cats love the boxes more than the toys

pretty-grotesque  asked:

Hello, I have 2 cats who have to live in a relatively small area (2 rooms and a hallway) they seem bored often and I was wondering if you have any enrichment ideas for them? One likes those jingly ball things and likes to play fetch and the other like things that move, I've given them some jingly mice and a scratch board and a paper bag w/catnip but I wanna give them more than just the typical cat toy. BTW your blog is awesome.

The cat tag might help you out, it’s mostly cat trees and outdoor catios, but there’s some other enrichment stuff sprinkled in to give you ideas. 

Other ideas; anything cardboard box related, cat’s love boxes. Try arranging them in different patterns and create new spaces to hide and explore through with them (box mazes are fun, especially when there’s treats hidden inside!). If possible, add levels to the rooms and/or hallway; shelves that they are allowed on and that will support their weight safely at different heights. Food puzzles are always good and can help keep your kitties interested and busy, while still working their brains. You could even work with them on basic cues; sit, roll over, etc. Some cats take to training very well! Try different smells; herbs, spices, maybe a couple leaves from outside. My cats took a particular interest in fresh mint leaves. Novelty items; anything your cats haven’t come into contact with regularly, such as a potted plant (safe to taste if you plan to leave them unattended around it) or a few pebbles from your garden. Even something as simple as rearranging the furniture in the rooms can give your kitties something to poke around. If there’s a window in one of the spaces they have access to, hanging a bird feeder outside can provide hours of entertainment for them. If not or in addition to, try different recordings, which could be anything from bird calls, to frogs or other animals/insects, to different kinds of music or bells, etc. Harness and leash training them can open up your possibilities for safe exploration even further.

Enrichment can and should be fun for your animals and you. Get creative with it :)