cats make it better


Ladybug and Cat Noir(e) x 1st Year NozoEli

Cat Noire → ♡ → Ladybug
Eli → ♡ → Nozomi

Bonus: Nico runs the LadyBlog and ships LadyNoire


so! here are some doodles

the first one is just based off of things from that story post i made ajfbajl

the second one i just wanted to draw The Kids y’know

and the third one is the different outfits max would probably wear (his normal outfit, the outfit daniel gave him, and his getting shit done outfit)

(another thing! my friend wrote a lil thing about jasper and david for this au and i Cried)


I can’t help but notice whenever I’m writing vampires I either switch between Vlad’s hopeful righteous fury for the world he loves and wants to see do better so he’s at the forefront of modernization and social change (“Viva la revolution! oh what are you going to do, kill me? Smash the patriarchal oligarchy! It’s been hundreds of years, I can’t believe I’m still protesting this shit!),

or “Uncle” Theo’s “I have been asleep for a hundred years, why is this flat shiny box making noises, why does it have a dimension to infinite cats in it, why are they in a tube. Oh, these grains have holes in them, and they’re sweet! Yes you are right, milk does make them better. Infinite cats and no more small pox, truly humanity is amazing”.

this is my most favorite awkward thing to happen to Sid on the ice ever now

Final Fantasy 15 Characters as Cats

Ignis Scientia - aka Catnis (thanks @stephicness)

Gladiolus Amicita aka  Gladimeowlus Pawcita (thanks against Steph for the first name)

Prompto Argentum aka Pawto Purrgentum

Noctis Lucis Caelum aka Meowtis (also Sleepy Bean)

Ravus Nox Fleuret aka Purrvus Nox Flearet

Lunafreya Nox Fleuret aka Tunafreya Nox Flearet

Cor Leonis aka The Lion

Nyx Ulric aka Tabby-boy

Ardyn Izunia aka Pawdyn (Colonel Meow!)

So the Ignis one I found while searching for cute things to make me feel better. The thought of that cat makes me think of Ignis. Like plucking off his glasses to better glare at Noctis for not eating his veggies. And then I was like man I wonder what the others would be if they were cats. So yeah we have Final Fantasy 15 characters as cats. Also why not combine two of my favorite things???

@miss-scientia @iinkpools @stephicness

note: OMO I can’t believe how popular this is!!! To whoever mentioned about now Regis I couldn’t think of what cat he would be!!

Yes I read all your tags because they often are FUNNY! So when reblog use funny tags! Like Tunafreya is a awesome pet name!!