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Hello. My cat has always been an indoor/outdoor cat since I found him as a stray, but as he is getting older I'm realizing this is not safe for him at all. I always made sure he was inside at night, but I was away for a few days and my dad left him outside all night and he came back with small cuts on his face and the area around one eye is puffy. We are taking him to our vet right away, but this was very scary for me and I want to make him an indoor cat full-time. (Part 1)

However, my parents disagree and say that it would be cruel to keep him totally indoors since he has always had free reign of our backyard. How can I convince them this is the right thing to do, and what are ways that I can make this easier on my cat? Thanks for your help!     

The more cantankerous side of me wants to say, ‘Point at the vet bill and point out that it never would have happened if your cat had been kept indoors’. I admit, I’m extra snarky because i’ve spent several hours giving medical care to cats who were found outdoors and suffered injury or illness as a result.

THIS IS GONNA BE A LONG ONE, so here’s a cut for u.

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tell me a minseok headcanon

OK, OMG LEMME TELL U HOW I THINK HE IS WITH TAN (im just gonna refer to tan as she/her b/c i’d love it if she were a baby girl like soo’s pups soooo…consider that part of my headcanon, that he just wanted a pretty lil baby girl to take care of 😫)

  • i think when minseok first got tan he was probably really superrrr gentle with her, like i’m talking overly so. for instance, she’s a long-haired kitty who probably requires a lot of brushing and omgggggggg, in the beginning i’m sure he was sooooooo cautious and he baaarely touched her with the brush. to the point that she probably got ANNOYED with him, like 😾“for the love of GOD man, BRUSH ME!!” and tried to express her needs the way cats do, all arching into the brush and meowing at him and giving him a “wtf?” look. and minseok would’ve gotten the message loud and clear right away but he woulda still been more gentle than necessary for quite a long time as he slowwwwly became accustomed to her wants, needs, and expectations omg i die 😭
  • minseok probably cleans her litter box like 3x a day
  • he buys her all the top-of-the-line toys and treats and foods and just spoils her rotten my god :(((( when he was in japan for cbx’s japanese debut he even said he wasn’t focused on buying himself any souvenirs, he just wanted to bring back japanese treats for tan to try 😖
  • he plays SOOOOOOO well with her!! and LOVES it too, like he definitely just LAUGHS AND LAUGHS and has the best time watching her do dumb wonderful cat things :(((
  • he DEFINITELY talks to her. about all manner of things. in her language as well as his. 😂😂 he tells her his joys, his sorrows, his secrets, just absolutely EVERYTHING, and he’s full of compliments for her all the time too
  • exo have all been really amazed with how much she’s taken over his life, like that’s actual canon, and i bet he has so many videos and pics of her on his phone and that he shares them with absolutely everyone he comes in contact with in his life to the point that they’re so over it but he doesn’t care, he just loves her so much, she’s the funniest cutest prettiest cat in the world as far as he’s concerned, and he says so like every single day to anyone who’ll listen and to the backs of ppl’s heads if they won’t
  • exo knows that these days when minseok’s talking about his “little sister” he’s rlly talking about tan. his actual (read: human) little sister knows this too and has learned to accept it 😆
  • he’ll defend his status as a cat person all day long to the rest of exo, and every example of feline greatness he’ll supply will be anecdotal evidence from the time he’s spent with tan 😊😊

let’s take a break from this headcanon for a NORWEGIAN FOREST CAT FUN FACT!! the cat fanciers’ association describes the norwegian forest cat’s expressions as “striking and distinctive” and makes note of their “large, almond shaped eyes”. additionally, norwegian forest cats are known for having soft voices and gentle, friendly personalities and HELLO all of that also describes min!! now where were we….

  • A RESPONSIBLE PET OWNER THRU AND THRU, ARE U KIDDING ME?!?!?! i bet he read up on different breeds ahead of time to decide which one was right for him and really weighed his options carefully and took the whole process so seriously, probably got her from a rlly reputable breeder and just went about everything the responsible way. he most likely pondered getting a cat for a really long time and researched how to raise one properly and makes such a huge effort to give her the best life possible 😭😭😭
  • minseok is definitely super respectful whenever she needs some chill time away from him seeing as he fully gets that, and rlly when she’s in that “leave me be” mode it makes him smile cause he’s like “hell yeh binch, i get it! lol, SAME!”
  • ok, not rlly a headcanon but just the fact that min was rlly afraid of cats and decided all by himself to confront his fear by GETTING ONE OF HIS OWN, that’s WILD man who does that?? a constantly-challenging-himself-to-grow-and-evolve man!! an “i refuse to live in fear!” man!!!
  • sometimes he just loses himself in silently observing her? like he’ll just watch her watching the world outside his window and start thinking about what she could possibly be thinking about and the next thing he knows 3 hrs have passed, his whole day is shot, and he still has no idea what’s inside her mind, but he has zeroooo regrets ://
  • if she ever gets sick he’ll just cancel everything to stay home and monitor her around the clock, 25/8, b/c the thought of trusting anybody else with her care just…..doesn’t sit well with him at all, no one can take care of her the way he needs her to be cared for, and “her well-being IS my responsibility after all!” if he really DOES need someone to catsit for any amount of time, he has a 3-pg word doc saved on his computer that he prints out for the sitter to refer to, full of very specific instructions. and the whole time he’s away from her he’s just fretting.
  • he most likely wasn’t so into her getting up on his bed at first but now he can’t sleep unless she’s purring right by his head :((( and he loves being woken up by her rlly light meows and her stomping on his (naked) chest HA
  • maybe the reason he doesn’t show us a lot of pics of her is b/c he wants to like….respect her kitty privacy or something?? LMFAO what an adorable loser :((((

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Hello, I have 2 cats who have to live in a relatively small area (2 rooms and a hallway) they seem bored often and I was wondering if you have any enrichment ideas for them? One likes those jingly ball things and likes to play fetch and the other like things that move, I've given them some jingly mice and a scratch board and a paper bag w/catnip but I wanna give them more than just the typical cat toy. BTW your blog is awesome.

