct to get away flared up, and he found all the limbs attached to the monster flail and move. He found himself moving away from the cocoon, but the beast still followed. He threw an arm down to try and pry the monster away. A green paw slammed itself into the side of the creature, the claws digging in. The leathery hide burst black liquid, and his side burst with pain. With a loud cry and a hard fall later, the reality set it; this wasn’t a monster that was trying to swallow him whole, he WAS the monster. His eyes stung with tears threatening to burst forth.

He was too preoccupied to notice, but the soldiers had drawn their guns and stepped back a little ways. His two flatmates, and long time friends, have done the same, Matt covering his head.

“Edd?” Tom had the courage to say after a beat. Said creature grunted in response, “Edd, are you ok–” He watched as the black wound stitch itself back together right before his eyes, “I…guess you are,” Edd let out a loud whine and began to fold into all of himself, his uppermost paws covering his head. Tom laid a hand against the green hide of his friend, feeling all the muscles inside flinch hard, “If there’s any positive from this, you’re radiation free; this whole place is radiation free. You won’t hurt others being near them,”


Edd knew he most likely will never be able to speak normally again, and all his attempts would equal horrifying sounds. Nevertheless, he snapped his head to face the man and roared out what was on his mind before he could stop himself. Tom had stepped back instinctively, fear painting his face. The soldiers opened fire around him, causing Tom to hit the deck and Edd to burst into agony. He roared in pain as the bullets dug into his hide, spraying black goo everywhere. Edd curled up into himself again, whining with the tearing pain of the artillery. The soldiers ceased fire, Edd now aware of the pleading voices of his friends.

There was the low hum of chatter heard above the clipping sounds of the helicopters, but that was silenced as Edd felt the pain ebb away. There were small plinking sounds. Curling out of his ball, he saw a smattering of bullets lying in his black blood.

“This is useless! He won’t hurt anyone and your guns are pointless!” Tom was yelling at someone in particular, someone in a bit nicer uniform than the other soldiers, “He’s scared and disoriented, and you’re only making it worse. He’s our friend, and we know how to deal with him, so get lost!”

“I don’t take orders from you,” the man threatened back

Tom, to the man’s surprise, grabbed the hem of his uniform and pulled him in close. There were sounds of guns raising themselves, but no one fired. A violet light covered the man’s terrified face. Tom’s voice was low, but Edd was able to pick it up.

“He’s not only monster in the room, but he’s the only one you don’t have to worry about. Now I’ll say again, get lost,”

The man nodded nervously, and as soon as Tom let his coat go, he and a small group of soldiers backed away.

“D-d-disband. We’re not n-needed here,”

It didn’t take long for the entire rooftop to empty; even the helicopters flew off. Now the only sounds they could hear were the traffic and the faint police sirens in the distance. No one said anything for a while, a somber tension building. It was Edd who broke the silence.

“TO-OOooO-Omm-MMMmmmmm…” Edd tried his best to speak the name clearly, the results halfway working. Said person slackened in his stalwart stance, and turned around with a morose expression.

“Do you know how long you’ve been in that thing? That cocoon? Do you know how much chaos all this made? Are you fully aware of how monstrous you look??” His voice held rising anger

“I-M SOrr-Y, To-MMMmm…” It hurt his throat to enunciate like this

Tom sighed and rubbed his eyes, “It’s not your fault. I shouldn’t be yelling at you like this, I know,” Something gleamed in the corners of his eyes, his attempt to hide it not very successful. Tom opened his mouth to say something more, but the words died in his throat. In the end he just walked off to the roof door and sat himself down, head in his hands.

There was a beat of silence

“E-Edd,” Matt’s timid voice grabbed his attention. The ginger held a small purple handheld mirror up to him, “It might not be big enough, but…”

After Matt didn’t say anything more, Edd reached out a paw to take the mirror, his paw alone twice as big as it. After a moment of fiddling with it, he held it up. The image it held should have shattered it.

Toxic green leathery hide, uniform in color, three black eyes, reptilian snout, fangs sticking out his mouth in random directions, long ears that twitched every now and again, dual sets of dark brown horns that stuck out the sides of his head. His paw was trembling so badly he couldn’t hold the mirror. It fell to the ground and shattered. Matt did nothing to catch it.

Hard gloom was setting in as he turned his attention to himself, namely his paws.