The cat tag might help you out, it’s mostly cat trees and outdoor catios, but there’s some other enrichment stuff sprinkled in to give you ideas. 

Other ideas; anything cardboard box related, cat’s love boxes. Try arranging them in different patterns and create new spaces to hide and explore through with them (box mazes are fun, especially when there’s treats hidden inside!). If possible, add levels to the rooms and/or hallway; shelves that they are allowed on and that will support their weight safely at different heights. Food puzzles are always good and can help keep your kitties interested and busy, while still working their brains. You could even work with them on basic cues; sit, roll over, etc. Some cats take to training very well! Try different smells; herbs, spices, maybe a couple leaves from outside. My cats took a particular interest in fresh mint leaves. Novelty items; anything your cats haven’t come into contact with regularly, such as a potted plant (safe to taste if you plan to leave them unattended around it) or a few pebbles from your garden. Even something as simple as rearranging the furniture in the rooms can give your kitties something to poke around. If there’s a window in one of the spaces they have access to, hanging a bird feeder outside can provide hours of entertainment for them. If not or in addition to, try different recordings, which could be anything from bird calls, to frogs or other animals/insects, to different kinds of music or bells, etc. Harness and leash training them can open up your possibilities for safe exploration even further.

Enrichment can and should be fun for your animals and you. Get creative with it :)

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Hello I just got a ferret an I was wondering if you could give me tips on how to properly take care of him?

You should definitely check Ferret sites on the internet, but here’s the basics:

  • Ferret-proof your room (or wherever you will be letting them out)
    This means move everything harmful, valuable, important (basically anything a Ferret can steal or knock over or get into) out of their reach. I call the level they roam/can get to the “Ferret zone”. Because they will literally own that space and claim anything they fancy and knock over shit just because. Haha. Don’t forget that they are good climbers and are not afraid of taking risks in regards to that and leaping from things to get to other areas.
    Also, make sure there are no holes in the wall or places they can escape or get stuck in.
  • AT LEAST 1 - 2 hours outside if the cage play time daily
    The more time, the happier the Ferret. At my old place, my Ferrets were pretty much out all day, as long as I was around to supervise. Now, with a new puppy especially, they get much less, but I still try to let them out as much as we can. Never leave the room unattended - trust me. If you have other pets, always watch interactions and be ready to break it up.
    If you only have one Ferret, it is on YOU to play with it and keep it company. They usually like to play “chase”, you can shake socks and things at them (beware that it may then steal those socks or item, but then, it might just do that anyway!), get toys and play stuff for them, etc.
  • Food (well, duh, but here’s what you should look for in Ferret kibble)
    Food specifically for Ferrets is most recommended and you should get only that, unless it’s not available in your area (then you should go for good quality cat food). Now here’s what to look for in Ferret kibble: no fish oil (this will make them stinky), high protien percentage (you want the highest you can afford, basically), and you want the first couple of ingredients to be chicken/meat.
  • Liter/bedding should not contain pine
    It’s most recommended you get recycled paper pellets (you can get this in the cat liter are in most places). These are dust free, absorbent, and cleaner that wood shavings and other things.
    You should put newspaper or a shallow liter pan in open corners of the room, because they really like to poop in corners.
    Clean the cage every couple days or more, to avoid smelly poo piles and grossness.
  • Cage stuff, toys, etc
    Sleepsacks & Ferret hammocks are a must. You can buy them at most pet stores or even make your own. I suggest 1 of each. Any small cat toys are good (jingle balls, small plushy things, and so on). You can also get tunnels & tubes from pet stores or hardware stores (they really like these). You can also just make stuff for them to play on or with (we cut a hole in closed box and they love it more than the expensive mini-ball pit thing I got them). Ferrets are super curious and love to play and explore things.
  • Bathe only when they get into something/have fleas
    Do NOT over bathe, as Ferrets have natural oils on their skin that you can dry out if you bathe them more than once or twice a month.
  • Trim their nails every now and then
    You’ll probably have to scruff them (look that up online) to do so. Trim only the white tips of their nails - DO NOT cut into the pink “quick” or they will bleed and you will have to pack the nail with flour and stop the bleeding and it’s not good (I only did this once, with a rabbit I had, when I was younger). Look up videos and more stuff about this online, if you don’t feel confident.
  • Your cage should be at least 2 levels tall
    Please don’t keep them in a single level rabbit cage or something. That’s mean.

That’s about all I can think of, off the top of my head? If you want to know anything else, you can ask specifically. Again, please look at Ferret forums and sites online too. Don’t just go by what pet stores say! 
Feel free to submit a pic of your new little guy & happy ferreting! :)