Four digits, three fingers and a thumb, adorned with grey pads and long claws, and it wasn’t the only set. His gaze trailed down, finding more limbs branching off his body. One, two, three, four arms, all tipped with paws and their terrible black claws. His body was arched and long, it was a ways until he got to his back legs, thankfully there was only one set; one digitigrade set. But it didn’t stop there; his spine kept on going and going in a long tail, and as a little surprise, it forked close to the end. And to top it all off, he was huge; much bigger than the two of his buds

He was a beast, an abomination, something to be scorned. His three eyes prickled with hot tears. He let them flow freely. He lowered his head onto the concrete tiles, minding the mirror shards, and let out a whimper. No one said anything for a while.

“Two months,” Matt broke the silence. Edd lifted an ear in response, “You were in that thing for two months. You didn’t come home when you said you would, and at about midnight we got a call. You were found, on this rooftop, covered in your own goop. We got here as soon as we could. We could see your face through all the green cords…” Matt trailed off, seeming haunted by the memories

“The radiation was so bad they had to evacuate the building,” Tom replied from his spot by the door. He began to get up, “and every day you were more and more thickly bound. No one could cut them loose, and no one wanted to,” He had gotten close enough for them to see the puffiness of his eyes and streaks of dried tears down his face, “After a week it built up to the size it is now. You were watched day and night, looking for signs of anything, anything at all. But if anything, the radiation was sucked into that thing, and eventually it all went away. It was safe to approach you,” Tom had to pause and take a deep breath, “We were awoken tonight by a knocking on our door; there was movement inside the cocoon. We were brought here, and we saw you come out…s-something else entirely,” Tom’s knees were wobbling, and Matt got up to steady him. Tom latched onto the ginger instantly, and gave no complaints as he was helped to the ground.

Edd wanted nothing more than to say something to comfort him, but in all likelihood he wouldn’t be able to. All he did was whine in pity

“But I guess, you’re still here, just a bit different,” Edd snorted resentfully, resulting in a humorless chuckle from the eyeless man, “Ok, a lot different. My point is, you’re still Edd, just…” words failed him, “It’s gonna take a long time for us to get used to this, and it seems that we might have to move somewhere where you can be safe and have plenty of room. But, you’re not radioactive anymore, or maybe you’re storing it effectively and safely, so you don’t have to worry about hurting us just by being around us. Are you in any pain whatsoever? Like, in the ways you used to be?” Edd shook his head, those confounded ears flopping against his head, “Well then, maybe things will begin to look up again,” He rubbed an eye, the hand coming back wet

“Maybe you can eat things again, or water not burn you like before,” Matt tried, “Perhaps we can even find Ringo again,”

There was a beat before Edd shifted a bit to rest his head close to Matt, where he was barely touching his leg. A small smile spread across his snout; maybe things are looking up.

I wrote a thing! This was in my head for a little while now, bothering me pretty good. Well, it’s here now, and it’s not very heavily edited. There will be errors in the grammar and spelling, most likely. Hopefully they don’t detract from the story.

Oh, and I drew out what I think Edd looks like now

A happy camper, he is not.

So, @corrupteddau, do you likey?

During the time you were with me, you were the only thing that held me on earth and kept going. I was happy to come home because I knew my tiny black and white cat would be sitting next to the door waiting for me. You wanted me to pet every single morning and you’d cuddle with me to sleep at night. I didn’t knew before I had you how much you would make things better just being the most loving cat I’ve ever seen and I’ll miss you so so so much.

morgan ++ fire emblem: awakening

(olivia’s daughter timeline!)

  • very evil, tends to be a little cruel to her friends (keep animal ears away from her…) but only with Love In Her Heart. somewhere.
  • 95% amnesia from before being found in her canon, 5% is of her father / robin
  • proud member of the justice cabal!! gotta keep the world cool and all that
  • the type of person to doodle cats on everything ever
  • she tries to smile whenever possible to make things better ! she doesn’t remember him from the past well, but her older brother reminds her of it a lot
  • despite everything, has a good heart if she knows it’s not time for jokes. other than that she is an evil, evil dork, p much.

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*paps ur head* To make you feel better, werewolf Scotchtape doing that cat thing where they bring their owner dead birds and stuff but to Paige and Vinny

Werewolf Scott chasing his tail like a puppy before realizing both Paige and Vincent are laughing their mythological asses off. Werewolf Scott howling up at all hours and Vincent hissing for him to shut up. Werewolf Scott going hunting with Vincent and Paige. Werewolf Scott (In his non werewolf form) whining when he wants something and showing clear signs of being part dog by his large dislike of baths from Paige the water nymph.